Here’s How Kylie Jenner Actually Spends Her Money

Here’s How Kylie Jenner Actually Spends Her Money

She may have once been known only as Kim Kardashian’s
youngest sister. But she’s since gained millions of online
followers, created her own cosmetics brand, and was named Forbes’ “youngest self-made
billionaire.” So what does she do with those big bucks? Here’s how Kylie Jenner spends all that cash. If you’re raking in millions, you best believe
you’ll be spending your hard-earned dollars on a car collection. “This is the first car that I ever bought. It’s the big Range Rover Autobiography extended
version.” According to the Daily Mail, Jenner truly
honed her taste for the luxe life at 15 years old with a $125,000 Mercedes-Benz G-Class
SUV. And in case you’re wondering, it’s the same
car that she would later put in an orange wrap to match her $400,000 Lamborghini Aventador. Per MTV, the wrap job alone cost $10,000,
and as Jenner wrote on her Instagram, it was quote, “just for the summer.” But the lip kit queen didn’t stop there. As People revealed, 2015 saw Jenner buying
herself a beautiful $320,000 white Rolls Royce Ghost. And four years later she’d be treating herself
to a $460,000 Rolls-Royce Phantom. Of course, Jenner’s collection is massive,
but a lot of her other high-speed toys were gifted by family members, and exes. When she isn’t buying luxury vehicles for
herself, Jenner ensures her mom, Kris, is looked after, too. According to Teen Vogue, Kylie bought her
momager a red Ferrari 488 for her 63rd birthday in 2018. “Oh my God.” “My mom’s dream car.” “Oh my God!” After dominating the world of cosmetics, is
Kylie now turning to real estate? Not exactly, but she may as well be. It started when the starlet bought her “starter”
home in Calabasas, California, for $2.7 million at the age of 17. Mom Kris told E! News at the time, “She completely has her own style. Kylie has her own vision on how she wants
her home to look.” And Kylie certainly did, considering she had
skull-patterned wallpaper put up in her bathroom. Per Variety, the youngest Jenner sold the
pad in 2017, raking in over $3.1 million. “Do you have one piece of furniture from your
first house, in this house?” “Nope.” Next up was her Hidden Hills home, which Jenner
snagged for $6 mil in 2016. According to E!, this swanky spot boasted
a refrigerated wine cellar, home theatre, and solar heated pool and spa. But that same year, she bought yet another
mansion, right next door to her first one. A source told E! News that Jenner had planned
on using it as a home office, but she sold it in 2017. According to Trulia, the social media maven
purchased her third Hidden Hills mansion in 2016 for a whopping $12 million, then snagged
a $13.5 million Beverly Hills mansion with former flame Travis Scott in 2018. If anyone follows Kylie on social media, they
know she’s a huge fan of her furry critters. Her most well-known, Bambi and Norman, are
greyhounds, which can cost up to $4,000, depending on their breeding. “What’s Norman’s middle name?” “Wimpleton.” “Norman Wimpleton.” But according to People magazine, the youngest
Jenner didn’t stop there. She also has another greyhound named Sophia,
and an adorable Dachshund pup, Ernie. “Did you say hi to the doggies?” “Hi doggies.” “Hi doggies!” Because Jenner is a mom to a human now, her
priorities have changed, too. According to People, she’s now showering her
baby girl, Stormi, with pets, by adopting Wesley, a Chihuahua and Dachshund mix, for
her daughter’s first birthday in February 2019. Wondering where all these dogs sleep? According to the Independent, the young billionaire
built her pups a luxury doggie-sized mansion, complete with heating and air conditioning. And as one Twitter user wrote, “Is your dog house up for rent? Looking for a place.” Ballin’ on bling Along with the rest of her sisters, Jenner
is a fan of all things flashy. Some of her faves in her jewelry collection
include her Rolex Pearlmaster 34, which boasts 18-carat yellow gold and diamonds. If that isn’t enough to blind someone on its
own, her favorite rings are that of Shay Jewelry, and while they look dainty and light, they
cost up to $7,000. Combine that with Jenner’s Cartier Love rings
on her other hand, and the girl is positively dripping in bling. Last but certainly not least are the reality
star’s Cartier Love bracelets, which are valued at $5,000 each. Naturally, Jenner doesn’t have just one, but
a whopping six in total. If you’re one of the most followed Instagram
accounts in the world, you have to look flawless at all times. But it’s not too hard when you have an extensive,
luxury beauty regimen, of course. Let’s start with the nails. According to Seventeen, Kylie almost always
has flawless, coffin-shaped claws, which she sometimes gets done by LA-based manicurist,
Britney Tokyo. Tokyo charges $125 for a two-hour session,
along with a $50 house call fee. Considering Jenner regularly changes her nail
