GoPenguin Carry On Luggage Review

hey cruisers welcome back to cruise gear
we love answering questions about luggage and one of the most common DMS
that I get over on Facebook and questions I get here on our cruise Gear
channel is aah I nee a carry-on bag what should I do
well carry-ons are really tricky because there are so many different styles
there’s a lot of different price ranges there’s different materials that they
can be made out of and it’s just really hard for me to find a good general
recommendation I was pretty stoked when an Amazon seller GoPenguin reached out
to us and said hey we have a carry-on bag we’re constantly hearing you guys
talk about luggage and we’d love for you to showcase this little puppy on your
channel so of course we said yes we would love to take a look at it and if
or if it’s good enough for our community we’ll make a video well I got it and I’m
totally blown away so I’m really excited to share this with you full disclosure
this was a gift from GoPenguin and it’s very important to us that you know that
right up front that is wonderful and I would purchase it on my own in fact I
tried to go buy a white one but they were all sold out so when that white
suitcase comes back in I’m going to get it anyhow this is a hard side carry-on
bag like I mentioned it is from an Amazon seller named go penguin of course
we’ll make it easy for you and link to it in the description below but there
are so many different features I’m gonna try to go through all of the different
features that I possibly can in this video without rambling on and on and on
but needless to say I’m super excited to take this puppy on a cruise ship on an
airplane on a train wherever I can because it is an absolutely adorable
carry-on this particular color that you’re looking at right here is forest
green this is made out of German made 100% makrolon polycarbonate now what
that means is that some of the raw materials used in this puppy are and I
keep saying puppy sorry guys I don’t this puppy this stuff they’re some of
the raw materials that are in this suitcase were used to make bulletproof
glass so rumor has it it is supposedly unbreakable now I’ve been to some rough
airports before and I don’t know if that’s true but that’s what the
marketing materials say so if you’re looking for something tough I think this
will definitely stand up for you this suitcase is
extremely lightweight you guys know I’m five foot zero so I can’t just throw
something around very easily it is super super lightweight is 6.3 pounds to me it
feels more like 4 or 5 pounds that is a must for me with carry-ons because I
don’t want to add any weight so if you’re looking for something super
lightweight it’s great also has a really great telescoping handle very easy to
use and lots of different lengths it could even be set as the smallest length
for my son and you know that is a criteria that I use when looking at
carry-on says could my little boy use it and at this height he definitely could
so I love that one disclaimer I want to give you about this bag is this is not
an expandable carry-on so if you’re looking for something that you need to
widen this is not the one for you this is going to be TSA compliant and I think
it’s IATA the International carry-on compliant but you’re not gonna be
expanding it now that we’re talking about the fact that it’s TSA compliant
let me go ahead and give you the exact dimensions of this bag it is exterior
dimensions are 20 2.5 by 4 by 9 and the interior dimensions are 20 by 13.5 and
go penguins said that that is definitely both TSA approved and international
airline carry-on approved as well hopefully that’s the case I I know there
are some countries that have very very very small carry-on allowances and also
limit your weight so please be sure to research that on your own before taking
our word for it but I think for at least TSA compliance you can have peace of
mind of knowing that this puppy is compliant ok so another feature of this
bag that I don’t have on any of my other bags and I’m gonna roll the zipper up
here and try to explain it to you it actually has a TSA lock so the only
people that can open your bag are you and the TSA now you’re gonna get a
little instruction manual with this bag that explains to you how to set your
combination on the lock and you know kind of walk you through that process
but you have to be really careful because if you do forget that password
you’re out of luck so maybe if you’re not going to use the TSA lock and just
leave it set to zero zeros which is the auto setting and you’ll be
safe there but another cool feature is that the zipper actually pops into these
little kind of holes up by the TSA lock so the zippers become flush with the
rest of the suitcase which is super super cool okay so let’s talk a little
bit more about some of the other features of this bag and I kind of flip
it up and show you the wheels so these wheels were made in Japan and apparently
they are extremely quiet now they’re also spinners I did a little test here
in my living room and I can say that they are top quality they’re wonderful
they would glide through the airport with ease and I think that they’re
probably just wonderful so love this love that there spinner these days we
generally don’t even consider suitcases that don’t have spinner wheels on them
with some exceptions I do have a few bags that I use for train travel and
things like that that don’t have spinner wheels but for the most part is
something that I absolutely love okay so let’s take a look at the inside of this
bag I think this bag is optimal for maybe a three to four day trip or if
you’re really super light packer like we are you might be able to pull off a full
week’s cruise in a carry-on only but let’s take a quick look I’ll show you
kind of the broad look at the inside as you can see this one has kind of a mesh
divider and these little mesh pockets can be used to hold small things the
first thing that came to mind for me to put in these was actually jewelry so if
you’re going on a trip where you don’t need a lot of jewelry just maybe lie
your necklace flat here and some tissue or something like that maybe bras
undergarments swimsuit smaller items like that would fit just perfectly here
and of course you can you can unbuckle this little mesh thing and open it up so
this particular suitcase will probably hold about three to four medium-size
packing cubes and probably a few more smaller packing cubes to shimmy around
the outer edges and then you can just kind of place your shoes and some
miscellaneous items around the edges like socks and things like that but
again probably you know three to four packing cubes would be optimal for this
type of size of suitcase so you’re probably wondering how much this cost
this bag is a hundred and twenty nine ninety nine only
we do have a limited time discount code for our subscribers you can check that
out in the description but like I mentioned it won’t last forever so be
sure to pay attention to the expiration date down there in the description also
wanted to let everybody know that this the suitcase comes with a really cute
carrying bag so if you’re like me here it is hello if you’re like me and you
like to store your suitcases in the garage in between uses and you don’t
want it to get dusty or covered with bugs you can just kind of put it in the
bag and then cinch it shut which is really cool another really funny thing
about this suitcase is it comes in a very fancy box when go penguin sent us
the suitcase they sent me a list of things kind of the features and benefits
of the suitcase and they said hey just so you know the box can be used as a cat
house and I was like a cat house I don’t get it but anyway the box is so ornate
and fun it’s just you can you can read about different things on the box and it
really could be used as a cat or a kid box for that matter it was really
beautiful so I appreciated the packaging especially from an Amazon seller a lot
of times when we get things from Amazon sometimes they’re a little bit a little
bit banged up but this one was definitely an exception to that so
hopefully this is something that you’d like to consider they do have a
satisfaction guarantee and a warranty on it so be sure to fill out the warranty
card in your little instruction manual here and get that sent in so that you’re
going to have product protection of course that’s super important thank you
all so much for watching we hope that you have enjoyed this we hope that that
you have some fun cruises planned be sure to tell us where you are going to
be cruising next in the comments below and hopefully we have earned your
subscription today here on cruisegear if you like what you see and you want to
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until next time friends get in gear and get cruising bye bye

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