Garbage – What’s in My Bag?

Garbage – What’s in My Bag?

Hi I’m Shirley from Garbage. And I’m Steve. Hi I’m Duke Erikson. Hi I’m Butch Vig. And this is What’s in My Bag at Amoeba Records, Hollywood. Ok I’ll go first because you know what I’m like. Ok, so I picked Perfume Genius, his new record ‘No Shape’ which I’ve been listening to non-stop since it came out and I don’t have it on vinyl. So this was the first one that caught my eye and I was like, I need to have this. It’s an incredible record. He’s outdone himself and I recommend it to anybody actually. Back in th e late 1970s or early 80s, I was in Madison, Wisconsin. Went to the Majestic Theatre and saw one of the strangest movies I’d ever seen in my life. It was frightening and funny and amazing. As soon as I was done I went across the street, he was at a bar across the street of course. I grabbed him, I said ‘you have to see this.’ It was so fantastic and this is a blu-ray version with a bunch of extra films little shorts that that Lynch did. We had no idea exactly what happened in the film so we just sat with a couple friends and talked for like two hours trying to decipher the imagery and the plot and everything about it and I’m still not really sure exactly what happens. So then we have this record by Cigarettes After Sex who are a band that we took on tour last year and fell madly in love with and they’re just beginning to explode. I also got Cigarettes After Sex, their new album. They just have this incredible, stripped-down, melancholic sound that makes me, and I think the rest of my bandmates, feel really good. There’s something about… it’s like taking drugs listening to them, I swear to God This is a beautiful record. It’s great to have sex to, and it’s great to cry your eyes out to. If you want to get in a really happy, bummed out mood, this is the record to listen to. So I highly recommend it. ‘Cigarettes After Sex’ by Cigarettes After Sex. It’s easy to remember. Ok this is one of my favorite bands from the 60s, Zombies ‘Odessey in Oracle’ This is one of the most overlooked masterpieces from the era. It’s the 50th anniversary of its release. Is that possible? I think so. Anyway I love it so much. It’s one of the most beautiful records. It has ‘Time Of The Season’ on it. That was the big hit. And I actually got to go backstage and meet the band, my heroes. These guys, X, are like the Beatles to me. I worked at a club in the 80s, in Madison, Wisconsin. And they would come through in their van and it was always a big deal. Incredibly intense, dangerous, exciting shows. I got to help set up microphones when they would play there, and that sort of thing and now to be on tour with John Doe and Exene is just unbelievable. So I got this. I’m too scared to talk to them but I’m waiting for the right moment. ‘In The Heights,’ Lin-Manuel Miranda before he became a superstar. This made him a superstar. This is for my daughter who’s obsessed beyond belief, like I think millions of other people are around the country, with Hamilton. I’ve seen Hamilton, it’s one of the most incredible musicals I’ve ever seen just politically on, musically and everything about it is just incredible. My daughter said you have to get this for me or I’d be in deep trouble. So that’s for Bo. Ok I got two books, ’cause I’m really greedy. I got John Doe from X, harking back to what Steve said. But yes, I got ‘A Personal History of LA Punk’ by John Doe because everybody’s talking about this and saying it’s absolutely incredible. And then I got the Iggy biography which is supposed to be incredible. ‘American Valhalla’ is coming out, was it yesterday? Opening, his movie, that’s directed by Josh Homme? And so, I’m really looking forward to that. There you go. Two legends, John Doe and Iggy Pop. Ok, well, being a guitar player I had to get this. It’s a posthumous release of Chuck Berry’s. I’ve been told that it’s actually good, y’know, for a record made later in one’s long career. Ok, I got this next record which is Argento’s ‘Opera’ which is the soundtrack for his movie, I guess. And I just thought it looked interesting. There’s no other reason that I picked this, because I don’t know what