Ever wake up like this? Oversleeping is
the worst! Will you have time to get ready time to turn those PJs into a look
slip the pants off and put both legs into one side now pull them up over your
chest take the unused pant leg scrunch it up
and slide your head through well super stylish for PJs that’s for sure half
sucker add a cute pair of heels and a bag and
you’re all set and the best dressed award goes to ahh nothing like spending
your afternoon watching the same sitcom you’ve seen a hundred times hey um we
have plans remember get it together heli save time by
wearing your oversized t-shirt in a new way
slide your arms through the neck and down to your waist
now tuck those pesky arm holes in well what do you know cute pockets seriously
easiest outfit change ever right let’s go nothing can spoil a beautiful day
outside in the fresh air right that is until a greedy little thief steals your
hard-earned cash right out of your pocket Helly come on turn around oh man there’s got to be a better way to
hide your cash in your pocket here isn’t nifty hack take a regular old maxi pad
and open it up but don’t take it out of the wrapper take a wad of cash and fold
it up inside the pad right in the middle now seal that sucker back up and watch
the magic next time you’re sitting outside stick your makeshift wallet into
your back pocket and you can rest assured no one’s gonna want to steal an
old pad after a long night of beauty sleep your tangled tresses are anything
but well beautiful ouch hey Vicky what about that aloe plant
over there hmm take an aloe weave hole and lay it down with a knife cut the
leaf in the middle lengthwise ooh watch the fingers scrape the gel out with a spoon look at
all that good stuff pick up the aloe gel with your hands go
ahead and drop it into a food processor add a spoonful of coconut oil to the mix time to stir things up pour the mixture
into a bowl take a glob with your fingers and apply it right onto your
hair put it right alongside your roots and down the part of your hair go down
the entire strand twist your hair up and let the treatment go to work now kill time for 30 minutes it’s done
yet yes it’s time hop in the shower and rinse out the
mixture dry your hair as you normally would so
soft whoo who’s that girl with the gorgeous
hair no tangles here there really is nothing like digging out during a
Netflix binge is there not watch she looks like she’s ice-skating on that
stuff way to help out Olivia and that but I feel like I’m living in a pig pen
Olivia Oh are you even listening to me whatever
you’re not my mom nope I’m not cleaning I’m too tired I
don’t want to either monkey what are you gonna do with that stuff em
take a bathroom rug like this one and turn it back side up take a huff slipper
and cut around it now stick some double-sided tape on there stick the
same slipper to the tape now that’s what we call sweet slippers
let’s get sweeping shall we I’m ready to clean baby and I made a pair for you too
cleaning doesn’t sound so bad now does it it’s like doing a chore and a workout
session all in one dance your hearts out girls okay now we’re really getting into it
this place is gonna be spic and span in no time
well this is what you get awaiting three weeks to do your laundry Becky all right
better start folding geez Vic it took you that long to fold one shirt
at this rate you’ll be folding clothes till Christmas yes my new shoes finally
came whoa nice catch you we need a minute
ever try using a box to fold your clothes place your t-shirt on the
flattened out box facing up fold the sides inward next flip up the bottom
don’t forget the top now that was easy wasn’t it this little cheat can cut
folding time in half look at that thing go
and done oh yeah I forgot I put in a second load who let this sharp bobby pin on a couch
like this oh that had to hurt Oh something just had to be right in the
foot I see you you little sucker okay I have a few short minutes to get myself
together before class Oh can’t forget these oh I can use a little make-up
touch-up he slashes need some help let’s see if my mascaras in here another evil
bobby pin strikes again are these things conspiring against me or something if
you’re a girl there’s no doubt you understand the plight of stray bobby
pins seriously empty any purse or backpack and you’re likely to find an
arsenal of bobby pins you’ve completely forgotten about see case in point if
only there was a way to keep them all together instead of just throwing them
around everywhere oh I forgot I had tic tacs I think I have a solution to my
bobby pin debacle before you throw away an old mint dispenser like this one
consider repurposing it into a pin holder simply put those bad boys in
there and you’re all set you can even bedazzle it while you’re at it why not
now whenever you need a quick pin it’ll be in here not in the sole of your foot
super cute Lana okay now I really need to get to class but not without this
handy little guy you see gorgeous

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  4. This is the exact same video that was used on 5 Minute Crafts. The only difference is they put in a Narrator throughout the video

  5. "no one's gonna wanna steal an old pad".

    Correct me if I'm wrong but women don't put old (as in used) pads folded up in their jeans pockets after use right? Last time I checked they dispose of them? 😂 I get that hack but the dialogue to it is shite.

  6. Ever watched one of this YouTube channel’s videos well to get this out of your head just don’t give them likes

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