Gregory J53 Women’s Backpack

Gregory J53 Women’s Backpack

I am wearing the Gregory J53 liter backpack.
This is a women’s specific backpack that is light weight, great for overnight trips, weekend
backpacking or extended day trips if you plan to go ultra light weight. The compartments
and the pocketing and even the little fea-tures of this backpack are really smart and easy
to use. The suspension system Gregory uses in this
pack is called their cross flow suspension which is two very light weight beams that
make an X pattern across the pack. And that gives this pack its rigidity and really light
weight, so it keeps the pack weight down, gives you a lot of suspension so that you
can haul up to 40 pounds with this pack. If you look at the back panel, it is a trampoline
style with all this meshing. There is a lot of breathability and that helps you from overheating
in between your back and the backpack here. Going down to the hip belt this is a women’s
specific pack. So the hip belt is contoured specifically for women’s hips and it is pretty
light weight and it moves with you as you move. The padding on the lumbar portion of the back
panel is also really comfortable and breathes. If we go up to the shoulder harness there
are cutaways in the shoulder harness that give it a little bit lighter weight of a feel.
So that also breathes and it also just makes the pack a little bit lighter weight. The sternum strap is fully adjustable so it
is really easy to adjust just by pulling it down and up. And you do have two small pockets
on the front of the hip belt, big enough for a small cell phone, a gps, or just snacks. The pocketing organization and just the attention
to detail really struck me about this pack. So starting with the biggest opening, this
is a true top loading pack, but you do have a very large U shaped zipper that allows access
from all the way into the bottom of the pack to almost into the top of the pack as well
and all the way in between. So that there is one big interior pocket. You can open that
up almost like a piece of luggage from the bottom up, which is a really interesting pocket
in there. There is bottom latch straps here that you
can either compress the bottom of the pack or you can store something underneath those
straps. As I mentioned the attention to detail, Gregory has actually sewn in a place where
the excess webbing is housed. So you don’t have all that extra webbing hanging down,
you have the ability to store something in there. There is a shallow outer pocket. You can store
some light weight gear. And there is actu-ally a space behind this pocket—I call it a dump
pocket—where you can put anything light weight that you need to get your hands on
quickly, a rain jacket. If it starts to rain you can pull that out really easily. You have stretchy water bottle pockets with
some compression above that. So if you need to store something tall like tent poles you
can really use that pocket for it and cinch that down. So going up to the lid of the pack, this is
a floating lid. So if you need to extend that lid up you have more things in your pack you
can really adjust that up and down. The lid is also removable. It is a true top loading
pack so it is really easy to get in and to cinch that down. Since this is a pretty light weight pack,
I can see you being able to just leave the lid at home if you are going on a fast overnight.
And just able to compress this top portion of the pack down to make a little bit lighter
weight of the pack. The J53 does come standard with an included
rain cover. It is in its own separate pocket that is housed behind this front pocket. You
see this pink zipper right here and a little logo that says rain cover. It is stored in
there. It matches the pack. It fits the pack really well and it adds a lot of value to
this Gregory backpack. Many storage options, smart compartments,
light weight stability, perfect for your next weekend adventure. It is the Gregory J53 liter

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  1. What are the dimensions of this pack? I'm curious if it will fit international carry-on requirements.. Which is on average 22X14X9 (inch).
    Or would you recommend the gregory jade 38, if I want those specific requirements?

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