GEM Sisters Draw from Memory! ๐Ÿ˜† Who Can Draw the BEST Dora or SpongeBob? | #NickStarsIRL

GEM Sisters Draw from Memory! ๐Ÿ˜† Who Can Draw the BEST Dora or SpongeBob? | #NickStarsIRL

Hey friends! – I’m Giselle.
– Evangeline. And Mercedes. And we’re GEM Sisters! And today we’re going to do
the draw from memory challenge. We each only have
a couple of minutes to draw Nickelodeon characters
completely from memory. Completely from memory? Completely from memory. Completely from memory. Let’s do this! I think amongst us,
the best artist is definitely– – Evangeline.
– She’s just way too artistic. Yes, I naturally like, All of a sudden I’ll just think of
something and then I’ll just go… And then I look at the paper,
oh, there’s something there. Yeah, that’s exactly what happens. Okay you got 10 seconds
to draw anything, go. Imagination, ten! Nine! Eight! Seven! Six! Five! Four! Three! Two! One! You’re done! – All done.
– Oh, actually that’s so good! That’s so cute. And your heart is not, like…
It looks good. I’m gonna fail. All right, we are drawing SpongeBob, now! – Okay.
– Go! Go! Go! Go! I want the yellow
because he’s yellow. He’s a square. – I’m going to do–
– Wait that’s like a rectangle. – That does not look like a square.
– That does not look good. Okay, I’m just gonna draw circles
everywhere because he’s a sponge. All right, I’m actually
doing this really swift! Okay, let me see. – He also has pants, oh my gosh.
– Oh he has pants. Oh wait, I didn’t mean
to say that out loud. I’m gonna nail this. – Wait–
– We only have one minute. – Wait, what?
– He has arms too! Oh just all your bumps. Oh wait, let me see. Okay. I’m gonna draw a spatula. Wait doesn’t he have a nose? This looks not right.
This does not look like SpongeBob. – He has a red tie, right?
– He has eyes. He has like a red bow…
Or is it a tie, tie? That looks… That looks… That looks– [screaming] – I feel like I’m missing something.
– Mine’s looking pretty good. Done! Yes! Yes! Wait, what? Wait. Whoa! Wait, all of ours look so different. – Evangeline’s looks so cute.
– What? So, I just do want to point out that
all of you guys missed the big nose. SpongeBob has like a huge long nose. – Oh!
– And y’all missed that. Oh, I forgot that.
Oh yeah, doesn’t he like play with the– – Yeah the flute, and then his nose.
– At the beginning. He has like a little bow if you
zoom in like very, very, very, very– I love yours. I think for two minutes,
we did really good. – Oh my gosh!
– Oh! Wait… And the socks. That’s what I was
missing I was missing like the pop– I got the socks. I got the socks. I think yours definitely,
it looks the most like yours. Because I’ve got a tie. I have the buck teeth.
I have the buck teeth. Look he has four fingers, I told y’all. – Oh…
– Ha! I put it… I should get extra points. I put a spatula on there. Le spatula? What in blazes is that? Oh, just the answer to our
little production dilemma. The winner is Evangeline. – Yeah.
– Most definitely. – Yeah we all kinda agree on that.
– I think I’m the winner too. [all laughing] I am scared for the next round,
because if I can’t draw SpongeBob… How are we gonna draw anything else? You know what? I will do the very best
I could and I get an “A” for effort. Bye-bye, SpongeBob. We’re drawing Squidward now. Yay! Oh my god.
So we get two minutes on the clock. What color is he? – Wait.
– Oh yeah, he’s green. – I’m nervous.
– Two minutes for Squidward starts now. – Okay.
– I’m panicking, he’s has a big brain. He has a big brain.
Don’t copy me. Oh my god, I’m forgetting. I think I mastered that. – I’m a give him little wrinkles now–
– I just messed it up, OK. He has a nose. He has a nose. – And he has a smile.
