Giftcard Haul: Nordstrom, Target, and More!

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pardpardeftab720ri720 f0fs24 cf0 Hey guys! I’ve recently realized
in all the videos I’ve put out I’ve never actually introduced myself to you guys.
So, Hello! I’m Ashley. I’m sorry I haven’t actually said my name in my videos before
but I suppose I should start doing that from now on. So today I am here with a haul for
you guys and the things that I go are mostly purchased with gift cards since it was just
Christmas and I got a few gift cards for Christmas and also from stuff that I ended up taking
back to the store and I had some store credit actually buy some other stuff. So I’m going
to go ahead and jump right into it. The first thing I got was something I had actually been really excited to try. It’s
the new Revlon Nearly Naked foundation. I’ve had really great experiences with other Revlon
foundations. The Revlon whipped foundation is currently my favorite and the original
Colorstay is great as well. So I had high hopes for this foundation because it was marketed
as “nearly naked” which means it’s supposed to be more natural looking and look
like you don’t have a ton of makeup on. I do agree it is more natural looking than
the other Revlon foundations are. Now, the downside is I didn’t have the best luck
with staying power with this foundation which I was really disappointed because the Colorstay
foundations are marketed as 24-hour and really those things do not budge. The problem with
this one is that I got oily quite a bit quicker than I’m used to with the other foundations.
I think I’m just spoiled with the staying power of the Colorstay foundations just because
they’re so crazy and I end up blotting maybe once and a day and that’s all I have
to worry about. With this I ended up getting oily in the first hour or two and then it
did end up breaking down on my skin. Sadly, I think I’m going to end up returning this
because I wasn’t fully pleased with it. I would say if you have dryer skin or if you
just have normal skin and don’t get as oily as I do, then definitely try this because
the coverage was probably light to medium and very natural looking. I really liked the
finish until it started breaking down on me. So give it a try if you don’t have extremely
oily skin like I do, otherwise I would probably stay away from it.
Okay, so the next item was more a big purchase.
I had a gift card to Nordstrom and I decided I wanted to put it towards my very first eye
cream. Now, I have no experience with eye cream so I ended up going on a few websites
and looking up reviews and seeing which would be the best for what I needed. I actually
used Sephora’s website, I recommend that to you guys, even if you’re not going to
buy a product from Sephora, go ahead and look on their website for reviews because they
have such a vast number of reviews on so many different products. You have a really great
variety of different people coming in and talking about a bunch of different products.
I decided on going with the Shiseido Benefiance Winkle Resist 24. I can’t really give you
a true review on the eye cream yet because I’ve only used it for a week or two. Plus
I don’t really know what eye creams should be like since I’ve never really owned one
before. What I can say about this eye cream is it’s very hydrating, it’s very thick,
and it’s very moisturizing. I would say it’s probably meant for older people but
I’m using it as a preventative eye cream because I’m only 22 so I don’t really
have wrinkles yet but I wanted to prevent them so I don’t have to worry about them
in the future, fingers crossed. I would say I like it. My under eye concealer goes on
quite a bit smoother because that area is a lot more hydrated and smooth in general
so my concealer does go on better. But it’s definitely heavy, when I put it on at night
I don’t put on a massive amount but I can still feel it when I wake up in the morning,
which is fine by me because I’d rather it be too heavy than not heavy enough. But
I like it, I can’t say much else because I don’t have much background knowledge,
like I said. But I guess all I can say is so far so good.
Next up is something that is probably not
going to surprise you at all if you’ve watched my other hauls but I did pop into
Bath & Body Works and pick up one more candle, like I needed it. I ended up getting another
frosted cranberry scented candle and I think that this has become my favorite scent from
Bath & Body Works in general. The great part about this candle was that it was on sale
because they were trying to clear out all of their winter stock. So as you can see I’ve
already burned a lot of it and I’ll probably only be able to use a few more days but definitely
one of my top candles. I enjoyed it while it lasted even though its time is almost up.

