Here’s Why The BMW X5 is the Best Luxury SUV for Families…or Anyone

Hello everyone and welcome
to Kar Talk with Kristina. Today I’m going to be
reviewing my 2017 BMW X5 this is the M Sport
package but not the X5M there’s a huge price
difference between the two. [tires screetching] [classical music] ♪ I’ve been feeling so small ♪ ♪ Watch the clock tickin’ off the wall ♪ ♪ But tonight I’m lettin’ it go ♪ ♪ Spend my coin for sure ♪ ♪ I’m going to be myself ♪ ♪ Or I could be someone else ♪ ♪ No one’s stopping me now ♪ ♪ I’m going to skip my breaks ♪ ♪ I’m going to make mistakes ♪ ♪ I just want to feel alive ♪ ♪ It’s just what I do when I’m out so ♪ ♪ Try not to hold me down ♪ ♪ Feel alive, when I’m in this town ♪ ♪ Look at those beautiful stars ♪ ♪ I want to drive a faster car ♪ ♪ Nothing can break me ♪ ♪ Nothing can break me ♪ ♪ Try not to hold me down ♪ ♪ Feel alive when I’m in this town ♪ ♪ Look at those beautiful stars ♪ ♪ I want to take a trip to Mars ♪ ♪ Nothing can break me ♪ ♪ Nothing can break me ♪ ♪ Ooh, ooh ♪ I’m going to be reviewing it
from a practical perspective you can look up all the stats all of the zero to 60, horsepower, torque, all that good stuff you can
look up on BMW’s website. I’m not going to repeat it here, mostly ’cause I can’t keep
it in my head long enough. I just want to review
it from having owned it for a little over two years now. What I think of it, wear
and tear, maintenance. If it’s something that you’re
interested in purchasing as a used vehicle this kind
of model year is coming up. A lot of leases are ending, you might be looking
at a 2017, 2018 BMW X5. So, I’m going to talk about
it from that perspective as well as from a family perspective. How does it work with a child
seat, all that good stuff. Just looking at the exterior of the car I actually custom ordered this car from the Spartanburg’s South Carolina facility. At the time the factory was down in terms of being able
to take a factory tour on the day that you pick your vehicle. You have the privilege if you
want to special order a car. This car was special ordered but I had it delivered to me in, we were North Carolina at that time, so had it delivered to
me in North Carolina. And it is beautiful I picked the wheels, I picked the color, and this is the xDrive35i which means it is a four wheel drive car. It’s not the biggest engine there are higher models,
I think a 40 and 50. But this is plenty fast, my
husband can attest to that. This thing has torque, some pick up. Going around the exterior car I do have the Xenon head lights, these are clutch, these
are adaptive lights. What I really like about this
from a safety perspective as a mom driving around at night when you turn the vehicles steering wheel head lights will actually
make a little subtle shift to kind of go around that corner and give you a little
bit better perspective of what you’re about to turn
into, like a dark street, usually like a neighborhood street, something like that is
really, really useful. Has this beautiful big, bright, aggressive they call it the kidney grill it think. It looks like buck teeth to me. I love it, it looks like a face. It also has the fog lights and I don’t know, I don’t
know how I felt about this and I still don’t know
how I feel about this kind of like plastic insert,
it’s not my favorite. You can see here there’s actually cameras all around the vehicle so if you want to come in
here honey and show ’em. This is the front camera. There’s cameras all around the vehicle. Actually has 360 degree
vision of the vehicle we’re going to talk about that in second. Also has all the sensors for parking. And then power folding side mirrors. So, one thing I wish that
BMW would incorporate is when you put the car
in park and turn it off I wish that they would auto-fold. A lot of cars do this that
are much less expensive, this one doesn’t do that. So, when I am in a right spot I do push the button to manually close them. They are power closing which is nice but I wish that, that was
kind of an automatic thing. Coming around to door handle, this car does just lock by a touch sensor, you don’t have to push any button you just place your finger
here and it locks the vehicle. It also unlocks just by sensing
your finger on the inside. What I really like about
this guys is it’s super fast. If you’re a female you have
purse on you just walk up say you’re in a shady parking garage you walk up to this car,
the door handle is so fast, you don’t have to like
sit there and wait for it. It’s like by the time you’re pulling on it’s already unlocked. It’s very, very fast. Another thing I really like about this is that this is super easy, there’s not like whole lot of twisting. But this is basically
your standard gas can. It doesn’t like power open or anything. It is on the different side
than most American cars. Something to keep in mind. Now this is something that has changed with the newer model X5’s now you can push a