– I don’t remember. But he’s always like grumpy so
I’m just gonna draw like a… Oh no! It smeared. Oh well,
that’s how it’s going right now. Okay. Oh, should I make a muscular Squidward? That’d be hilarious. Squidward, you’re not handsome. I think it’s black. He doesn’t have any
accessories, I don’t think. This is not my best drawing
ever, I’m going to say that. Wait, did he have three arms
or is that three feet? – He doesn’t have ears?
– I’m done. You know what, I’m just gonna… Wait, no I’m not gonna draw
ears, I’m not gonna draw ears. – OK.
– Done, done, done! – Done.
– Done. – OK.
– Yes. – I think–
– Yours is the best, Giselle. – Thanks.
– What? This is mine. Where’s your nose?
You keep forgetting the nose. – I didn’t have time for the nose.
– Mine looks fat. [laughing] And his nose is too small. I thought his shirt was grey. His shirt is brown, guys. I’m gonna take that next
time, because she used black. All of it, all black. Yeah, so black is the best color for
art because you can make anything. Winner, I’m taking that now. I love the speech bubble
that says ‘SpongeBob’. – Then he has a little tear.
– SpongeBob! – SpongeBob!
– Was it the day we did the other thing? Hey! Wait, that’s the best impression ever. – Let’s see how we did.
– This is not Squidward. I did really good! Look what I did. Yours resembles him the best Giselle. – Because he’s frowning in that.
– So I got like that circle-ish head. But I forgot like his lips go out. I think Giselle won this round. – Oh thanks. Thanks. – Congratulations.
– Thank you, thank you. For your Squidward not
looking the ugliest. [laughing] – Yes!
– Okay, okay. – Dora the Explorer.
– Yes, this one’s gonna be easy. Two minutes. Go! Okay. Does she have brown hair?
You know what I’m gonna do? Markers are flying everywhere. So it’s like this, right? I messed up around the eyes. Wait. – Oh my gosh, did you mess up already?
– This does not look right. See mine’s slanted. OK you know what, I’m gonna start over
because I made too big of like a bubble. I’m gonna do it on the back. There we go. That looks better. That looks… That looks better? Okay you know what?
My mind’s playing tricks on me? So I’ll make like little eyes. – She has like brown eyes.
– All right, let me see. So freaky. Does she have eyebrows? – What color–
– She has eyebrows. OK, OK, OK, so she has that, that… Oh my god you guys, forget… Oh wait, wait, wait.
Wait, she has a necklace too right? [screaming] Oh my god, I wasn’t able to finish one
of her feet, but I think I did great. Oh my gosh, Evangeline. All right, I wasn’t able to finish
her feet but I think I did good. Evangeline that looks so good. I’m gonna be Dora, ready? [laughing] Oh my God, wait. Oh my gosh,
that’s gonna be my nightmare. It’s called when you ran out of time
because you wanted to change the big head. I forgot to add her
bracelet, but I did add– I forgot, she is not footless. – She is–
– She’s footless. What happened? Oh! I tried, you know, I tried. And you mastered the art of
just how happy she looks. – She looks so happy.
– Watch, she kinda looks like this. [laughing] We’ll give this point to Mercedes. – Okay.
– “A” for effort. You got this. Wait, you know what, I think if I
sell this I would make a lot of money. Two minutes for…
Boots. Ready, set, go! – All right, like this.
– Is he brown, because he’s a monkey? – No…
– No, Giselle. Don’t tell her! Okay you know, I’m just gonna go brown.
He’s brown. Kinda looks like a bear but
I think when I add his face… – He’s like a circle.
– Wait, is he a circle? – I don’t know.
– Yes. I’m just gonna like give him one
of those and then put little freckles. Because I’m putting cuteness in mine,
because that can get me somewhere. I told you my hands
look like chicken wings. [laughing] Your hands are chicken wings? No! His hands look like chicken wings. You know what? I’m just going to make a
stick figure and then draw a couple boots. – Really?