it sounds like other than Dario Argento’s name was involved and there are super cool, weird horror artwork. And I’m just curious as to what this sounds like, because I’m always looking for good intro music. and this might be a hidden gem. So we shall see what we shall see. I think Shirley and I are on the same wavelength because I went to the DVDs and got ‘The Bird With The Crystal Plumage’ by Dario Argento. How do I open the door? I love his films. I love, in this particular film, Ennio Morricone did the soundtrack. One of the first creepy horror films I ever saw in Viroqua, Wisconsin, a small town was this film called ‘Four Flies on Grey Velvet’ and it really kind of f’d me up a little bit. I was probably maybe 12 years old. My parents maybe should not have let me see it. But it stuck with me for many years. Anyway I’m a huge fan, and this has just been released on DVD and blu-ray and I’m super psyched to see it. I’ve never seen it before. Oh it gives me the shivers. Ok I don’t even know what this is, really. It’s a fairly recent Kraftwerk double vinyl set but it does have ‘Autobahn’ on it so it’s got to be good. And ‘The Robots.’ Anyway these guys kind of invented electronic music. They sort of started what we consider to be electronic dance music now. So, definitely heroes that don’t get enough credit. Can’t wait to hear it. I also just bought the new Mac DeMarco record. I’ve only heard two tracks but I love them both. One of them, it’s really spare and I love his singing and it’s got this lovely keyboard line. But I love the production and just what I’ve heard on the first two tracks made me want to get this. I think it’s gonna be good. I just like his sensibility and production. It’s cool, so I’m totally psyched to hear it. I got Taj Mahal’s new record that he did with Keb Mo. I met Taj Mahal. He worked on this documentary that I was a part of, ‘American Epic.’ His knowledge of every kind of music is just breathtaking. He knows so much and he’s been around a long time and this is his new record. Taj I got your record. I got Leonard Cohen, ‘You Want It Darker’ because this is another incredible record that I fell in love with when we were touring late last year. And then of course he passed away, or he died, as we say in Scotland. but I just saw the record and thought, ooh, I’d like that on vinyl. My entire vinyl collection actually got destroyed about eight years ago. I had a terrible flood in my home in Scotland and it just destroyed all my vinyl. So I tend to go around record shops now and buy all of my old vinyl. But then I always see new stuff too, so I find that I’m overwhelmed going to record stores. Because you want everything. I want everything. I’m lusting after your stuff as well. You can’t have it. Also in my bag, it’s like m y favorite band of all time so I don’t know which one’s better, ‘Disintegration’ or ‘Head On The Door’ but this is one I didn’t have so I grabbed this. I can’t wait to… I have it on my computer, on my phone, on y’know iPad, whatever, all that but this is the real thing. Steve, I think you’re really good at this. What, buying stuff? Yeah you’re really good at buying stuff. I am. That’s all that’s in my bag. That’s not what’s all in my bag. You have more? I have more. This record, ‘American Epic’ I had to get because our guitarist and beloved friend, Duke Erikson produced this monumental piece of work. It involved a PBS documentary, I believe there’s a coffee book coming out and this is one of two records that’s coming out to support the project. This is the soundtrack. It’s been an incredible labor of love that Duke’s been involved in. It’s taken a decade to come together. And it’s sort of an exploration of the birth of American folk music/blues and into rock music. Duke, you’ve just missed me talking about your project. So I have not heard this yet on record, so I also chose that. I got a PJ Harvey t-shirt because, again, she is my beloved touchstone. And I also had to ask for an Amoeba Records, Hollywood Records t-shirt because This is my ‘hood, this is my record store and I need to have this t-shirt. And that brings us to the end of What’s in My Bag. Thank you so much.

