Hermes Birkin Unboxing

– [Women] Whoo! Yeah! – That’s right, you see it right. Today we have no Dan here,
just me and Tina, yeah! Finally, nobody talking to me, Oh, this is so expensive, this and that, none of that crap.
– We don’t need any of that. – Exactly, exactly,
nobody tell us what to do. Okay, so today… Today, we have Tina here. Tina is our Facebook Community Manager and manage all the
student around the world, so let’s welcome Tina. – Yay, thank you. – Okay, so we’re so excited here. Before we go in, I have
a question for Tina. – Yes. – So, what is your favorite
high-end luxury fashion brand? – For me, I like Chanel, I like Prada, – Of course.
– I like Van Cleef… But of course, Hermès. – Yes.
– Love Hermès, as well. – Okay, so today, this
video is very special, because not only Dan’s not here, We got the Birkin. The brand new Birkin
from the Hermès store. It was fresh, it’s hot,
this is from last week, so that’s why today, we’re gonna do unboxing of a bunch of things. – Yes. – Okay, so where should we get started? – I’m picking the big one. – The big one, no, gotta save it for last. – I’m just going straight for it. – [Both Women] Alright. – Let’s do some small accessories, ’cause I wanna share with you guys. See all these little cute boxes, yes. Let’s bring those in. – Oh yes. – So those ones are the new… Kinda like a new separate
department from Hermès. It’s called Petit H. What it means is they use
the leftover materials and they remake them. – Ooh. – Yeah, so, open one. – Okay, okay. – Let’s see what’s inside.
– Let’s see. I’m loving this ribbon as well. Alright. Ooh, okay. – Yeah, have a little… This is cute. – Yes, star.
– Little star. Yeah, you can use this as bracelet, or… – Okay, a horse. (both laughing) That’s cute. Okay, it’s different
colors on different sides. – Yes, yes.
– Okay, cool. – And it’s even different leather, different kind of leather. – Oh, okay.
– On two different side. – Yeah. – So it’s for bags, like bag charms, you can just use it as accessories. – I can see that, yeah.
– Yeah. – Beautiful. – And it’s not that expensive. It’s only, I think $100,
something like that. Yeah, but it’s very limited. Not all the store carries it, okay. – Ooh, limited. – Limited. Okay, let’s do this one. I know, after you get a bag, you’re like, have to get something for the bag. Have to get a scarf for the bag… – Right, all the accessories. You have to, it’s a
must, it’s a necessity. – Ooh.
– Yes. – This one, ta-dah.
– Ice cream cone. – That’s your favorite. – You know what, yes, this is my favorite. I have a sweet tooth, so this is perfect. I love this. – And there’s two very different color. – Yeah, very different colors. So this one, you would want
to match this to your bag, or you don’t necessarily have to. – No, it’s better as not the same color. – Yeah, just to have it pop. – Yeah. – I love the string, too. – Right? It’s all recycled material from Hermès. – Love it, love it. – Let’s do two together. That’s a shrimp.
– There’s a shrimp. (both laughing) I can see that, okay. – Some seafood lovers. – Well Jenny, you like seafood. – Yes, I do. Aww. – Oh, that’s perfect for Halloween. Oh, and it’s pink on the other side. – Yeah, ta-dah.
– Yes, yes, That’s actually my favorite.
– And it’s orange pumpkin. This is perfect. – Oh yeah that’s perfect,
I didn’t even realize. What else is pink, oh, this is… – Ooh. – You know what? This is actually a little bit future pacing myself into Europe. (both laughing) – Oh yeah, in Paris right?
– Yeah, yes. So when you travel, you
just put this bag charm on. – When are you planning to go? – It says made in France, so it’s perfect. How did I know? How did I know? – And this one, this
one’s actually different. It’s one of the most famous accessory, bag accessory from Hermès. Ta-dah. – Aww. – I think it’s called
Rodeo, this little horse. Yay. – [Both Women] The horse. (laughing) – Yeah, but this is a very nice color, this is actually a brand
new color from 2018. This rose pourpre, if
I pronounce it right. But it’s more like a hot
pink and purple in between. It’s cute. – Yeah, it’s a lot more
structured than these other ones. Alright, so then what’s this? – Okay, let’s do that one. – Am I jumping ahead? Oh no, I’m not, okay. There you go. – So happy, I could do this all day. – I know, just invite
me over all the time. You don’t need Dan, this is perfect. – Oh it’s a scarf. – Oh. Oh, this is nice. – Those two are different,
two different sizes. Let’s go with the big one.
