HARAJUKUN OSTOKSET | 6% DOKIDOKI, Nile Perch, Listen Flavor…

HARAJUKUN OSTOKSET | 6% DOKIDOKI, Nile Perch, Listen Flavor…

Hi I needed to check when was the last time I filmed a video sitting here in my room and the last time was in September September. I have been lacking motivation and time or the energy to film a video But I decided that now it’s time to film this video to showcase what I bought from Japan There will be two of these videos This first part focuses on Harajuku and the next one will be super mega sanrio & puroland haul we were in Japan back in October And we came back home at the beginning of November So it has been some time after our trip But I listed here all of these things I got from Harajuku Excluding presents because I have given those away already But I thought I could show these off now ps. it’s December now and I am really hyped because December is my favorite month and here is our christmas tree for this year I definetly wanted a pink tree and we decorated it with some sanrio characters Okay. Where shall we begin I think I could show all small accessories first since I have them here And we could start with this one Listen Flavor is one of my favorite stores in Harajuku But I couldn’t find as many things as I did last year And for that reason I only got this baby bottle If I remember correctly the artist is called Magical And has sometimes products for sale in Listen Flavors store in Harajuku And I love all of the jewlery and accessories and for that reason I got this I also got a few pins and stickers from Fancy Surprise But I have them in my notebooks or jackets so they won’t be on this video Next we have this, not sure if you can see it This was bought from WEGO and it is a candy machine with beads inside It still has a plastic around it but I don’t want to take it off because I think it’s so beautiful like this And I think this cost only 500yen so around 4-5€ So I absolutely had to buy it Another of my favorite brands/ stores in Harajuku is Nile Perch It is a fairy-kei brand and their clothes are usually always handmade I had planned on buying at least a dress or a shirt from Nile Perch But in the end I couldn’t find anything and I didn’t want to force myself to buy something I settled for this ghost which is like could you focus So from Nile Perch I ended up only getting this ghost pin Which you put into your clothes And I also got these two patches these kind of pin-like If you know a better word for them please tell me This one is a rainbow star And the other one is a moon Then I bought these two ghost bobbles from Paris Kids Because we were there during Halloween so there were a lot more accessories I wanted compared to when I was there in summer last year So I had the idea of making a ghost themed outfit So that’s why I got these Then I bought these from Daiso Daiso is kind of like dollar store where everything costs a euro or two I don’t know if you can see but I bought this ribbon which is Halloween themed This has cats, candies, pumpkins and witches’ hats So maybe I will craft something The last day we spent in Tokyo, Harajuku there was a KRY popup store There were many different artists selling their creations. Including Ezaki Bisuko selling Menhera-chan merch so I got a keychain and a few pins I have more of these pins but they wouldn’t fit in my hands and then some stickers I’m sad because I wanted to buy so much more because you can order online, but the shipping costs like 20€ So I’m sad I didn’t buy any more The Kry popup store also had my one of favorite artists Miruki selling I bought this cute keychain Miro bought a matching one with black hair, this one has light pink We also bought a lot of prints, but they are already on our walls so they aren’t on this video either I thought it was so sweet when I had messaged Miruki beforehand saying we are coming to visit and when we met and we didn’t speak Japanese and she didn’t speak english so they had learned a few words of finnish because we are from Finland and I thought it was so sweet And I love this artstyle Then I bought powerpuff bandaids from WEGO Which I haven’t really used and this is kind of cheating because this isn’t from Harajuku But I want to show it I bought this lip tint from PeriPera from koreatown one day we met with Haru and Yuyu and I said I wanted to buy fake lashes, since I had never used them before So Haru recomennded these Dollywink-lashes I haven’t had time to try them yet But someday I will learn to use them Kiddyland is a really big, maybe 4 or 5 story toystore in Harajuku Where you can find anything from Sanrio to Rilakkuma or anything you can imagine And from there I bought this korilakkuma plush head you attach it to your bag and put a card on the other side and then you can pull it like this and this was kind of a useless purchase because I bought it on the final day and I haven’t used it at all but I think it is so adorable Next we move on to; clothes We went to ofcourse 6% DokiDoki’s store And I got my dream skirt which I have dreamed of buying for so long This cute pastsel a bit high waist style This cost like 130€ with tax But I had dreamed of it for so long that I just had to have it So instead of buying multiple small things I decided to buy one bit more precious thing I will use more In addition to the skirt I also got this DokiDoki pin They had their cute icecream and logo necklace on sale so I thought I’d go get them some other day but then I never went back again which I’m kind of sad about But maybe I’ll get them next time This next one might not exactly fit my aesthetic But I love the