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  1. I watched Eraserhead for the second time about 25 years after first seeing it- and I realized it was about being a father for the first time! Yup.

  2. If you know what’s good for you don’t watch or listen to what they’re showing here. Not good food for the eyes and ears. That’s just a word to the wise. I know no one will listen to what I’m saying though.

  3. I truly need help. I deserve help. I've worked to hard and been so alone through it all. To even have one person on my side would mean the world to me

  4. One lady of rock I really respect, is Shirley Manson she is not pretensious but a true artist. most rock woman are high on themselves but shirley its just music no bullshit a talented band
    God bless her and her band. cheerz Shirley

  5. Totally agree with this choice .. The Band…"Cigarettes After Sex"… listen to the song, " Nothing's Gonna Hurt You baby"…

  6. Kraftwerk has great music, no question, but….I do not know why anyone thinks Kraftwerk created electronic music.. the first electronic band was and has always been Tangerine Dream. Kraftwerk formed 1970, Tangerine Dream formed 1967. come on people know your music history.

  7. I bought odyssey and oracle in a thrift shop in 90s ..I had just recently broke up my girlfriend at the time. I couldn't listen to it though I recognized it as beautiful ..couldnt listen because it would propel me more into sadness and isolation.

  8. Vinyl seems so pretentious, I dont know anyone who buys "records" anymore just the pretentious people who claim "oh look at me, I buy vinyl, and drive my Prius, I'm better than you."

  9. when this actual garbage group started, there were guys that didn't find success when younger, so out of desperation they plopped a lipstick tart in front to sell records to the deaf and dumb. Now the tart can't effectively whore with visuals any longer, so can they just stop?

  10. Loved all your pics , related to 65% and I am now turned on to the rest so i have great music and arts to discover. Love Garbage so much. Please come to Portland Oregon. This transplant from Brooklyn New York Love you Digs you and would love to see the Band Live. Have a beautiful Holidays with family & Friends

  11. Thank You Amoeba! This was my first view of your channel. And I just love Shirley And her Band Garbage. This was a little dark, But fun! My second View was Cheech Marin. I subd. And Ill be watching.

  12. Great band but their choices for music were SO DULL if not completely cliche! Zombies?? FFS weak! SHIT hippy dippy music (not the good wild FREAK stuff; Doors, Velvets, Hendrix; Iggy excepted) Still love the band though; so much better than their choices! 'Hamilton'??? Politically right on?? WTF?? It is horrible and politically toxic DNC SHITE and false history, Hamilton was a POS, a banker, anti democracy and a slave driver. Jesus are you lot also PC DNC war monger anti democracy types who prefer McCarthyist MSM smears over peace and democracy?? Your lot smear and set up truth tellers on false rape charges (see EU, UN and Swedish court victories FOR still being tormented Assange!)

  13. Sorry about writing a second negative review but this was literally the very worst 'favorite music' interview EVER. I am speechless. Notice how little real enthusiasm or knowledge on MOST of the LP's chosen. 'I don't know why I bought this, I've never heard it before but I like the LP COVER!! All that great music out there in so many styles but instead we get bored rich people with money ot burn and yen for buying something even if it turns out to be total shit. The great irony here is that Fenris and Micro butcher from Mayhem, a band I am NOT crazy about, had GREAT, surprising and varied tastes in Music they LOVED and KNEW. Fucking depressingly lame Hollywood shite. The Cure and Iggy excepted

  14. Johnny Ramone was Republican, Dee Dee was an independent who defended Reagan, Joey was a liberal who called America the only hope for the world. Don't be deceived by the CIA driven media and sell outs who are slowly rewriting history and destroying personal freedom. Liberals today are not liberal anymore, they are people who crack under peer pressure. Losers.

  15. This introduced me to Cigarettes After Sex, thank you so much! Had been searching for something that sounded like that for so long! <3

  16. I wish I could get Butch Vig to sign my CDs Gish, Siamese Dream and Nevermind! Three of the greatest Albums from the Nineties. I would never sell them. I’d put them framed on the wall.

  17. I've had a mad crush on Shirley Manson from the moment I saw her. Her sexy husky speaking voice is as alluring as her singing voice.

  18. I still have a promo postcard of Shirley Manson that Calvin Klein did back in the 90s hanging on my fridge. She’s the fucking best 👍

  19. no wonder i love these dudes, all these references make me feel like i identify with older bands than anything new, though there's a lot of cool new stuff. definitely connect with this band.

  20. Finally got my lazy ass around to watching this and enjoyed it! I also still have my Garbage poster from the 90s as well.

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