Guide To Buying Tax Free / Duty Free Chanel Handbags & Jewellery! Airport Shopping!!

Guide To Buying Tax Free / Duty Free Chanel Handbags & Jewellery! Airport Shopping!!

hello I just want to do a quick video
about buying Chanel at the airport and taking advantage of 20 central tax free
shopping / duty-free shopping and so I’m just going to hold up a Chanel bag drop
as a visual aid oh um so um so basically I have bought a couple of items at
Chanel at the airport I wanted to just talk a few a few things about it because
I think there’s almost a misconception of oh my god like you can buy it like
some people don’t realize that you can actually buy schmehl at the airport and
get to enter set off that’s great first of all that is a real thing second of
all it’s only when you should fly international so for instance if you’re
flying from London to Berlin you won’t be able to take advantage if you’re
buying if you’re flying from heathrow terminal sighs to say Seattle then
you’ll find you have it but you how do you have to have the international phone
ticket and you do have to be in the right terminal and its flight side so
you can’t do walk the airport and go shopping you need to be both and you
need to have that international air ticket get the 20 self so that’s a
birthday many so to you second of all I don’t have two best phrase it um so the
idea of buying Chanel at 20 self is incredibly touching but it’s not just
have to be you and me it’s been attending job offers so the stock levels
at the store at the airport might be a little bit lower than you expect and
also we won’t have the classic items so the classic like pearl brooch the
classic Demonte earrings the I don’t know the classic caviar fat bag in black
all those items are considered classic classic call you know they carry all
year round every season though you know they are insanely popular so those
classic items will not be in stock that it is technically the season
items but remember that does that doesn’t include ve the walk and it does
include the boy bag which are two very popular styles so if you’re wanting like
a black caviar what with gold hardware you might get lucky it might be there at
the same time it it might be billed out so like if you’re going to wait six
months to buy that bag at the airport you might be really disappointed if you
waited six nuts in it up doc I’m second of all there are annual price rises so
just be aware that if you buy it before the price rise and then wait six months
to buy it at the airport you might end up paying the same price that you would
have paid six months ago not a fearful because of the bride robe basically so
that’s another thing to consider and also and also a burger today oh yeah
sometimes say for instance you wanted a cup classic flap bag in black so you
throw into the palm street saw and then have it there and then you go to the
airport thought and they wouldn’t have it there but they have it in phase blue
leather now you might be like the blue leather is lovely but the same time
you’d rather spend twenty cent more and give it in black because the black is
the one you’ve been after and the black is all that you’ve been aware more so
actually twenty set off is great if you want the blue bag but if you don’t want
to be a bag and you want it in black and they don’t have the back you’d be better
spending twenty percent more just getting a regular prices because because
twenty percent off in a color or a finish or leather or a size isn’t
there’s one that you want even enough of a discount to make it the one the things
you want to purchase because it’s still even though twenty percent off great
it’s still not GE like you so much don’t get caught up in the hole oh my god
explains it but I’ve gotta buy it because it’s still you’ll feel very good
two percent of like an expert for handbags the make sure that it is a
dream bag my personal opinion is to go into your local Chanel like for instance
of Bond Street store and look at everything look at the plastic bag
jewelry look at the classic shoes look at the seasonal back seasonal drawing
look around everything you like and be like I like this I like it but I guess I
like it take a note of the prices take a note of everything that you like and
then if you’re at the airport and you see something that was on your wishlist
and you think you know I’m going to do it it’s 27 off go for it and that way
you know the original price you know the airport price you know that you wanted
it I’m you’re happy but I think going to kind of Chanel and having a look at the
full collection is a really good way of doing it because you already know that
you like that broke to you already knew that you liked that necklace and then
finding it twenty percent awful feel really good but I think if you just go
in and have a look at what they’ve got you could almost feel a bit like like
you getting a bit carried away and also for instance say there was like a cat
approach in a small token of exercise at the airport you’re more likely to only
find the big size because small phones probably sold out so actually if you’ve
got the ball turret sort and you’ve seen both sides as you might find you
actually prefer the smaller one and a smaller one of cheaper than the big one
we’re 20 with an off so you might find you just like it so I’m raising them so
badly ah just if you go if you’re going aware and you go in knowing what you
love and you go and knowing what the prices are then you go in more informed
as a customer and you will you will buy better so that’s my thoughts so
basically international travel only twenty percent or boom and know what you
want no your prices have a wishlist see about if they if I go to Amazon wishlist
are in the duty free and do you know what don’t let the twenty percent off
make you buy something that you don’t love like you’ve got to love it like
you’ve got to be like this is my dream bag don’t be like well I wanted a pink
so they don’t have it in pink car by in blue
20 self do you know what just go back to Wall Street then twenty cent more it
won’t be that much more I’d be a bit more but it won’t be a huge amount more
because you know what you’re going to prefer the one that you want at full
price but at the same time if you can get something you love a twenty percent
off go for it and joy and love it and that is what I think and I hope that was
a help yes and feel free to tweet me any questions or feel free to comment
because like I don’t have any subscribers I have you trolls then I so
many subscribers so feel free to comment or subscribe that would be lovely and
thank you very much like about a platform right

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  1. are you sure your flight has to be out of europe to be tax free? it doesnt really make sense that they would exclude specifically in-europe flights from tax free shopping

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