Great Basin National Park Trip Guide – Backpacking, Caves and Bristlecone Pines!

Great Basin National Park Trip Guide – Backpacking, Caves and Bristlecone Pines!

hello and welcome back to my channel I’m
Amanda and today I am in Great Basin National Park and in this vlog I’m going
to share with you all the things we did on our trip and why you’re gonna want to
add this to your bucket list so the first thing that we did was go on
a backpacking trip of course so we did a really awesome loop hike the first day
we hiked in about six or so miles to Baker Lake and it was a pretty steady
uphill beautiful hike the lake was really pretty it was definitely a lot
lower than I think it is and other times of the year but there was just these
grand towering walls and we camped and have nice night it was super windy but
overall really beautiful woke up the second day and started what turned out
to be a very long day hike out to the truck so it started off with a ton of
uphill to get to the top of a pass and that was just a straight up grind it was
long we were being battered by wind and it was steep and we were at high
elevation and so just kind of had our head down got through it we were not
expecting the hike for the second day to be as long as it was then we got to
the top of the pass saw the beautiful views and decided to drop our packs and
hike to the top of Pyramid Peak that was pretty cool I’m glad we did it we almost
didn’t want to do it because we were just tired from hiking up a pass but it
was awesome after we peaked pyramid peak we had to
hike down the other side of the path and this was treacherous we just came down
from up there insane it was a very steep slippery downhill to Johnson Lake
which was also very beautiful we got down to Johnson Lake and we saw what was
the remains of an old mining town it seemed so there was a lot of rusted
equipment and some really cool log cabins that you were able to walk around
and explore and so that was kind of an unexpected cool little feature to this
very long hike so then we continued downhill and then had to go up and over
another pass which was also very beautiful like it is mid-september right
now and I don’t know about the other times of the year here but I think this
is the prime time because all of these aspens were just especially at the
higher elevation we’re just changing color and it looks so beautiful on the
mountainside and so while we were grinding uphill it was definitely worth
of the views and it’s just good to do something that’s hard you know like I
like when my backpacking trips challenge me and so that was definitely the case
with the hike out so we finally made it back to the truck and then we just had
dinner had some wine just still a little car camping and that was so relaxing the
next morning we woke up and went to the visitors center first thing and we’re
lucky enough to get tickets to explore the caves here and I was seriously
shocked like I’ve been in a couple caves throughout my life and I think this is
definitely my favorite one and I was just shocked at how crazy cool it was
down there so like if you come here you have to make it a point to take a tour
of the caves there are two different types of tours that you can take and we
did the Grand Palace one which is just the whole cave the other one is only
part of it and just a side note here I think that if you know you’re gonna come
here definitely try and get your tickets in advance you can buy them online up to
six months in advance because I think it does fill up really fast and that we
were really lucky to actually get the spots that we did and I feel like if you
come here you really don’t want to miss out so make sure you grab your tickets
for those caves and make a point to go down because the history is really cool
the tour I’m not really like a big tour person but this one was really well done
and it was just such a crazy cool world down there and definitely a must-see if
you come here after we explored the caves and our eyes readjusted to the
light we went on a little afternoon hike up to the Bristlecone pine grove and
it’s about a three mile round trip hike and you got to see just tons of
Bristlecone pines now if you don’t know this Bristlecone pines can be up to
5,000 years old like that’s insane can we just take a moment to think about
that it was so cool you can touch them and you can take pictures with them and
they’re just really cool to appreciate these amazing trees that have been
growing through all sorts of adversity and so we did that it was amazing and
now we are getting ready to head home so I hope you enjoyed this little peek into
my trip and if you have any questions if you want to plan a trip or whatever just
let me know in the comments below because I’m here for you I want to
inspire you to see these beautiful places in this country and I just love
having you part of this community so make sure to subscribe and just say
hello below in the comments okay I love you and I’ll see you in the next video

2 thoughts on “Great Basin National Park Trip Guide – Backpacking, Caves and Bristlecone Pines!

  1. I love the high wilderness when it puts on fall colors! Those cave ecosystems are so sensitive that it’s necessary to control human activity for preservation. That cave looks gnarly awesome. I shall add this one to my list. Thanx for another bum kickin’ video Amanda! 🤙🏻

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