GET TO KNOW ME: 20 Things About Violin MD

GET TO KNOW ME: 20 Things About Violin MD

Hey guys. I’m Siobhan, a 3rd year medical resident. I just want to say: thank you so much to all of you who’ve been subscribing and joining this community. It just blows me away that we’re over half a million subscribers now and to celebrate I wanted to do something special. I asked you guys and you told me that you wanted to know more about me, outside of being a doctor. So here are 20 things that you definitely did not know about me. Some quirks, some funny things and the very best: A big announcement is coming at the very end. So keep watching! Oh And if you I love the channel, make sure you hit that notification bell, because you’ll get to see more content and it really helps me out. Siobhan is an Irish name, but I’ve actually never been to Ireland, but it is on my bucket list. I was painfully shy as a kid. I actually couldn’t even raise my hand in kindergarten. So I did my undergraduate in the US and when I was there, I loved to tell people that in Canada we eat beaver tails and I love to see their shocked expressions. What I didn’t tell them is that beaver tails are actually this delicious dessert and it actually doesn’t have any beavers in it. So I hiked for 12 hours in the Alps. It was an amazing trip, but I did it in capri pants and that was like the worst mistake. Oh my gosh. I got horrible burns, I’ve never had anything like it. The trip home on the plane was awful! I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t touch my legs. Oh my gosh, just thinking about it. And of course that was actually 6 months ago, I still have those tans right now. It still hasn’t gone away. Oh my gosh. In high school I got an industrial ear piercing. It was on this side and it looked like this. Oh man, I loved it. I felt so cool. I like eating raw mushrooms. I have a feeling this is gonna be kind of controversial, I’m gonna look down the comments. I tried cheese for the first time when I was 27. I know that sounds really weird. Okay, I’m actually not a picky eater. I was allergic to dairy products. I had anaphylactic reactions as a child. So I grew up with EpiPens, carrying around everywhere with me. And then as an adult I got re-tested and it turns out I’ve grown out of the allergy, which is a really rare thing to happen. So always get tested, don’t do this by yourself in any case. So then everyone had told me how amazing cheese was and all my friends told me that they were so sad that I couldn’t eat cheese. So I was super excited to try it, but honestly it tastes kind of weird, like I am really not used to it and I don’t really like it. So I’m still working on it, people are disappointed in me. I still like my fake soy cheese better, but anyway. I’ve never had a brain freeze from drinking something cold. Like I always think people do it, they drink and then they go like this. Oh… But I don’t get it, that’s never happened to me. So I hiked Mount Olympus in Greece and before we could actually descend, it got dark faster than we expected. And we tried to walk down like with our flashlights from our phones, but then our phones died. And so at this point it was completely dark. We ended up sleeping on the side of the mountain. No tent, completely unprepared and I don’t even have pictures to prove it, because our phones were dead. Oh man, but it all turned out fine. It was actually a great adventure, but pretty crazy. My all-time favorite movie is the sound of music. Did you guys have guessed that? I love it so much. Have you guys ever realized that you’re saying a word wrong your entire life? Well, when I was just recently preparing for interviews, I realized that I was saying opportunity. Yeah. Opportunity, rather than opportunity. Anyway, I had to practice it over and over so many times to get that out of my system. I still say it by accident. I just… Where did I get that? I have no idea! Opportunity. Thai food is my favorite like real food, but popcorn that may be my ultimate, at least my favorite junk food. I was born and raised in Canada. One of the best trips I’ve ever been on with my family was hiking across Spain, all the way across Spain on something called the Camino de Santiago with our backpacks on. It was such an adventure! My idol growing up was a Russian violinist called David Oistrakh. Probably not what most girls would tell you, but I just loved his playing so much and I just wanted to be just like him. I cannot whistle. I’ve tried so much. Okay, I can do one note, maybe sometimes. But like only that note. I really wish I could whistle. Like my grandfather can whistle violin concertos, that’s far out of my league. I got a shoulder injury from the violin. So you can imagine when you’re playing the violin, your shoulder is like in this position all day. And at one point I could only move my arm about this much without it being extremely painful. So I developed this like impingement syndrome and then I ended up working with a kinesiologist, a personal trainer, who got me to strengthen my back and then got my whole shoulder in the right configuration, all the muscles were firing appropriately and now I can move my arms and I’m so grateful that I was able to get that sorted out. I’ve only ever cut my hair above my shoulders once and I had enough hair to be able to donate to the Cancer Society to make a wig. In university I was able to take a yoga course for credit, Indiana University was the best. Go Hoosiers! Woohoo! Okay for the big announcement: I actually got married! So many huge things have happened this year, getting into the rheumatology program, now getting married. Mark and I are extremely happy and it’s awesome to be able to share this with you guys. So thank you guys so much for making this community possible. I love reading your comments, seeing you guys supporting each other down below in the comments and I just… I cannot wait for the future. And actually I would love to hear what kind of content are you excited about? Things like: the day in the life videos, interviews of patients or the new case studies that I’ve been starting to make. Let me know in the comments below. Set your notification bell, the subscriptions, all those things that youtubers say. And otherwise I can’t wait to chat with you in the next video. Bye for now!

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  1. I absolutely loved this video!! And congratulations!! I would absolutely love to see a night routine and a morning routine💗

  2. I can't whistle either haha! It is a running joke with my friends as there are only two of us who can't… and we both are at Mac. Guess its the uni of non-whistlers haha

  3. OMGGGGG MARRIED????? Seriously Dont even know why I teared up….. but yesss 😀 WOOT WOOT!!!! Hope for Newly Married Vlog!

