GoPro: Wingsuit Pilot Jeb Corliss on His Crash and Recovery

GoPro: Wingsuit Pilot Jeb Corliss on His Crash and Recovery

100 thoughts on “GoPro: Wingsuit Pilot Jeb Corliss on His Crash and Recovery

  1. Actually Daedalus gave Icarus two warnings , he also told Icarus not to fly too low over the water because the wings would become heavy with moisture

  2. How do you get so much money to do these stunts, who pays you to learn these. May be being born in a rich country people can afford

  3. As someone who does action sports myself, I don’t see the value in a ‘sport’ which kills approximately 1 in 60 people.

  4. junkies are junkies.

    just because man's law says that heroin is illegal and adrenaline is not, doesn't makes the adrenaline junkie's addiction any less dangerous.

  5. I got into a pretty bad motorcycle accident recently cause someone pulled their car out on me while I was travelling at 80kmph. I'm about 2 months into my recovery.

    If Jeb survived and made it back, I sure as f**k can too. Great video (Y)

  6. What was that chamber for, anyone knows? Is that an hyperbaric chamber?
    Sooner or later you get burned when you play with fire 🔥 is it worth it? For some people it’s definitely worth it.

  7. I have broken both my arms and i can tell you that that shit hurts, i had five broken bones in total and the rehabilitation was probably the worst part

  8. I feel as if it’s less scary to sky dive/wing suit over the ocean instead of mountains. If a parachute fails then you can just fall in the water, and it wouldn’t be fast enough to kill you

  9. did i miss a line or two? all that and they didn't even say what the hell he impacted with. it was obviously man made. one sentence, one pic, was all i needed to move on and enjoy the rest of the story. otherwise, meh, since i spent most of the video wondering what he hit.

  10. That's how I broke my spine! You get to comfortable after your first 100 jumps and on my 450 odd it happened and I didnt even have my gopro on 😢

  11. "When I was a kid I used to look at birds",yea bro we all see them. We aren't blind. Useless commentary and music in this video. Easily the worst gopro production I've seen to date.

  12. Ok, he's brave and humankind needs brave people, but wingsuits per se are bullshit, because they don't imitate bird's flight – it's ridiculous, they imitate flying squirrel. The even don't fly – simply fall diagonally. It's a useless invention, that killed so many people. You can't make a human being fly that easily – the wing surface has to be much bigger – approximately that of hang-gliders, and to really fly and not just glide you need extremely big chest muscles – which we lack.

  13. I remember when I got tangled up in some kelp scuba diving 90 ft deep at Catalina. Then the kelp ripped my oxygen out of my mouth and I couldn't get the breath back. I was going to drowned that I hit my inflator and it freed me from the Kelp. I was going up incredibly fast and then I hit my head on the bottom of the boat. I knew I almost drowned. And the first thing I thought was thank God I can still do what I love which was scuba diving. So I can relate to the thought process.

  14. That's why God never gave us the ability to fly stupid things happening like this so you can make a sob story on what's the situation when you put yourself in the stupid situation this is dumb you put yourself in that position you should already know that is the worst outcome or divorce is death

  15. Everyone who participates in Wingsuiting, Paraglide/Paramotoring is going to have an accident at some point. Humans are not meant to fly.

  16. gimme a go pro camera and You guys will see how dangerous it can Be to pee early în the morning when You're drunk, huh crazy life man

  17. How intelligent and professional you may be hard times gonna come but if you believe and look forward again than you will be a successful legend Huge respect bro you have shown it I'm totally motivated heartly appreciated 🙏❤️

  18. Did you ever hear the story of Icarus, who continually rolled the ball up the hill? But when he got too close, the ball melted in the heat of the Sun. This guy is like Icarus.

  19. Watching birds flying… “Auntie, I’m going to do that when I grow up.” The birth of an idiot. Do what you want with your life but don’t act all surprised when you crash 😂

  20. Taking an accident to realize that fear is good…… is not good. Fear should always be present. If not…. you’re just stupid.

  21. I can pretty understand him, but it is a write way to die. His life is amazing, no one would want in his shoes to leave the sport, but the prize is too big

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