button and this will open and this will open power, but this model currently
doesn’t have that the 2017 and I think 2018 don’t have
that the power lift gate. So, you just do it with your muscles. There is a ton of cargo space in here. I would say for a five seater SUV we have definitely packed a
whole bunch of stuff in here. More than enough for groceries. I keep this pocket stroller
in here at all times. And I don’t have an issue with that and I just close the
cargo cover and it’s fine. But beyond that I have
had so much stuff in here and you can actually,
you just forget about it. I’ve had boxes and stuff,
tons or PR packages and stuff that I just throw in here. It can really hold a lot, primarily because the cargo
space it is quite tall so you really can fit a
whole huge amount of stuff. Plenty of room for suit
cases if you travel a lot. There are also these tracks here so you can put whatever, those bungee cords and hold stuff down and you can slide these
along by pushing the button. I have literally never used that, I’ve never pushed this button before that’s the first time I’ve ever done that for the history of using this car. But there’s also little nets
and all that good stuff. It’s a really nice trunk don’t
have any complaints about it. You just push the button here to close it. It senses you and it closes. So, let’s take a look
inside of the vehicle. One thing that the BMW
does really, really nicely is the interior this
cabin feels so luxurious. There are heated and
ventilated seats in the front. There’s a split console arm rest with tons of storage space in here. There’s this little
spot which I believe is actually meant to work for you key fob. You just place your key fob in here. I don’t actually ever do that I just keep this little doohickey to brush out my lash extensions. This here, there’s a bunch of buttons you’re going to use this a lot, you’re going to get really,
really familiar with this because you can kind
of activate everything on the screen by pushing the buttons. This is even a touch pad so if
you want to type something in like a destination on the onboard GPS you can literally draw the letters, letter by letter on this thing. It’s really, really handy. Operating system is really nice. I actually really, really like it compared to any other car I’ve used. The Jeep has a really nice
one, this is also nice. It’s very sleek and sophisticated, this is nice big touch
screen I do like that. It does have a wireless Apple
CarPlay I don’t know of many if any other cars that currently do that. Most CarPlay, car manufacturers
that support CarPlay you have to plug your
car in, your phone in to be able to activate the CarPlay, this one just recognizes you. It has it’s own Bluetooth and WiFi set up specically for CarPlay. Hands down one of my absolute
favorite features of this car. I walk in, I sit in the car,
I throw my purse on the seat and I don’t hcae to plug anything in, it’s already connected
my phone, it’s fantastic. All right, I’m sitting in the vehicle and the car is going to recognize that my phone is sitting here. But there is a little socket right here that you just slip your phone into that’s capable of wireless charging and you see this blue button
right here, works like a charm. So you can see here that
you can swipe through. This is how I listen to
my Audible all the time. I have the SiriusXM app, but there is Sirius built into this car. Google Maps is available,
Apple Maps is available. It’s really, really
handy to be able to just have this charging wirelessly or just sitting right here while driving and the CarPlay is there,
I don’t have to worry about plugging anything in, it
is such a nice feature and it is something I will definitely miss if I don’t get another BMW next. But, yeah, this is wonderful feature. It does have the HomeLink, there are three programmable
HomeLink buttons for your garage door openers. And a little shows up here and you can see that
garage door is closing. And I have one, two, and three programed. This is a special steering
wheel for the M package. There’s different driving modes. I personally just drive
on the comfort setting, but there’s also a sport and an eco mode. I did eco a lot when I
lived in North Carolina and drove 50 miles each
way to the hospital, and that saved me a ton on mileage. Gas mileage I mean it’s not the greatest but it is kind of a gas hog for as you would expect for luxury SUV. Moving up here you can see this
beautiful panoramic sunroof this is such a stunning
feature of this car. You really get to see everything. Your passengers get to see everything, they get to kind of look
up and gaze at the sky. And my daughter sits in the car seat and if the suns not shining on her I’ll open it up and she
gets to look up at the sky and the trees and she loves it. Definitely a show stopping feature. There’s plenty of space in this vehicle for a full sized convertible car seat. For me I’m a rather short person so I can sit quite up
