what is going on Gus back at it again
for this video guys nobodies it’s boy giver okay man so I don’t know I did
like a pocket video while guys seen that you guys haven’t seen go check it out
it was fuckers greatest like the highlight man you guys definitely check
it out anyways loud together in the comments like you know Kevin this is a
fight coming out it’s Pacquiao vs. Keith Herman I’m like okay okay the fight
cannot real slow so I’m like okay my go check out some some videos Manny
Pacquiao and see some videos what’s going on what’s deal so I found this one
video man of Pacquiao training and Keith’s trainer so I want to do a
comparison and see what’s up and how they both trained cuz a lot of people
saying that pocket is the greatest man he’s the greatest and I feel after
watching the last video man he’s the greatest but I also heard that Keith man
he has not lost a match yet man and he’s been talking a lot of smack lately man I
watched his 1 under press constant con conference and he was saying that I’m
gonna make a big statement you are not gonna want to miss this fight especially
because it’s about to be this man’s last fight
yo did after this fight with between him and Pacquiao pack yeah that’s gonna
retire oh that is some crazy like you know trash-talking right that a package
came out right backseat I will not predict this fight but I will make sure
that I’m hundred percent conditioned and ready for the fight let’s say if who’s
who’s tougher in in the ring in in on July 28th anyways man about let’s check
this video out if you guys haven’t seen it let’s watch together man let’s go
this is watch it get a power watch together let’s go are you are you guys seeing the
indentations on this bag man oh my god I would not want to be that bag I mean
he’s good but it’s looking like intense like crazy right now yeah I’m not
feeling anything kind of intense now okay get a bag slam I got a lot –
watching that man like I felt like pocket had so much more power bi he’s
punching man like yeah blue like let’s watch it one more time does it look
likes pocket like with the second it wasn’t like seven punches let’s watch
this one let’s start man I see right like let’s see this are you guys seeing a machine gun action
oh my god I saw that you guys calm down believe you got Sun up machine gun
action guys how crazy there’s like a one more time I’m sorry holy shit have you guys played Mortal
Kombat you guys know that guy Johnny Cage man
yeah Johnny Cage man that’s what just happened were they’re bringing it like
another watch now we gonna watch the Keith tamanna I don’t feel the power
coming beyond the punches let me know if you guys feel the power become me other
particles I don’t feel anything man like he’s doing some nice combos like I had a
minute he’s doing something nice combos but I just don’t feel like the
rapid-fire like he I don’t think he can keep up with Pacquiao man he bit up
morning came true for this fight and I honestly think after this one I don’t
know man I think PAC hasn’t retired back is gonna take his belt from a mess is
gonna happen damn man like he’s but just seem so late
hey guys what watch watch watch I mean he got the head bobbing that’s
one thing let’s just I watch that you guys see that he’s head just kind of
more bobbing more than Pacquiao that’s one thing Pacquiao like I said what I’ve
noticed from his other videos is he’s more often like what watches he’s not
really doing much head bobbing he’s just going for he’s gotta go for the knockout
punch it’s what he’s going for a man he goes for the kill it’s like he’s getting
ready to just defend himself because he knows he’s gonna be getting punched a
lot of swings are gonna come at him because PACA the speed of Pacquiao’s
punches man I don’t know I don’t know man
I honestly think after watching this medal this is a little clip of a
training video math I think like Keith’s bit up more than he came true Bach has
speed man his power beyond his punches I don’t know man Keith you got this gonna
be your first loss man honestly I think that’s gonna be his first loss and he
bit off more than you can chew that’s all I can say man packy has power and
speed is just overpowering man I honestly like a lot of people compare
and say that he is the best boxer ever lived but I think he’s probably the best
box alive right now man and also like with Ali a lot of people compared to Ali
I honestly think like I said my last video if him and Ali had to have a fight
right now man honestly I think Pacquiao would beat Ali easily hands-down man cuz
the epic is fist and speed and he speed man hey guys watching his speed
look like this speed is just crazy fast and the power deal out last punch Wow
you guys hear that last put last punch man that last punch look at the bag
endeavor my bag oh my god Matt like honestly I know this was a little bit
about Pacquiao and Keith and somewhere I got turned a li but pocket honestly is
the greatest fighter and Keith is gonna lose that fight that’s it end of story
none all right man waste man if you’re gonna enjoy stuff like this let me know
in the comments down below if you guys want more of this kind of stuff let me
know in the comments down below you guys new to my channel make sure you guys hit
that subscribe button give me that thumbs up turn that post
notification bells oh did you turn that post notification bell along man
did you turn it on alright do you want more videos man you gotta turn nectar
post notification bells on waited I’m waiting did you do it did you
oh oh I went blurry oh oh I went blurry ah there we go nice and focused I don’t
know man I think Pacquiao is gonna kick some booty man whatever gonna be
watching this one I’ve really watched a Pacquiao fight maybe I should watch the
puck Iverson make Mayweather I know I was like the one of the greatest spies
and I heard that mayweather won but a lot of people were saying that Pacquiao
should I won that fight let me know what you guys think I did you guys think I
should reacted that putting the comments down below cuz man I think I should
honest react to that and watch that cuz I haven’t watched that and I heard
that’s like the biggest fight of the century and people are talking about it
at work saying that was beds and Mayweather made like 8 million not one
fight or something like that or 8 million or 50 minute I remember it was
something huge ridiculous number but if you guys think I should check it out man
putting a comment down below and I know I ramble on all but but anyways man you
guys need a gentleman guys know what to do I said it ready anyways I’m out


  1. Uma thurman wont be able to apply that head bobin in the ring with pac. . Punches will be everywhere.

  2. ..Keith's bag is a giant hotdog n usually he is using "neverlast" pillows that's y it sounds psst! psst! pssttttt!!! unlike Manny's glove a Cleto Reyes less foam padding made of "horse hair" thats y Manny's punches are really destructive unlike Everlast,Grant n the Japan made Winning are all very expensive unlike Cleto.. the solid punches using Cleto manifested in that new bag behind that Cleto is a 7 inches knuckles that will surely knocked Keith..even Floyd is using Everlast because of that big padding of foam that produce psst!!psst!! sound that judges thought it was a hit nevertheless just a touch that landed can be converted to a point..that stance of Keith is a good sight of target from thorax down i believe he will be soften via body "rapido"..stretcher please..!!!