brand Sex Pot Revenge they were my first favorite clothing brand I ever had So I bought this black shirt decorated with chains and this is either limited edition collection or custom edit collection They have a selection where they sell one of a kind clothing pieces And they have been pimped by the designer of Sex Pot Revenge, so I fell in love with this Actually Miro saw this first but started having second thoughts so I went and bought it With tax this cost maybe 160€ But I am 100% in love This is kind of an impulse purchase, which I have liked a lot If you watched my Harajuku fashion walk video, where we were at the Harajuku fashion walk I was wearing this hoodie in that And the hoodie in question is this fluffy monster hoodie I can’t remember the store I bought this from but it was surprisingly cheap. Like 30€ and let’s see if there is a brand Honey Marble That might have been the store name But this is a fluffy monster hoodie, with a tail, ears and one eye I bought a lot less clothes than I did last year, even though I found a lot more I have to mention that I found one of my dream dresses from Angelic Pretty MistySky in light pink and it would have been 300€ Still a pretty ok price for the dress as it’s sold for 500-700€ but. I didn’t buy it. and I am so bummed out about it because I have been hunting for the dress after the trip but I can’t find it for under 400€ so I’ll just accept the fact I’ll never get it. I bought this hologramic pink jacket from ACDC RAG And I have a good reason Me and pastellikinder are organizing a j-fashion show for kibecon Where will be different kinds of street fashion ensembles there will be fairy-kei, lolita, etc. I think those were the biggest ones But I thought I would go for a uchuu-kei, space-themed look So I thought this will go perfect with the dress If the dress arrives on time for January depending how fast the post’s strike is over But if you are coming to kibecon, it’s in january in Espoo and it is completely free Definitely come check out our fashion show, we have amazing models and amazing outfits would be nice if people came to see it too The next shirt is from ACDC RAG, Harajuku Sound Which has this cute character this shirt is actually part of the design contest where anyone could draw something and they chose a few winners this shirt was designed by my friend so I wanted to buy it and support her work I can’t wait to see what kind of outfit I get to make with this this would go super well with the Doki Doki’s skirt and the uchuu-kei style jacket might go well too Last trip I don’t think I bought any clothes from WC and this time as well I thought that “nah there isn’t really anything I like” But I ended up buing this more casual style oversized hoodie which has light pink, purple and white I don’t even know how to show this since it is just so big But I bought this because I can’t exactly go like this to work But I still want to have pastel in a more casual look This shirt cost about 35€ And WC is known to have lot more affordable prices than Doki Doki or others like that And I noticed this has already started to frizz even though I have only used it twice but I do hope it lasts as long as possible since I am in love we went to To Alices store for the first time I think they did exist the last time we were in Japan But for some reason we didn’t go there or didn’t buy anything But I bought in addition to these two a purple school uniform But I don’t have it here since I already put it up for sale since it isn’t as much my style as I thought it would be But I bought this cute, what do you call this this kind of beret with lace and reindeer antlers because I thought it would be great for Christmas But I haven’t used it yet and it still has the price tag I just haven’t had the time to wear pastel and style anything with this But I hope that I can wear this for a pre-Christmas party The next item is my favorite from all the things I bought from Harajuku And it is this ghost backpack from To Alice I had this in my previous video in Harajuku fashion walk, and many asked where I had bought this it is from To Alice To Alice is originally a Chinese lolita brand and their clothes are a lot cheaper than those from bigger brands but their clothes are also unbelievably small I am 160cm tall and still some skirts were way too short for me which is why I didn’t buy them but I bought this lovely ghost purse This last item was bought on the last day we spent in Tokyo and it was bought 5 minutes before the store closed the reason being that I realized my suitcase wouldn’t close and I needed another bag So I bought this Esther

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  1. Minä: mulla on kiire ja en ehdi tekee melkein mitään Kaoru:*julkaisee uuden videon* minä: klikkaa nopeasti. Ja sitten muita mitä tuli mieleen oli että ostaminen on järkevää jos on halpaa… Tein saman virheen helloconissa… Fuee.. Ja seuraavaks päästään sen AP:n mekon löytämiseen.. Jotkut lolitat metsästävät monta vuotta yhtä mekkoa hyvin monta vuotta ja lopuksi voivat löytää sen joten pidä Lacemarket ja muut lolita second hand paikat auki ja etsi sitä koska voit joskus löytää sen!…. Viimeisenä oon tulos kibeconiin malliksi et joo… (Krystal mahtavaa sä kirjotit tähän romaanin)

  2. Yay uutta videoo, hyvä video jälleen 💜 Ihanaa kun sulla on tollasta pinkkiä ja lilaa, lempi värit itellä.. kunnon unelma:. !

  3. Täs olis yks video idea jonka ite haluisin nähä! 🙂
    Sellane video jossa tekisit sun vaatteista asukokonaisuuksia ja kertoisit vinkkejä asuihin liittyen 😊

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