– What color are the boots? His boots are like purple probably. [screaming] Oh my God, why’d you yell? Because I’m freaking out. Oh my gosh, I am not good drawing. This does not look like a monkey. – Oh my gosh, okay.
– One, two, three, four, five. Wait, one, two, three,
four five, and then– – This does not look good!
– All done. All done. Wait, I forgot to draw
the lips and his ears. – Wait, are we all done?
– You’re outta time. Boots does not look good. What!? Wait! Oh my gosh, Evangeline! Oh, that’s actually–
You put a lot of color in yours. The color is what helps that. I don’t think… I got the big smile,
I think most of the time he’s tilted. He’s never like really looking
forward so I think that’s what– I do not know where you got your
artistic skills from our family, but I definitely did not get them. Okay, but can we acknowledge
how big Mercedes’ ears are? And like, compared to the whole head. – Oh!
– I think I did it. – Oh, he has five fingers.
– Wait, he has five fingers. I got a tail. I got a tail. Yours looks definitely like a monkey, but
it does not look like Boots the Monkey. – It looks like a bear.
– It kinda does. – It does look like a bear.
– It does look like a bear. – Yeah, I think–
– His hands look so realistic. Can we just say Boots has some
really like detailed hands. He should be like a ring model. – A hand model.
– Yes! Where’s my beautiful Dora drawing? I think this game is
gonna give me nightmares, ’cause of how we’re drawing these. Okay whoa, that’s harsh. Oh my God. That is Dora and Boots. They’re best friends, guys. You guys really want to put this on me? It’s gonna get dangerous. [laughing] – Okay, ready? Blindfolds.
– Oh my gosh. Wait, can I peek? No! You can’t peek! Two minutes, Patrick Star. Go! Wait, wait, wait. We already started? Yes, we’re starting. He’s a star, so I’m gonna go triangle,
triangle, triangle, triangle, wait. Does that make a star? He has two eyes, and then he has…
Does he has a nose? He has a big smile though– No you know what? I’m starting over. Oh my gosh he has green and… Okay wait. Wait, I don’t know what
the colors are though. Wait is this purple? I was trying to
smell it to see if it smelled like purple. – Oh my gosh, okay–
– Purple is not a scent! I’m just gonna make
some pretty flowers– – Color those in.
– on his shorts. All right, I think I’m done. I think I’m done. Oh my… Wait, what? Can you help me with mine? Can I make a bow on Patrick? I mean if you think it’s
gonna get you extra points, then yeah I think you should. – Oh! What? What?
– I did good! I did good! Wait, what? – See? She was peeking.
– No wait, no, I did not peek. I do my signature blindfolded. [laughing] I am so glad I restarted. Is that its tongue? I think that’s his smile? I think it’s a smile. I just wanna say, I think we did so
wonderful, we could be the new animators. No! I do not trust myself doing that. I will continue animating
Dora and all sorts of shows if you like just come hire me. Especially, if you’re not having a
good day and need people who need to be blindfolded, We’re the people to call,
just call Gem Sisters. – Just call us. Come on.
– I did pretty good with this star. Wait, what’s up with his trousers? – What’s up with the trousers?
– There’s like a block of just trousers. Like, if Patrick was a
girl, I think you would win. And if Patrick was just a bunch
of scribbles, I would win. – I’m very–
– I’m actually very proud of myself – for doing this blindfolded.
– Yeah, good job. I think my least favorite one
was the Squidward, though. Like that one, he just looked
like he ate too much burgers at the Krusty Krab. It’ll go right to your thighs. My thighs? And then you’ll blow up. I’m most definitely proud of my Dora,
because that’s the one I won at. We all tried our best and we definitely
all deserve participation awards. Thanks for watching guys. And let us know how we
did in the comments below. I’m Giselle. I’m Evangeline. I’m Mercedes. And we’re GEM sisters. And be sure to subscribe to Nickelodeon’s
YouTube channel to never miss a new video.

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