GAME MASTER CHALLENGE! Box Fort Prison Underground Maze Escape Room (Hacked By Project Zorgo)

GAME MASTER CHALLENGE! Box Fort Prison Underground Maze Escape Room (Hacked By Project Zorgo)

Oh looks like I made it out of that
prison but where are we now guys I don’t know if we’re in another prison or
something else hello can you hear me what is this what do you mean see if I
can escape this look I’m not some puppet you’re gonna send through all of your
games how do I get out of here what do you want with me look I know you’re
sending this footage to Logan I I know you’re uploading it to my channel
without my permission I don’t know what you’re doing but my
viewers are smarter than this so tell me what you want us to be friends and tell me who you are tell me who you
are right now are you another youtuber are you Chad well clearance even share I
want to know the close to the answers you’re seeking will be given to you soon
complete this game and I’ll give you one hey you know fine fine if I beat this
game if I beat this maze then you need to give me a clue as to who you really
are good my boys know yeah yeah I know I know the rules all right guys look it
looks like we’re in some sort of box Ford maze the game masters put together
I don’t know about you guys but this is really creeping me out
I don’t like the fact he’s just staring at me I don’t know if he can see me or
not I don’t see any cameras in here the best thing we can do right now is have
you guys helping us call me to me down below helping us solve this mystery and
most importantly guys if something does happen if the game master cuts off our
subscriptions or something be sure that you have that Bell button hit it’s the
only way I might be able to communicate with you guys let me know if you think
any other youtuber could be game master I mean a lot of you guys
before we’re commenting that it could be Logan but Logan pinky-swore me that is
not the game master you’re not the game master right no
Logan do you pinkie swear you’re not the game master yes so it definitely can’t
be Logan but there are a lot of other youtubers that it could be we got to
figure out a way to get out of here and solve this maze so we can get closer to
the answer and more importantly break out of here because I’m tired of playing
the game masters games all right let’s see if we can find anything in this room
here there’s the creepy picture of the game master I think there’s one of these
in the box for prison he puts one of these in like every single game II plays
okay other than that we have a fan or something here and a rope you found the
crystal key there’s a crystal ball on here to escape so wait if i find the
crystal ball and places on here i can escape if i just press it doors opening
doors opening can’t get a big boy all right well looks like the only way
we’re getting out of here is with some sort of crystal ball unless I jump for
it no I thought it was a little bit close to that time okay fine you know
what I breaking out of prison I can play a
box where maze and find this crystal ball it’s gonna get out of this room
wait guys look at the door yes yes on the door out of here there’s like some
writing maybe maybe this is cool to get out of here guys I have no idea what
that could mean or what it is it might be some sort of clue or like a riddle or
something guys if you have any idea what this could be let me know in the
comments I might be able to get Logan to relay me the information he has been
able to talk to me but I haven’t heard anything from Logan in a while we got to
get out of this place and find this crystal ball actually I saw this great
here looks like I might be able to get through here but the game master won’t
let me do anything against the rules which means I’ve got to find a way to
get through this legitimately without breaking it there’s got to be something
in here I can use well I could throw a TV monitor through it but I don’t think
that’s gonna solve anything he may have watched one of my prison
escapes where I use a vent to pull the bars off in this case he might want me
to do the same thing no no no no okay what about this
well it’s working the rooms fully way to sup sup sup okay okay just like to get
to the bars yeah I do alright perfect okay that must have been
it if I can put this rope through the bars here I can use the fan as torque to
pull them off of here and get down into whatever is down there I’m not sure
what’s down there guys but I’m looking for a crystal ball I have no idea what
the game master has in store for me but I really have no other options alright
there you go guys I’ve got the knot tied on here now when I activate this it
should pull the bars off and I’ll be able to get down into there alright here
goes nothing activate perfect alright well listen you go down here
into a little bit of an underground tunnel okay
alright it’s a little freaky to go down there but su you guys aren’t going first
no okay I got to go first okay here we go
here goes nothing looks like there’s another door down there and as far as I