– We can show this one, yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh, my… – Okay, we gotta show the
pattern of this one, because… Okay, do you see this is actually alien, dropping Hermès boxes on the street. And people receiving it. How happy they are, how happy they are. – That’s me. (both laughing) – [Jenny] Give it to me. – Wow. – When I see this scarf, I’m like, oh, I have to get it. This is so meaningful… To the Hermès collector.
– And a superhero unicorn, is that what it is? – Oh yes, a horse.
– A horse. – Of course Hermès right?
– Yes. – So pretty, yeah.
– Wow. It’s kind of cartoony, which I love. – ‘Cause before I was all
you know, Hermès scarf, it is kind of for like more mature age, maybe not for me, but
this one’s like so fun. – Super fun.
– And so funny. I’ll show you how to do this, and then… I’ll show on Tina.
– Oh. – So you can wear like that,
and then just tie here. – Yes, stylist Jenny,
oh my gosh, okay, okay. – Tina, I could get used to this. – Yes, yes, every morning
you just come, dress me up, and then I’ll just be looking
fabulous throughout the day. – So you can just wrap it by yourself. Look at Tina!
– Yes, okay, okay. I could get used to this. – This is so pretty, I love this fabric. So this is another size,
this is a smaller one. – Oh okay, love. – But it’s Hermès signature
color and with the hearts. So this one… – Yeah, what can you use for this one? – This one, you can use for pocket square, if you wear the blazer,
you can put pocket square. You can do bracelets, and then… – Love the bracelet idea. – It’s really cute if you
can do a wrap, like that. – Oh yes, oh yes. – Right? – And then even, you can
tie your hair with it, ponytail with it… – Especially like a nice 1940s hairdo or something like that. – And then riding the scooter in Paris. – That’s all you need,
just need this and this and the hair and I got this. – You’re done, you’re done. – Ready to go, I didn’t even realize, Oh, we’re gonna go on a vacation now. – We have to. – Yeah we have to. – Okay, before we do the big
one, let’s do a small one, let’s do a small one first. – The small one, right. – Everybody’s waiting for this. So, this is another Picotin, but then this is the brand
new color for summer. – Oh, yes.
– Yeah. I think this color is called Mongolia. It’s kind of like a flower. Mangolia, sorry if I pronounce this wrong. I don’t remember the color. But then this is a
brand new color as well. Because this is even more pop, compared to the other little horse
we have, where is it? – The horse? – Yeah, oh here, here, here. – Oh the bigger horse. – Yeah.
– Oh perfect. – Ta-dah. – This is exactly why
they do it like this. – This is so perfect
for a nice little dress. I can just see this on myself.
– Yeah. In Paris. – In Paris, in Paris, okay, alright. – And I’m gonna show you guys, if you guys watch the last video we have, with Stan and Dan talk
about this particular strap. – Oh… – He was like, oh just
hand me this and that. I will show you how to use it properly. It’s actually, yeah.
– Oh man. – Like that.
– That’s perfect. – Cause this bag doesn’t
come with straps, right. – It’s perfect that this is plain and then you add the colors. – Ta-dah.
– Oh my gosh. – So in summer, you could
just wear it like that… – In France, in Paris, with the scooter. – How about Canada, just in Canada first. – Yeah in Canada first, beautiful. – This is how it’s done, Dan. Okay.
– That’s awesome. – Are we ready? – Yes, I’m ready. – Are you ready for this? Are you ready for this? – Are you ready for this? Comment below, say yes. – Do you wanna see this? Do you wanna see this? Okay, guess what color
I got, take a guess. Comment below, tell me what color, okay. – I think I know. – You know? – I think I know. – What color? – Well I’m just guessing because, I’m just guessing it’s this color. Am I right? I don’t even know. I don’t know. – Okay, I’ll let you open. – Oh really? Okay. Woo. Oh, Christmas, yeah.