look, this routine can definitely add up. “Oh, and I’m only on the first page.” As for her constantly-changing locks? It turns out, half the time, they’re wigs. The beauty queen’s go-to wig stylist is Tokyo
Stylez, and he’s known for some of her most iconic looks. “You’ve become one of the most sought-after
hair stylists, wig stylists…” “…goddess, all of the above.” Yahoo! Lifestyle reported that Stylez was the mastermind
behind Jenner’s blue tresses in 2015, and her rose-colored ‘do in 2016. Now that the youngest Jenner is a mom, Stylez
notes that her look has become simpler, telling the outlet, “Kylie’s hair has changed so much from the
first time [we worked together] until now. She’s such an adult now, she’s grown, and
[she] is sophisticated and classy.” “That’s iconic Kylie. Like, that’s when you know it’s Kylie. When you see the baby blue hair, it’s like,
that’s Kylie.” According to Allure, Stylez charges anywhere
from $700 to $4,000 for his work. While we love us some glam, we’re thinking
we’ll stick to our natural manes for now. Jenner loves her designer brands. And she makes sure little Stormi gets a big
piece of the luxury pie. “Oh my goodness, Stormi. Stormi, your first Chanel?” The Evening Standard reported in April 2019,
that Jenner’s baby girl had already racked up a luxe handbag collection valued at over
$30,000! This includes some Chanel, Louis Vuitton,
and her favorite: a mini Hermes Kelly bag which clocks in at roughly $20,000. According to Teen Vogue, when Stormi was only
two months old, Kylie wore a Fendi dress while her mini-me was in the Fendi-branded stroller
which was worth about $12,500. According to E! News, Kylie also rocked an
$820 Gucci baby carrier, which, thanks to this influencer mama, completely sold out. Kylie Jenner definitely has a flair for fashion,
and is a particular fan of her purse collection. According to People magazine, interior designer
Martyn Lawrence-Bullard actually helped the starlet design four huge closets for her clothing
and handbags. He dished to the mag, “There is a huge closet for her regular everyday
clothes. Then she has a workout closet which is strictly
for workout clothes. And then obviously there is a purse closet
that is dedicated to her collection of incredible bags. There are at least 400 bags, mostly Hermés,
lots of Birkin bags and then Louis Vuitton, lots of Chanel and some Dior and Fendi. Lots of them are collector’s items.” Since fans were dying to know what her swagged
out space looks like, Jenner gave a tour of the purse closet herself on her YouTube channel. And regarding one very special bag, the diva
revealed to her fans: “If my house was on fire, I would take this
one out of all of them, if I could only choose one.” According to Vogue, it is the most expensive
Hermes bag available. Adorned with white Himalayan croc skin, white
gold, and diamonds, the bag is valued at roughly $432,000. Flying Kylie class For obvious reasons, Jenner doesn’t fly commercial. And in what may have been the most genius
ploy, the makeup mogul decided to use one private jet as a marketing tool. According to Paper, Jenner customized her
private jet in baby pink, with “KYLIE SKIN” very prominently displayed on the sides of
the aircraft, for her exclusive 2019 summer girls trip. If that wasn’t enough, according to the Mirror,
the billionaire ensured the flight staff all wore custom pink outfits, while her besties
were all offered swag, including matching tracksuits, plush pink pillows, scrunchies,
and eye masks, all branded with her name. Her birthday superyacht No one who follows this beauty mogul can deny
that Kylie Jenner is excellent at planning birthdays. “So this is my birthday glam.” Sparing no expense, she always goes all-out. Who can forget her own 21st celebratory bash? Per Harper’s Bazaar, the whole event was Barbie-themed,
and the outfits were totally epic. From Kylie’s two bubblegum pink numbers to
Kim’s barely-there satin dress, fans immediately wanted to cop the eye-catching styles. Best of all? They could. Yet again proving that the Kardashians have
an infinite influence on pretty much everyone and anything, the outfits were available in
less than a week through Fashion Nova. 2019 saw Kylie turning 22, and you best believe
her shindig was even more extravagant than the year before. Inviting baby daddy Travis Scott, Stormi,
Kris Jenner, and her closest pals, Kylie rented out a $126 million superyacht in the Mediterranean. According to The Guardian, it featured a quote
“swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna, Turkish bath, an experiential shower, a cinema, and a helicopter
landing pad.” She then may or may not have parked it off
the Amafli coast. According to Vogue, by the time her posse
made it to Positano, they stayed at the Le Sirenuse hotel, where rooms for one night
at the prestigious locale go for at least $1,500. We all thought that Kylie renting out an amusement
park for Travis Scott’s birthday was immensely generous and very fun, yet she somehow managed
to top even that. For daughter Stormi’s birthday in 2019, Forbes’
