Go Inside An $18 Million Brooklyn Mega-Mansion | Secret Lives Of The Super Rich

Go Inside An $18 Million Brooklyn Mega-Mansion | Secret Lives Of The Super Rich

This modern waterfront estate is one of New York City’s most unique properties and at $18 million it’s one of the most expensive in all of Brooklyn. One of the architects intentions with building the home was to bring the outside in and there are over 80 windows in this house, so every single room enjoys views. And there’s plenty to gaze upon inside the sprawling 14,000 square foot home as well from the colorful LED lighting to the Swarovski crystals chandeliers installed by the mansion’s current owner a Russian socialite with an eye for glamour. The owner first saw them at the Metropolitan Opera, and she had to have them, so this is the only home that you can see them outside of the Opera. The dramatic decor also includes some high-end imports like 15 different types of Italian marble used throughout the home seven bedrooms and 12 baths, and if you happen to like Bulgarian bronze this might be the place for you. Over four tons of bronze was brought in for this house. Will walk up the show-stopping bronze staircase and even more opulence awaits like the penthouse level lounge, and the mansion million-dollar meditation room. Complete with circular seating for 10, a glass sky dome and all the signs of the zodiac hand-painted and accented with shimmering lights. With this home It’s all about the details. And the details outside are just as impressive. Just past the 55 thousand gallon swimming pool you’ll find the party pavilion and the three boat marina, but the most astonishing feature just might be the eight thousand square foot mansion next door, which the owners are throwing in as a guest house. Now that’s a true Brooklyn behemoth, with room to spare.

48 thoughts on “Go Inside An $18 Million Brooklyn Mega-Mansion | Secret Lives Of The Super Rich

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  2. This has to be Mil Basin. The only real multi-millionaires there are Italian mob connected families with past and present shady businesses. The Russian who can afford an $18 million house has to be daughter of some daddy who is Putin's lapdog or is a trophy wife to some Russian oligarch who hate living in Russia itself.

  3. The people trying to sell this house are desperate. They bought this house in 1996 for $12,950,000. Accounting for inflation, today it's $20,458,111.22. However, the price has been reduced from $30 million to $18 million and now to $13 million.

    So for $13 million, if this house is sold, it'll be sold at a loss to the owner. So to me it seems like the owner doesn't care at this point about taking the loss, they just want to sell it and get rid of it. However, as great as the Mill Basin area is and has many multi-million dollar homes, there are no homes selling for $13 million like this one and if you can afford to spend $13 million on a home chances are you'd want to buy an apartment in Manhatten not a house in Brooklyn. So that's the reason why nobody's buying. Nobody wants to spend $13 million on a house in Brooklyn, they'd rather buy a $13 million apartment in Manhattan overlooking central park.

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  6. This is like a nice hotel. It’s neutral, with all the luxury cues someone was told they “needed” and no personality or warmth.

    Brett, on the other hand…has a great deal of warmth…

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