– It’s Christmas. – Clearly. Okay, okay, okay, hold on. – Okay, okay, okay, okay. See this bag got a cushion inside. – It’s a pillow, it’s a pillow. It needs to rest. Yes. – [Both Women] Aww. Yes, yes. Oh my gosh. (both laughing) – Tina’s like I’m taking it home. – Wow. – How lucky I was, I gotta say. My god, okay. Tell you the whole story. You know last time we talk about, I think I’m very close for
the sales to offer me a bag, so I wait about a week, and then on a Monday, the sales, “Jenny, you have to come to the store, “I think I have a surprise for you, “but I cannot tell you what it is, and then it has to be today.” So I was like okay, okay, I guess I have to, ’cause
that day was super busy, we having meeting all the day. I was like okay, okay. I have to make a phone
call and then I was like, “Please tell me what color is that.” She’s like “Black”, literally she said “Gold”. I’m like “Okay, I’ll see you later.” And I just ran to the store.
– That’s amazing. That’s why you get
connections at the store. – Just got to spend enough money, yeah. But then it’s actually July and August, a lot of the people who make
this bags, they’re on vacation. So it’s very rare to get
a bag in those two months, but somehow I got black and gold. – And then I can borrow it sometimes. – Yeah, of course, in Paris. – In Paris, but in Canada first, yes. – I’m just gonna, black and
gold, I was telling myself I can use this until I’m 80. – Yeah, really though.
– Literally, yeah. And then this is the Togo leather. It’s one of the most
popular leather from France. So hard to take it off, okay, wow. Just like that. – That’s so nice. – Do you still like Chanel? – Well okay, Jenny, if
I can have this, then… – Right, it’s definitely
on every girl’s dream list. For sure.
– Yes, yes. – That Jenny thing goes with anything. And it’s the perfect size, too. – Yeah it is. – Yeah. – And then you can even
put your laptop inside. You can, you can, yeah people do that. Oh, this is the charm. – Oh, oh. That’s so beautiful. – Can you breathe? – It’s just so beautiful. – Look at that. – Wow, I’m actually sweating a little bit. – Really, really?
– Yes, yeah. – I’m so glad Dan’s not here. – Yeah. – Because he’s gonna, What is this,
– Yeah what is this? – Why you spend this much? – The ladies’ secrets, ladies’ secrets. – Okay, whenever you see a girl wear this on the street,
what’s your first impression? – I wanna be her best
friend, first of all. – Do you need a sister? – Yeah, right, you know, we can hang out. I’ll treat you, I’ll treat you to lunch, dinner, whatever you want. – And goes back to the
charms we got before. Ta-dah. – Black is so perfect,
you can put any color. So no wonder why you got all
these charms, okay perfect. – Let me show you guys. – Oh. Oh, that’s beautiful. – Right? – Especially a color like
this that pops a lot. Yes.
– Ta-Dah. – It looks younger, right, the bag… – It does, it does, you can dress it up, you can dress it down, that’s so perfect. (both laughing) Oh I love this, you can even put the other horse on there too. – Oh yeah, where is it? We’re having so much fun.
– There’s too much stuff. Oh, it’s right here. – Oh, it’s right here. – Yeah.
– I’ll take this off. – Oh perfect.
– Right? – You can really put anything. – Yeah. Even the pumpkin, right? – Even the pumpkin, yeah. Yes, you know what? And it’s the perfect size
for even something like that. – The perfect length, yeah, I know. – Wow. – Oh my god, I love
this bag even more now. – My heart, oh is this what
love feels like, Jenny? (both laughing) I didn’t know. – Fully love, fully love, right? Looks so good with your scarf, Tina. – I know, I mean does it
look good on me, or what? – Yeah, ’cause the sides, I’ll show people, is very big. It fits a lot of things inside. – Yeah, store it all in there. – Yeah, cosmetic bags, you name it. – I really like the dust bag too. I mean even just this. – Yeah, and this is the bigger one. – Yeah, this is the bigger one. I love that. – You’re making me so excited now. – As if you weren’t excited before. – So good to have girlfriend
like you, ’cause you get it. You know, he doesn’t get it, so lonely. – It’s okay, just invite
me over every time. – So, did you guys
enjoy Jenny taking over? – Yes.
– Comment below. Let us know, and then we’ll
make more videos like this. And thank you for watching. – [Both Women] Bye! – What is this? Are you taking over my channel? – Yeah, ’cause people love to see me. – Is it a Birkin? – Yeah. – Is that the Birkin? – Yeah. – Holy shit.
– Okay, cut, cut.

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