youngest self-made billionaire decided to create an actual theme park. If your mouth just fell open in shock, don’t
worry, we’ll explain. According to W Magazine, Jenner didn’t think
renting an amusement park for her baby girl was enough: She wanted to build one instead. “This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. First birthday party guys.” Dubbed StormiWorld, the outlet noted, “There was a rainbow fairy room, a cloud room,
and a bubble room. There were princesses, branded drinks and
snacks, rainbow benches, and balloons. There were two rides, including a carousel,
and a carousel on the cake.” Um, where was our invite? It turns out, the event planner for the party
was Mindy Weiss, a veteran at helping the KarJenners create their luxe events. In an interview Weiss gave with W Magazine,
she revealed that the youngest Jenner is the most quote “hands-on” during the creative
process and initial planning stages, saying, “She is an artist in her head. [It’s] pretty easy to understand what she
wants and [she] is always inspired by her ideas.” While Kim Kardashian’s Alice in Wonderland-themed
party for Chicago was certainly lavish, we have to say, building an entire theme park
is definitely a touch more creative. When Jenner revealed what her lavish Hidden
Hills mansion looks like, via Architectural Digest in 2019, fans were floored at how jaw-droppingly
dazzling her home really was. From her glam room to her bar lounge, everything
is spacious, youthful, and visually stunning. As the Instagram influencer told the mag, “I wanted a fresh, fun vibe to match the way
I was feeling. Color was essential. I love pink, and I wanted a lot of it!” Considering Jenner’s kitchen is as roomy and
inviting as it is, you’d think the reality TV star would spend some time cooking in it. But thanks to Postmates, she doesn’t have
to. “When Kylie doesn’t eat the whole day, she’s
not Kylie. She’s a monster.” The popular food delivery service released
some pretty crazy intel in January 2019. According to Postmates’ The Receipt series,
it turns out that Jenner reportedly ordered from them a whopping 186 days in a year. The blog reported, “Having joined Postmates just over a year
ago, Kylie has quickly joined our top percentile of customers by using the app, on average,
every other day of the year, from 65 different merchants, and for holding the unofficial
record for most Postmates orders in a 10-minute window; 4. In the past year, Kylie has spent more than
$10,000 on Postmates. Her most expensive order consisted of Don
Julio Añejo 1942 Tequila while her smallest order was a bottle of Smartwater and a single
carrot.” Well, at least Jenner’s probably using her
totally glam dining room to eat that carrot, right? Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Nicki Swift videos about your
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  5. The only reason why she made more than Kim, was because her lip kits were also sold in Ulta. Kim just recently released her makeup line in Ulta. If kylie only sold online, she wouldn't have made as much. The sad thing is her products (lip kits, etc) suck. Her percentage of repeat customers is very low. That tells you a lot about the quality of her products. Not to mention her skincare products were a complete JOKE. My heart goes out to all the people who spent their hard earned dollars on Kylie.

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  15. Ya know, I keep reading a lot of negative posts here about Kylie, why??? Because she’s so incredibly rich & has become a Billionaire on her own because, of her well loved & ever so popular company??? And people saying she needs to donate her money too… How do you all know that she doesn’t, who are you to judge??? She may very well donate a hell of a lot of money & she doesn’t have to announce it out all over the world, just to make all you haters feel better, she’s above all that plus, it’s a huge tax write off for her & her company personally but, she doesn’t have to donate a single damn penny if she doesn’t feel like it, it’s absolutely up to her on how she wants to spend & use her money, not you people!!! Just because she’s so rich, it doesn’t mean she owes the entire world hand outs & everything else just because, she has worked her ass off to create her own company & products that are doing so well, good for her!!! She doesn’t owe anyone anything & she can spend her money anyway she wants & sees fit!!! And as far as her products being great, she would not of gotten where she is today, if she did not have a great product & repeat customers or folks who truly love her products!!! So, from what I’m seeing here, is a lot of sour grapes & jealousy from people who have no clue about someone who worked & wisely invested her own money, to create her own company & who has earned the right to enjoy the fruits of her labor!!! Love ya Kylie, your a good girl & your family I’m sure, is so very proud of you sweetie!!! 💗

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