Guys…STOP Dressing Like A Child! 9 Men’s Clothing Items That Make You Look Like A KID

Guys…STOP Dressing Like A Child! 9 Men’s Clothing Items That Make You Look Like A KID

Dress Like A Man
[0:00:00] Stop dressing like a kid, start to dress like
a man. In today’s video, gents, I’m going to
talk about clothing items that make you look like a kid until you had to upgrade those,
so you can start to dress like the man you know yourself to be. Are you ready, guys? Let’s get into it. [Music]
Tip number one. Upgrade the running shoes. Something as simple as going with a solid
color sneaker. White, black, gray, a wide variety of different
options out there. But, I would even recommend stepping that
up even another notch. Look for a casual pair of boots, something
that isn’t glued together using a nice unique upper, in this case blue suede. Now, why stop there though? How about you level it up another notch, bring
in a pair of casual dress shoes, something that when you wear this, you are going to
stand out from the crowd and look great. Tip number two. Upgrade the shorts and blue jeans. Shorts have historically been a boy’s piece
of clothing. In many parts of the world, men do not wear
shorts. Now, blue jeans, they’ve always been casual,
they’ve now become very common and I love a good pair of dark-colored blue jeans, but
is that your only option? So, what are your upgrade options? During the summer, how about a pair of linen
trousers, maybe a pair of lightweight cotton trousers. This pair right here made with a nice very
strong color. This pair of lightweight chinos made from
cotton again, very breathable much more stylish than shorts. Now, alternatives to blue jeans especially
during maybe the fall during the winter, but this heavier weight just as tough as blue
jeans. Right here maybe bring some color into your
jeans. Why not try a pair of black colored jeans,
maybe gray jeans, maybe actually more of a true blue or using more of a flat material
not necessarily denim, but something that almost looks like a chino, but has a bit of
a stretch to it. The point here is to expand your trouser wardrobe. Gents, I’m not saying you can’t wear shorts
and blue jeans, but I am saying expand your options with different fabrics and different
colors. Tip number three to stop dressing like a boy
and start dressing like a man. Throw out the graphic tees and bring in casual
button-downs bring in more dress shirts, bring in some polos. Anything with a collar anything with buttons
here on the front. Why? Well, for most party types t-shirts aren’t
going to compliment. But, we – come on, it’s a fashion trend,
but if that’s all in your wardrobe, guys, come on, let’s level it up. Bring in some solid dark-colored maybe even
light-colored button-downs casual button-downs. If you don’t have the ideal body type, bring
in some epaulettes on the shoulders, maybe some chest pockets, it’s going to build
up your chest. Maybe you’ve got a thin build. Well, an oversized t-shirt is just going to
make you look skinny, but a well-fitted button-down maybe roll up those sleeves once or twice
is actually going to make you look more muscular. My point, t-shirts are nice, casual button-downs
are superior. Tip number four. Ditch the baseball cap, bring in the tribly. Let’s look to upgrade your headwear. The easiest way to do this is to focus in
on the function. Make sure to buy a hat that actually fits
you and to practice wearing it, so you can build your confidence. Confidence is key. Now, you may find these styles are not for
you. My point, don’t be afraid to try something
new. Next up, ditch the hoodie, upgrade to a jacket. And you’ve got a lot of options out there
when it comes to casual jackets. Let’s start off with a bomber jacket. Now, you’re going to find it in leather
you’re going to find it in suede. What you’re looking for is something that’s
going to compliment look great on you. Oftentimes a darker solid color for most men
is going to look great. Next up, let’s look at trucker jackets. So, we’re not just talking the blue jean
type. They come in a wide variety of colors. I like solid dark colors, I think it compliments
most builds. And, of course I need to mention the sports
jacket. The sports jacket may be a little bit too
dressy for some of you guys, but I would advise you to try it. Why? Because you can dress it down, you can dress
it up, you can layer with sports jackets. And at the end of the day, when you wear a
sports a jacket you set yourself apart from the crowd. Boys wear backpacks, men carry briefcases. No, I’m just kidding there. I love a great backpack, but the point I’m
making here, guys, is investing in a nice simple briefcase. Maybe you want something smaller, you know,
like an attaché case, maybe you want something a little bit larger for your day to day carry
almost like a satchel style. You can start to bring in maybe something
of a lighter color that’s got more of a shape to it which is going to better protect
your documents. Maybe you want something just even larger
than that that can carry even a large computer. My point here, don’t be afraid to go beyond
the backpack, invest in a nice piece of leather luggage which is timeless in style and design
which is going to serve you for decades. Boys wear clip-on ties, men know how to tie
a tie. They know how to tie a bowtie, how to tie
a four-in-hand, how to tie a Half Windsor, how to tie a Full Windsor. Guys, if you need help, I’m linking to tutorials
down in the description of this video. Go check them out, guys. Know how to tie a tie. Boys wear cotton sweat suits track suits and
they think they’re wearing a suit, men wear wool suits. Guys, there is one suit that is king in a
man’s wardrobe. Every man needs to have a classic worsted
wool suit in his wardrobe. He also needs to know the style pyramid. Fit, if the suit doesn’t fit you, get it
adjusted to fit you or buy one that does fit you. [0:04:58]
Next up, look at the function. Does it serve the need that you have for the
suit? Is it classic in design? Don’t buy something that’s trendy, buy
something that’s going to be in style a decade from now. Next, look at the construction the overall
fabric. Focus in on getting the best that you can
afford. This may be a place you have to compromise,
but understand that when you have the money, upgrade to suit. My point, a track suit no matter how much
it cost is not going to command the same level of respect as a well-fitted classic suit. A boy wears clothing that’s too large for
him, a man owns clothing that fits his particular body type. Now, as a kid, my mom used to buy me clothing
that was a little bit too big for me. She said, you’re going to grow into it. Guys, you are past that point, you want to
buy clothing that fits the body you have, so don’t wear clothing that’s way oversize
thinking you’re going to bulk up or get bigger. Find what fits you. And what’s interesting is it may feel a
little bit unfamiliar, you may confuse that with being uncomfortable. Unfamiliar is not uncomfortable, what that
is is you’re just not used to it. Actually get an outside opinion from a few
people, try clothing on that fits you. Go to a tailor not only he can adjust your
suits and your sports jackets, but your casual button-downs. Your jeans can get adjusted. All of a sudden, you’re going to start looking
at yourself in the mirror and saying, wow, I look great. All right, gents now it’s your turn. I want to hear from you down in the comments. What did I miss? What are items that men are wearing that’s
making them look like little boys? Guys, the purpose of today’s video wasn’t
to put down anyone for wearing anything. It’s more of I want you to be able to send
the message that you want to send to the world. Make sure that it’s in alignment with what
you do want to signal what you want to send, so that you can more easily achieve your goals. Makes sense, guys? Hopefully I was pretty clear about that. And I appreciate you, I appreciate everything
we build here at Real Men Real Style. Take care, guys. See you in the next video. [Music]
[0:07:03] End of Audio

