Hacks Of Life | 10 school life hacks Hacks for School

Hacks Of Life  | 10 school life hacks Hacks for School

so ready I’m so ready what’s up you guys
welcome back to my channel and if you’re new what’s up my name’s Danielle nice to
meet you subscribe down below today I’m here with a special guest for the Marlin
time and today we’re doing a huge back-to-school video I’m so excited
back-to-school can be really fun you guys so it can be fun if you do it right
like we did like oh yeah so I mean so anyways on my channel I’m gonna be doing
ten school life hacks on how to just kill it in school and just different
things yeah you know everything and then I’m Griffin’s channel we are doing teen
vs. child you back to school it’s like comedy skit all that fun stuff and fun
stuff so yeah if you want to check that out I will have the link down below to
her video and all of our social media subscribe to her channel I love her we
met on the garage photo shoot in Montreal Canada we had so much fun were
like really the same person so we’re gonna film a video yeah and so we did
it’s gonna be great yeah exactly so without further ado is gonna start with
the video one of my favorite back-to-school hacks is making your
schedule your background on your phone trust me guys this has saved me so many
times let me tell you it saves you from being that awkward person on the first
day of school walking around with a piece of paper telling you where all
your classes are because I know that’s me English in 305 what about you Spanish
in 201 but this is me so they don’t see ya okay guys listen up
if you can’t imagine dropping the mic after your final sentence of your essay
your conclusion needs to be stronger another hack for you guys is remembering
your locker code I know this one’s pretty simple and easy but you can also
use this type of lock it helps you so much because if you
the wrong way with the other kinds then you’re basically guaranteed did not get
in your locker so a hack for making friends at school
is just simply going up to them as if they’re already your best friend you’ll
feel more comfortable and they’re already kind of getting a sense for you
not the whole awkward hi how are you what’s your name you know what I mean yeah yeah I like I don’t know like a
perfect review so you know yeah sometimes she can just be like really
nice another days just like no you know what I mean yeah so yes you guys know I
always use a planner but I’m telling you guys this is one of the best and easy
hacks take out a planner take out a notebook whatever and physically write
down your day and it helps you remind it in your head so you’re not forgetting
certain things and it just helps you to know what to do for that day one of my
personal favorite hacks is using perfume on your studying and then using that
same perfume while you’re actually taking the test because there’s
something about just having the same scent while you study and while you’re
taking the test that just helps you remember it’s so much better yes before you take a test or an exam make
sure you write down the top five things that you’re worried about forgetting and
it’s proven that you will remember them easier while you’re taking the test
instead of using Google comm to search things for your school for homework for
an essay use scholar google.com and you will get things more related to the
topic that you’re searching not just Wikipedia answers if you want an easy
breakfast there’s scrambled eggs in a mug which is one of my favorite go twos
I make scrambled eggs in a mug with my microwave I just spray the mug with some
cooking grease crack two eggs in it and then add whatever you really want
I suggest shredded cheese and a tad bit of milk i microwave it for 45 seconds
take it out stir it microwave it for 45 seconds again take it out stir it and
then you’re ready to go it’s a quick and easy simple fix for breakfast okay might
be hot no key video I hope you guys enjoyed we had so much fun making it for
you guys make sure to check out what we did on Griffin’s Channel we did teen vs.
child you back to school so much fun so yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this video
comment down below and add these back to school buy packs helped you and yeah
we’ll see you guys very soon bye guys

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