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hello everyone its Katie and today I’m
doing another tag video because the lovely Cherry from the channel cherry
tung tagged me to do this really fun tag I’ve been seeing it all over youtube- it’s
called the handbag roast tag so you kind of choose your top ten overrated
overhyped ugly handbags this should be interesting, let’s get started! the first
bag I’m gonna name is the Yves Saint Laurent shopper tote bag it’s a very plain
bag no monogram – it’s so plain but I feel like I don’t like the shape all too much
and it’s a bit boring although it’s not overpriced, I think it is kind of over
hyped. it’s just not a bag I would wear. Next bag, oh yeah
Givenchy Antigona or Anti-Gona or whatever this Givenchy bag in black alright it’s
just I’ve seen it so many times I can’t see it anymore. I just don’t like the design
and all that little triangle thing in the front? this goes for the Givenchy Antigona in black because the youtuber chase Amie once posted an
Instagram picture I think of the Givenchy Antigona in beige or cream and I
loved it like in that color it looked a lot more
friendly and like I don’t know fun in that color but in black it’s so I don’t
know how it got hyped up so much I just don’t see the hype. I feel like it
looks like H&M but it feels like an H&M bag that’s trying to be a look-alike of some
high-end bag. Number three, my pick, is the Go-Yah? Goyarddd? Goyard? tote
It’s just a big tote bag again, a shopper. the combination of the design with the
shape and the structure and the material these three components together make it
look really cheap.. I see so many people talking about this, I see so many people wearing this and I just don’t get it I don’t get it at
all I feel like it looks like the material isn’t as pleasant to touch? From
my observations it’s kind of overhyped Onto number four it’s not an
overhyped bag. I haven’t seen it anywhere apart from the online shop it’s the
Philipp Plein rainy day bag -rainy day? yeah it’s called rainy day. I hate the
shape. I personally actually, even though Phil Plein is very tacky, but you know the
thing is if you’re gonna be tacky, you really have to be tacky, and he knows he’s
tacky, so it’s fine. I like some Philipp Plein bags I really do. But this rainy day
bag is just gross. I hate the shape. I don’t like bags that have these pointy
sides and then it’s a weird handheld handles are kind of big but alos short and the studs and it’s weird it’s awkward it’s an awkward bag I don’t like it. Ugly bag number five which is not ugly it’s just like disappointing it is the
Louis Vuitton and Karl Lagerfeld collaboration you know when and a few years ago
Louis Vuitton collaborated with a lot of really cool designers and they made like
special bags and when I saw Louis Vuitton collaborated with karl Lagerfeld, I was like OMG! The bag is going to be so unique,
and so special I can’t wait to see it and then it was a
freaking punching bag bag?! I’m sure there’s more to it I’m sure people put
thought into it there must be some reason it’s not a pretty bag. it’s a
really disappointing bag and especially because I really had my hopes up
for this collab and it just disappointed me so that’s why number five goes to the
LV and Lagerfeld punching bag bag. Overhyped bag number six is the
Mansur Gavriel Bucket bag which I just think it’s kind of overhyped because
it I think it’s overpriced… although it’s very pretty
it’s very sleek it’s very minimal I love I love the way it looks – especially the red
and black one with the red lining and everything – would be nice but for a brand
that I think, correct me if I’m wrong, was founded in 2012 – so contemporary designer – it’s
kind of overpriced and if I wanted, i don’t know, a contemporary designer good quality
bag I’m gonna get a bucket bag from Furla I just prefer those bags over this one so
that’s why my overhyped bag number six is a bucket bag from Mansur Gavriel. Place number seven goes to the Fendi Dotcom Click. I
think this is the first bag of the list that I just think is ugly. I don’t like
the shape. I don’t like the fact that it’s overpriced. sorry Fendi but the Dotcom Click needs to be on this list because I don’t think it’s
special at all……………….. Number eight yeah this is the Stella McCartney Falabella GO. I love the Falabella bags. They are so
slouchy and cool and awesome but this Falabella GO bag…the handles look like
they’re glued on. it looks like it’s fake – No! it doesn’t even look like a fake
because I don’t feel like the bag is trying to look like any other designers
bag. It just looks cheap like a no-name brand cheap bag. no fake. it’s not
imitating anyone. it’s just doing its own no-name thing. it looks like it’s gonna
fall apart any second and I yeah I just think it looks cheap and I don’t like it
at all okay so place number 9 goes to the
Balenciaga Bazaar shopper. not only does the Balenciaga Bazaar shopper
have the most awkward shape.. because it’s like wide but it’s also longer than it is wide. it
also has a weird color combination like the white and blue is still pretty but
the one in green red and white? it looks… I don’t like that shade of green. I think
the right red is too flashy. and also is that bag plastic?! isn’t that part of that weird controversial Balenciaga collection
where tha bags look like IKEA plastic material ..or are they leather that’s
supposed to look like plastic? Balenciaga Bazaar shopper is not my
thing. It kinda reminds me of bag number ten I want to
mention for today.My tenth place of this bag tag goes to the LV bags that
were totally controversial and they’re also referred to as the Ghana Must Go
bags because they’re these checkered huge kind of like shopper bags.
basically they look exactly like the bags that were carried by Ghanaian
people who were forced to leave Nigeria in 1983. It’s called the expulsion order of
1983 I think and so the Federal Republic of Nigeria forced countless immigrants to leave the country and amongst those, the majority were originally from Ghana. Ghana and Nigeria have had political frictions in the past. The Ghanaian
people who left Nigeria left with all of their stuff in big checkered
totes and a few years or decades later Louis Vuitton makes these bags… I think it’s
just it was really inappropriate and weird and problematic sometimes you
don’t know what goes on in the designers heads. like for example Idk the Jeff
Koons collection. I’m gonna end this tag on this note. as always thank you so much
for watching and I will see you in my next video. BYEEE

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