  4. Congrats to you on #1!!! Also looking forward to seeing more of your rheumatology case studies as you move into your speciality!

  5. Oh wow! Congratulations to y'all! I am going to be so unhelpful and say that I'd pretty much watch anything you post. I just love your joy and enthusiasm! Also, your long hair is so beautiful, but short hair was super flattering on you, too!

  6. Yay! Congrats on getting married! I know that me and all of your subscribers are so happy for you! If I could give you one piece of advice, it would be to always be who you are. Your husband is not a mind reader so it's super helpful to say what you mean and mean what you say! That way there is never any confusion between the two of you. Also, never go to bed angry. My 90 year old grandmother told me that on my wedding day and it has helped so much! Congrats and so much live from Washington State! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. I’m so rained to about 130 channels and you are in my top 3 favorites! So real and informative!! I look forward to all your vidyas!!

  8. In australia we say opportunity the way you were saying it before, you were just saying it with an Aussie accent ha

  9. So I’m not sure if it’s something you ever went over in school but could you make a video on speech impediments?? I have a small to moderate stutter/stammer and would love to learn more about it! If you can PLEASE make a video on it !!!!!!!!!

  10. 1 – I LOVE RAW MUSHROOMSSSSSSS my partner looks at me as if i peed on his cornflakes :'D
    2 – I've also never had a brain freeze and have no idea what it feels like
    3 – I also love the sound of music
    4 – As an Australian, i say opportunity the same as you… I've always been told its because we keep our mouths closed so flies don't fly in. i can see why we say it like that

  11. Oh wow, congratulations! 🎊 We want to see more of hubby. 😉 You've actually been pronouncing "opportunity" correctly. I'm British, and we pronounce it as you have been. Not pronouncing words with 'tu' as 'ch', such as Tuesday or tune (which in British English sound like choose-day and chune) seems to be the American pronunciation, which always sounds rather odd to my English ears. I love your bubbly personality and positive attitude.

  12. My little cousin grew out of her dairy allergy within a couple years, I think she was a year old when the doctors officially diagnosed it and then by the time she was 4 she had grown out of it which is awesome. I made her a massive batch of my chocolate cookies to celebrate 😊.

  13. Congratulations on you marriage! My hope for you is many healthy and happy years together. Plus I really enjoy your videos, you always put a smile on my face to see new content from you.

  14. Congrats Siobhan on your wedding! You are one amazing human ☺️
    Thanks for sharing your work life with us, I’m sure it made a lot more of us go for more regular check ups xx

  15. I can't eat cheese either because i am a allergic too. My friends are always trying to get me to eat it luckily i am not going to go into anaphylactic shock but i hate it so much i just don't like the taste and texture of it.

  16. What's your opinion on celiac disease??? I was tasted 7 years ago and biopsy said positive. But to this day, no bad side effects, even the doctor who tested it said I'd probably go 10-15 years and notice nothing. Any thoughts woukd be appreciated, thanks

  17. Congratulations on your marriage. Be kind to each other always x

    And you're not alone in your love of raw mushrooms. When my son was a toddler all the staff at our local grocery store knew when we were there because he would scream the place down until I got him his own bag of mushrooms and paid for them so I could then do the rest of the shopping… he'd sit happily in the trolley eating his mushrooms lol

  18. Congratulations on your marriage! I would love to know more about rheumatology and the mysteries of it. I think I have some kind of rheumatoid arthritis but my doctor couldn't figure it out. Started with a mysterious swollen knee that possibly was related to MRSA but not totally confirmed. In any case, been ok for awhile now. Really enjoy your videos!

  19. I’m so grateful you’re a doctor in my city because I know if I ever need medical help I have the chance of getting you as my physician!

  20. I love your videos!! You’re such a positive person and I love your energy! Watching your videos has given me hope that if you can push and work hard for what you want you’ll get it in the long run! I fought for my Emergency Medical Technician for so long it felt like and I wanted to give up at times but I’m so glad I didn’t! Now I’m working and I am absolutely loving it! I love working on the ambulance and communicating with people and helping them! I’m also very happy for you getting the career you wanted and wish you all the luck! Also congratulations on getting married!

  21. The sound of music is one of my absolute favorite movies! I was just singing the Do-Re-Me song all my myself the other day!

  22. what is a cows favorite movie? the sound of moooosic. Also we (my family) used to watch a sound of music every christmas after dinner

  23. I’ve NEVER gotten a brain freeze either! Lol I thought I was the only one or that I was missing some sort of sensation that everyone else knew!
    Also RAW MUSHROOMS are THE BEST! I don’t like them cooked as much :/

    Btw You’re amazing and such an inspiration to me I can’t stop watching!!!

  24. I love eating raw mushrooms too! People are always judging me for it. And congratulations on your wedding Siobhan! So many great things this year and many more ahead ❤️

  25. hey how are you and i want to ask you what is Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy how can i know if i have it and the only one thing that i do have high blood pressure as i have a baby and i want to see if Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy can be one of thing high blood pressure places help me ! thank you

  26. PSA to all "Sound of Music" fans . IT'S ON THE ABC NETWORK THIS SUNDAY starting @ 7pm. !! Hehehe – we talked about it so much , we brought it to reality .

  27. Oh my goodness, I just keep binge watching your channel. I absolutely love it. Although I also just realised I say opportunity wrong as well. Not sure if it’s just my family or how we say it in Australia lol. Learn something new each day ha ha. Congratulations to you both as well 💕

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