100 thoughts on “Guys…STOP Dressing Like A Child! 9 Men’s Clothing Items That Make You Look Like A KID

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    Clothing Items That Make You Look Like A Kid?

    1. Upgrade the running shoes
    2. Upgrade baggy shorts & blue jeans
    3. Upgrade graphic tees
    4. Upgrade the baseball cap
    5. Upgrade to a jacket
    6. Invest in a briefcase
    7. Upgrade from clip on ties to tying a tie
    8. Upgrade to classic wool suit
    9. Own clothing that fits – Click here for my how to tie a tie tutorial video – 4 Tie Knots EVERY Man MUST Know

  2. Alternative to linen pants? I live in Florida where the heat and humidity is intense. Linen pants are a wrinkled mess the first time I sit….especially at the back pf the knees.

  3. Still working on my weight loss, already able to re-wear those pants and shirts that were too small. Got a ways to go but hopefully in the next month or so will be able to do the final purge. Looking forward to buying a few "Nice" things to slowly add to my wardrobe.

  4. Aha, yes, I think I get it. Stop dressing in comfortable clothes that are functional as well as easy and quick to get in and out of. Dress like a conservative guy from the 1950s instead. Really, it all makes sense … in a way:

    Why use a comfy backpack that leaves both of your hands free and allows you to easily transport a lot of stuff at the same time? You could get a small but expensive briefcase instead. Not only will you have to hold it with one hand at all times – you'll also be unable to fit as many things into it, by far. Great, right?

    Why wear slightly-too-big T-shirts that do not restrict your freedom of movement? Wear form-fitting button-up shirts instead and have fun putting them on in a hurry without ripping or mismatching the buttons. Don't forget to tuck them in correctly either or you won't be able to turn around or bend down to pick something up without looking disheveled afterwards. Oh, and enjoy your newly limited freedom of movement.

    Why wear comfy running shoes when you could wear those 'casual' dress shoes that make you look like you have elongated feet instead? Also, good luck with fitting orthopedic-shoe-inlays in there, if needed.

    Why wear a baseball cap that helps you to avoid getting blinded by the sun and that you can easily cramp into your backpack whenever it isn't needed? Wear a low-functionality hipster hat instead.

    Why wear a clip-on tie that looks just as good as a regular tie whilst beeing easier to attach, more comfy to wear and safer for work? Tie an old-fashioned tie traditionally instead. This method has no real benefits but just do it, alright? Oh, and you can hang yourself or get strangled better with one of those. Who wouldn't want that?

    Why wear a comfy sweatshirt, tracksuit or even a hoodie that can shield your hair and neck from rain during a surprise rain shower? Wear some expensive wool suit that reduces your free range of motion (even when well-fitted) instead. Just don't get surprised by the rain (remember: there's not enough room for a pocket umbrella in your new tiny briefcase).

    Wear custom-made clothing articles instead of elastic ones and have them all refitted or discarded every time you loose/gain weight or bulk up/down.

    In short:
    Dress like your boring older male relatives and colleagues in order to fit in with the establishment. You won't have any more trouble looking like a happy little cogwheel. 30something singe mothers that are on the hunt for a male provider will surely flock to you from now on. 👍😃

    Have fun with your new conformist adult life.

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    pull your pants up, it looks everyone in the eye when you're talking to them.

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  20. When you dress like a man, you are treated like a man. When I go out dressed for success, I get better service. Also, the ladies tend to look at you. I try to dress well everywhere I go. A couple walks into the grocery store. He's dressed like a boy. I'm dressed like a man. She found a reason to leave the guy to "look for something" on my aisle while looked elsewhere. She made sure to make eye contact with me.

    Your fashion must be congruent. Wearing a trilby with a faded t-shirt, ratty. ill-fitting jeans and dirty unserviceable shoes sends out a creep vibe.. Wearing a polo that's 2 sizes too big and baggy jeans says to the world, that you aren't really grown up yet. Dressed like the above and walking with slumped shoulders with your head down ensures you won't be recognized by your peers, women, or your boss.

    I kid you not. Yesterday I wore a nice dress shirt with French cuffs and a red tie (I drive a 14 year old Saturn because car payments suck). I was comped my morning coffee by the cashier. In the past I had complained that the gas pump would send me to the cashier. He mentioned that the reason I was getting a free coffee was because of the gas pump always giving me problems. I think when I come into his store, I look important and treat the man with respect. When you present yourself to society dressed well, have good posture and treat others with dignity and respect, you'll be treated and served as if you are important. People will remember you.

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