can tell there’s no trap so we should be good to go all right let’s go feet first
I’m making my way down into the creepy tunnel to find a crystal what just happened the lights just
turned off okay I don’t know if we’re making progress or what but all I know
is that screen is want to get out of here let’s go into the tunnel well looks
like there’s a door over there and button system great some more buttons
guys I don’t know what will happen if I press the wrong button here but I don’t
think we have another choice I’ve gotta choose one and press it comment down
below which one you would be pressing but I think I’m gonna go with number 2
and see what happens with that to 100 all right that’s not creepy that’s a
creepy at all it’s just it’s just the gamemaster laughing okay all right you
know that’s let’s not press number two but number two is not to be pressed ah
alright let’s try number three here goes nothing guys in three two one uh okay I think that might be the light
switch uh all right let’s turn that back on
totally leaves us one last number and if that doesn’t open the door I don’t know
what will all right here goes nothing in three two
one what do you mean look closely what’s
going on what’s happening smoke wait look closely
hold on the light the light whoa no guys I think I know what he means well look
closely there are literally lasers all throughout this hallway the doors now
open make it to the other side without
setting off the laser oh okay that’s easier said than done I don’t know what will happen if we set
one off guys but I don’t want to stick around to find out you can step over
this one Oh easy does it thanks mr. lazy oh oh there’s one right
here oh there’s one right here by my face all right let’s just dodge and ER
this and this what I don’t want to hit you there
good thing I’m slightly trained in acrobatics Oh Blue’s Clues we made it to the other
side without setting off any other lasers all right let’s get moving
this should just open got it all right looks like we made it to the next room
oh it’s a lot brighter in here a lot less smoky okay what is this guys well this was a maze I’m sure a carnival
or something with why are they balloons let’s try the door why what why can’t I
go through the door hey it’s gotta be something we do to open it
everything in here’s a game everything in here is a riddle the game master
wants us to play his game and to solve his game as we go along which means just
like the lasers this is another game that has to do with these let’s look
around guys see we can find something there’s some markings on the ground here
looks like there’s an arrow pointing towards the balloons this could signify
that it has something to do with the balloons and it wants me to stand by
this arrow wait here guys look there’s some darts oh I know what this is I need
to pop the balloons okay all right that’s not too bad that’s that’s all you
got some balloon popping games that’s nothing
Paul for Jake has Papa Jake happens to be one of the best balloon poppers and
the balloon popper leak it’s I think he gets the point all right well if I’m not
mistaken this means we need to stand behind this blue arrow and pop those
bullets shouldn’t be too hard all right here we go
first dark and see if we can get it awesome got the first balloon how do you
where to go start here we go let’s try get this big
blue one up here three two one oh oh oh nice
hi just go get this pink one and the door should open I think I got this here
goes nothing awesome got it okay let’s try the door why does it work you pop the balloons guys I just throw how possibly I could
do anything differently wait guys the balloons just refilled themselves okay
that’s that’s not creepy at all uh do I have to do it again do I have to do a
second time what I must have done them wrong I must have done the the puzzle
wrong that I played the game wrong there’s gotta be something something I’m
missing here we grab the darts guys look here there’s colored stripes of tape
blue blue I think the game isn’t popping the balloons it’s popping the balloons
in the correct order I’ve to welcome the order blue pink blue
okay all right I can do this I’ve got the darts and behind the line let’s just
pop it again in that order three two one perfect got the first one
all right that’s done now to do the pink in three two one oh nice two for two
the final ones the blue if this doesn’t work guys I have no idea what he wants
but I’m thinking this is it this must be how we solve the puzzle
three two one nice last one done hey now let’s try the
door oh that’s different sound sounds like
success alright we made it to the next room let’s see what’s in here
well okay it’s a bit of a smaller room oh but ah looks like another puzzle or
piece of the maze alright let’s scan the room see if we
can find anything it looks like this is in the last room though I’m not seeing a
crystal ball anywhere which means this maze keeps going on you

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