close and bring the seat up with plenty of space to spare. If you are really, really tall I think you’ll still be able to fit it just keep in mind that this
bench seat does not push back. They are able to adjust slightly
but they do not push back. If you are considering
purchasing one of these you might want to test your car seat first before you purchase the vehicle because it’s something you’re
going to want to make sure that you can fit in comfortably. It is a 60, 40 split so we can
actually fold the seats down and create a ton more cargo space in case you’re doing a shopping
trip to Ikea or something. There is plenty of leg room down below and plenty of room for very tall people to sit without hitting their head. And that is something that
I really, really like. I like that if I have passengers which generally my passengers consist of my daughter who is under two years old. But if I did have tall
people sitting in my car it wouldn’t be a problem. If you need to fold the seats down, I’m not going to do it on this side, but a simple pressing of
this button right here means that it folds flat like that. That’s about as flat as
it goes, not a big deal, it does have a top tether
for forward facing car seats. We’re not in that mode yet but when we are we can just
hookup the tether here. And both sides although not the middle have the Isofix latch car seat things. And they’re really easy. So, that you just feel them. You can actually see
them right through there if you zoom in enough
you kind of see it there it’s shining through. It’s really easy to setup. It’s super simple to be driving with one or even two car seats in this car, you have more than enough room. It’s definitely wide enough. In the middle you also have
a handy little center console so actually your passengers
are really comfortable in terms of climate control, because they can set their own temperature and they can direct
their vents toward them, and even individual sides. So, you’ve got dual zone in the back which is a really,
really luxurious feature. You’ve even got power outlet
12 volt, what is that called? I’m not sure what that’s called but you have those back there. And you even have side vent so that ones of my biggest
annoyances of these cars with these dinky, I appreciate
having the rear seat climate but when it’s so low sometime
it’s really hard to get cool when it’s just coming up at you. So it’s really nice to kind of get it from both sides with the dual vent. If you live in a mountainous climate you can actually bring this down and this is the ski pass through. I don’t know if you ever knew that but check your car if it has
a 60, 40 split configuration if the middle folds down like
that, that is for your ski’s. We don’t need that here in Houston, Texas. What I do use is this
little center console here which I can pull down then
you have two passengers they can have an arm rest my daughter doesn’t need an arm rest because she’s got dual cup
holders and everything. You know child seats these days. Open this up, got a little
storage component there. There are cup holders
here which I’ve never used so they didn’t want to open
because they’ve never been used. But that is a nice feature. So you’ve got someone back here and they’ve got their giant
72 ounce slurpee or something they can put it in there and it will fit. All in all, the 2017 BMW
X5 with the M Sport package is fantastic a car it is my most favorite
car that I’ve ever driven. It is super family friendly. It is a pleasure to drive. I love, oh, one other
thing I didn’t mention is that it also has the cruise control the adaptive cruise control which means that if you’re on a highway you can set the cruise control and it will automatically
break and accelerate based on the cars in front and around. It’s doesn’t do lane changes
or anything like that. It is very, very high tech. And even has a self parking feature which is really nice for
parallel parking spots. So all in all, based
on the amount of tech, features, that wireless Apple CarPlay, ample space for car seats make this a total winner as a
family friendly, luxury SUV. I can’t say enough good things about it. It has been fantastic to drive. I love driving this vehicle. It is for sale if you are
interested in purchasing it. Just send me a private
message on Instagram. But anyways, thank you for watching this 2017 BMW X5 review for
Car Talk with Kristina. I hope you enjoyed it. If you did and you want
to see more car reviews give this video a like, leave a comment with what vehicle you would like me to review next. This happens to be a review, a long term review for over several years which I think gives you the
most amount of information. But if you were looking
for a brand new vehicle that you want me to review let me know and I will reach out to
the car manufacturers. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you in my next video. Bye. [tires screetching] [classical music]

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