My next purchase is something I had been waiting to buy for a very, very long time. For a while
I had wanted to get a nice eyelash curler, like a high-end eyelash curler because I’d
only owned drugstore ones in the past. Originally I had wanted to get the Shu Uemera eyelash
curler because everyone and their mom is in love with it and it’s supposed to be amazing.
The problem was, because I had gift cards, I had to buy it in a department store and
everywhere I went did not carry it. I don’t know if that’s normal or if it’s just
in my area but I couldn’t find it for the life of me. So the Shu Uemera one was out
of the picture. My next choice was going to be the Chanel eyelash curler which I think
retails for $34 or 30-something dollars which is a lot of money so it’s probably good
I couldn’t find that one either. So my third choice, which was recommended to me
by quite a few of the sales associates in the department stores, was the Shiseido eyelash
curler. So my second Shiseido purchase in this haul. I really, really like this. I think
the thing I truly notice about this eyelash curler as opposed to the drugstore ones is
that this top bit is a lot more broad than the drugstore ones and the little cushion
goes all the way around. The reason I like this so much is because when I’m curling
my eyelashes, I really like to get the baby ones at the end and really curl those and
get mascara on them because it makes my eyes look bigger. The lashes end up looking more
fluttery and pretty and I like that this does that. I feel like I can get all of my eyelashes
in this thing as opposed to the drugstore one which kind of crimped them as opposed
to curling them.
Next up, I have this little cute agenda book from Lily Pulitzer. This I decided not to
use as an actual agenda just because I normally go to my phone if I have an appointment or
things that I need to remember I’ll use my phone. This however, I’m using as kind
of a fitness journal. First of all, it’s adorable, I’m in love with the pattern
on it. I decided to use it as a fitness journal because it’s a way for me to track the
exercises I’m doing on a day to day basis because if you’ve seen my new fitness video
I decided I’m going to be working out different parts of my body on different days. I wanted
a way to keep track of that and pay attention to how many reps I’m doing of everything
and how much weight I’m using so as I progress I can bump up the weights and know what I
need to be doing. So this is a really cool way to keep track of that. I really enjoy
it too because it’s satisfying to me to open up the book and look through the week
and see what exercises I’ve done and how much I’ve accomplished. So it’s even
kind of a motivator in that sense to see what I’ve done, so really been enjoying that.
Another cool thing about this book was that it was on sale. It’s originally meant for
August 2012 to December 2013. Obviously, since we just started 2013, six months of the book
are useless because they’ve already passed. So Dillard’s had this discounted from $16
to $9.60 so if you’re interested Dillard’s is the one that had it in stock so you don’t
have to worry about ordering it online and paying shipping or waiting for it to come
to you, Dillard’s had it on sale.
Last but not least was kind of an accidental purchase. So I ran into Target, I was kind
of in a rush and I planned to get my favorite facial cleanser of all time, the Avalon Organics
Vitamin C Renewal Hydrating Cleansing Milk. However, when I ran in there I accidentally
grabbed the Refreshing Cleansing Gel. As you can see, these two look absolutely identical
except for the little label here that say what the product actually is. So when I got
home to actually use it I pumped it in my hand and was pretty surprised to see that
it was a gel instead of a cream cleanser. I decided to give it a try anyways and I like
it. I definitely don’t like it as much as my hydrating cleansing milk but it’s
very refreshing like the label says it is. I decided I’m going to use it on days that
I wake up and my skin feels more oily than normal and I want that little extra clean.
But I tried using it on a daily basis and it didn’t work out because it dried my
skin a little too much. So I’m definitely going to use it a little more sparingly but
I do like it and I will use it, just not every day. If I had to choose between the two I
would definitely go with the hydrating cleansing milk.
Okay, so that is it for my haul. Nothing crazy,
nothing massive, just very short and sweet. I hope you guys enjoyed watching it. If you
did enjoy watching it, I would really appreciate if you would subscribe to my channel so you’92ll
know when I put out more videos like this. If you want to get in touch with me I have
a few ways that I don’t think I announce very often on here, but I have a Twitter account,
an Instagram account, and a Facebook account if you feel like coming to say hi. I think
that’s going to do it for today. I hope you guys are having a fantastic day and I
will see you in my next video. Bye!}

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