OH man its PZ4 get her dude lets get that reward! remember stick to the plan PZ4 is on her way! when your finished send her back to chad wild clay Right here sit down good sit down now waiting Ive been waiting for you PZ4 Shes strapped in stream boss, are you enjoying your new life with Mr. Hacker and Chad wild clay Now you’re going to pay And for all you watching at home to even think about giving this video a big thumbs up. Yeah Idiots. Yes, I mean a thumbs down but I met boss Chad wild clay Intercepted a PZ cell phone the other day, but little did, you know? It’s part of my master plan and soon I will be the true ultimate leader of project Zorgo and you PZ4 are the last piece of my puzzle? You are going to infiltrate the Spy Ninja network and the digital empire No, they’re my friends. Well, I think she said no boss would we do? What you expect me to turn on them just like that. They’re my friends. I mean, they’re the spy Ninja Network You think you have a choice PZ4? You don’t? Because if you don’t help us what’s gonna happen is we’re gonna unleash this super virus Which is gonna tell me all of the youtube users and without YouTube users. There are no youtubers Not even if this video reaches 100,000 views will you save you there’s no point. That’s right. We got we got a virus. That’s right, man Give this video a thumbs up if you like viruses. Oh No, you idiot cuz I like viruses you stink. Yeah Yeah if you like project zorgo give this a thumbs down Yeah And wait a minute. Hurry up get on with inches connector already. Come on. This is taking all day Do you even know how to do that? Have you ever done? It’s not my first time no one’s gonna save you now PZ4 where are those friends of yours? They should be rushing through that door to save you now, but I don’t see anybody Nope still out there Looks like it’s looks like it’s just you me. No, they’re not here. Nobody’s rescuing you Nope, just you and me There is no point in subscribing to this channel because in a few days there will be no YouTube users And my plan is what it’s gonna set it all in motion Go ahead and connect her brain to the neurological transmitter. I Think this wire goes over here. Okay, seriously, this one goes over on this side The difference between positive and negative All right, boss, I think I think I got it this one just goes right over here on the frontal lobe Come on, I seriously don’t have all day for this ughhhhhhhhh Could’ve just gonna grown a new PZ4 in a test tube by now. I’m sorry boss trying my hardest every night I read the site I mean I saw the YouTube video you’re not the green the green wire goes up to the left by oh my god They’re jelly me Okay, here’s the T. I’m sorry. I’m just trying to get this done. I’d you make it really hard to be nervous boss She’s being mean to me. Oh my god. I didn’t know us coming over here to babysit. You just get her connected already! If you can’t get that connected then we cannot follow through with our plan Just do it already. So I sit here my $399 chair. All right, boss. I think I got it. All right. Yeah I’m in and logged into her brain and went finally took you long enough now first order of business PZ4 to test to see if you’re lying. I will ask you a question that we know. What is your first name? He’s talking to me dummy I think you guys know me as pz4 Yeah, looks like looks like she’s telling the truth boss, yep Yeah, real tough questions guys Boss it says she’s lying. She’s not telling the truth. It’s not her name a real name. Okay You passed this question the next question let’s See here. Where is Chad wild clay? backpack If I had to take a guess I’d say on his back I think I think she’s telling the truth boss. Yes. Okay. Yes. You got me again. Okay another question Let’s see here, you know Vy really? Well what What kind of car does vy qwaint drive tell me now. Um a bus a big yellow school bus I Think she’s done. She’s lying boss. That doesn’t drive a school bus Well, you’re a real smart one, aren’t you? I mean if you guys know all the answers, why do you even have me here? Yeah, it’s a good question boss We already know all these answers you imbecile you get the point of a lie machine. Never. Do you understand what I’m gonna break your laptop! He’s not very nice is he Sorry boss I got confused. I am surrounded by imbeciles. Does anybody here not know what they’re doing? Now tell me why is it not working you better fix it right now, right On top of it boss. It looks like good. It’s like it’s just not working. I don’t know It’s like oh it’s disconnected from her head Okay, my boss. That should do it should be done rendering after this Enough talking you two, let’s get back to the plan I told you was in silence. I told you to be quiet. I’ve had enough of you Just leave already. You’re making me exhausted Okay Pardon me. I had a burrito for lunch and it’s starting to get through me if you know what I’m saying Project Zorgo members are always farting. That’s not true. Why I don’t know. What’s the point of all this? Anyway, I mean you guys have all these wires look This computer The questions you’re asking me are bogus. I Don’t really not sure what to make of all this. I think I’m just gonna put these here and more you see I guess maybe if you don’t need me anymore, I’m just gonna Step out and I’ll maybe see you guys some others. What are you doing? Get her we going. Oh, you can’t leave Not again, she’s wild please just let me go come on just to sit down come on Just don’t I don’t understand why you want me here. Just listen. All right, boss. It’s finished rendering Easy for you may have been thinking you were getting a lie-detector test this But in reality, we were downloading your DNA and we were going to do a sign of big surprise Are you ready? Big surprise? No, great. What is it now? Yeah, you better be ready bring her in Where is she? I thought I thought she was done what happened? Where’s she night? It’s supposed to work. I, I I don’t know boss. I’m sorry. Oh Okay. Okay. I’m all right fine. I’ll go look. I’ll go check. Just okay You have ruined the presentation. You’re supposed to come out. Okay, super cool pose BRING OUT! PZ4 CLONE! Wait, she looks just like me… no that’s much better look at my clone clone what no dont do that is it what are you doing? Yes Pledge your allegiance to Project Zorgo! Go to now go to 1337 Richard Bunker Avenue Pretend to break into a project Zorgo leaders apartments and destroy Susan Collins Computer Go my beautiful clone Infiltrate chad and vy and mr. Hacker And we can destroy the spy ninja Network and the digital Empire No one is safe and we will soon release the virus and take down YouTube forever Now go to Las Vegas and infiltrate Chad Wild Clay Dont break Character Where’s she going what are you doing with her?…I have to get to chad and vy Awful worst thing ever


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