  3. I will bet for the speed of Manny. He has beaten many undefeated fighters. Thurman will be one come July 20.

  4. oh yeah .. i am a fan of both guys, i am pulling for Pac, but Pac fans stop underestimating Thurman..y'all talk like he's some bum..he is a champion for good reason and quite capable of beating Pac…hell, i want Pac to win to..but stop disrespecting Thurman's skills..Pac doesn't..

  5. Yeah i think pacquiao won the mayweather fight. Even May Sr was worried and scolding hid son in the corner. The only thing that influences the mind of money winning is that pacquiao didnt KO him cause money kept running. Not saying this because im filipino but u just asked out opinion. Besides am a mayweather fan too

  6. Thurman is fragile that is why he doesn’t put weight behind his punches he finished pacman gonna get the W by KO in the 7th

  7. right on bro,i really admire your comments,im goin for manny but im worried on the age difference………

  8. Senator Manny Pacquiao will going to put that guy Knock Down or KO😉😉😉👊👊👊👏👏👏🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  9. If you want to beat pacman train hard as hard like marquez who drink his piss just to win and beat pacman well it was worth it haha! Thurman becomes hurtman. Vargas lost once bradley's first time lost both to Pacman only the legend.

  10. Always remember if the ocean makes noise it’s not deep enough but, if the ocean is very quite it’s very dangerous.

  11. You are right my friend Thurman has no snap in his punches and Thurman has no hip moment in his punches that's were you get a lot of power in the punches I was a amateur boxing College my coach always said get your hip in the punch but did you see the depression in that heavy bag it takes a hell of a lot of power to do that Manny still has a lot of power in those Jabs and Crosses I have never seen a 40 year old boxer with that much striking power

  12. It looks like you're not too familiar with Pacquaio. His real asset isn't his punching power (not to say he doesn't have them) but it's his foot movement. He throws so many feints and it makes the opponent tense up quickly. He's going to be in and out constantly and throw from akward angles. Thurman has been vulnerable to body punches in the past and i think he will be susceptible to angle plus body shots all night long. Thurman bragged about having the longer reach but Pacman hasn't had a reach advantage in probably a decade or more

  13. If thats the punch of keith..he will experience pain on his jaw😁..manny is really serious i think he want to prove that he is still stronger at his age

  14. If Pacquiao doesnt stop him, the judges are going to give it to the Thurman. Gotta keep that cash cow going.

  15. Lol! The people here are casual boxing fans. You don't know shit about boxing. I wanna beat you all up in sparring. Keith Thurman was just doing some boxing drills to condition himself. He is not showboating. C'mon, who's up to get in the ring with me so I can put on a clinic?

  16. I get the very strong feeling a lot of these footages of Keith Thurman training aren't his real workouts. I think he wants Pacquiao's camp to think this is going to be an easy fight, but I am also sure they can see through the fakeness. Its all mind games.

  17. You can’t go by those videos fighters peak at different times I love pac man don’t sleep on kieth the kid can fight

  18. I wonder if Thurman is going to get inched in the face by the same Blender that Paulie got smashed in the face with when he fought Lobov 😬

  19. manny pacquiao really like machine guns..thurman nothing from him..manny pacquiao will win on this fight for sure..💪👊

  20. you can tell that pac punch really hard just by hearing those "boom" sounds that he makes when he's killing the heavy bag… shit

  21. Thurman is just selling himself to make more money out of this fight but Manny fought way better than him and this is an easy fight for Manny, im watching this fight to watch how Manny will knock him out that it

  22. Thurman just so timid..Manny just giving he's best to win the fight, like look on manny's face..pure focus and full of anger of what Thurman said!

  23. i think thurman just showing that he is weak but in real fight he will show the real fighting skills

  24. I just want to comment this did you see manny punchs look again and see hes hitting it on the some spot all over again thats called on TARGET….🔥🔥🔥

  25. Pacquiao Punch : Pak pak pak pak pak

    Keith Thurman punch: Pssh pssh pssh pssh psh psh

    HAHAHA 😂


  26. Hi there Kevo! Do you have Netflix? You can now watch "Kid Kulafu" on Netflix. It's Pacquiao's life story. I hope you can check it out. God bless!

  27. i think we need 2 referre dis fight..for thurman safety 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  28. Keith can hit the bag just as hard, you need to learn more about boxing my friend. Please don't look into silly things like that. I've been in gyms with guys that have never boxed but trained a lot on bags and would make you believe there 40-0. Another point look at floyd he never went to hard on the heavy bag. Thurman wins this fight but pac man is my all time great.

  29. Then you get what u deserve thurman so next time pls dont trash talkin💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻our peoplechamp is the best

  30. have you seen manny’s video where they measured how strong manny’s punch was? they said it was like a shotgun 🤣

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