[laughs] A Baby! Hi, oh god, your eyes are mesmerizing. Where’s your eyes? Good girl. Where’s your nose? Nose. Nose. Where’s your mouth? Mouth. Where’s your teeth? Teeth. [clicking teeth] Where’s your ears? Where’s your ears? Good girl. Yes. Where’s your hair? Good girl. Yes, mama’s hair. [Woman] Mama’s hair? Can you kiss mama? Kiss, baby. Love you. Whoa, it’s going to work. Hmm, you’re on a candle stick. Hello everyone, welcome
back to my channel. First of all, if you’re new here, hi. I’m so excited to have you guys. It is such a huge honor and privilege to have you guys check out my channel. And for those of you
who have been subscribed for as long as you
have, thank you so much. Welcome some newbies here. If you’re new, leave a comment down below. And some of my more long
time subscribers will give you a nice warm welcome, including myself. So today, I’m just going to
do a very informal unboxing. I’ve got some things from Fashionphile and I wanted to unbox them with you guys. Let’s get started, okay? You can see that we’ve
got the Fashionphile box with the Fashionphile logo, with the Fashioinphile information. And I’ve got not one, not two, but three items to share with you. Let’s do the box first because
I know what this one is. So, and I will leave links
to everything down below, including if there are
very similar versions of this on Fashionphile,
I will link them below. Because a lot of these things are things that literally everything
single thing here is under a $1000 and they’re
all like high end luxury. Lux stuff, okay? So the first one is a
box and it’s from Chanel. This is just in time for… summer. I hope these fit. I actually don’t know if, like
about the sizing on these. So, we’re going to see if they fit. Everything always comes in
a Fashionphile dust bag, which is nice. I must have like 40 million Fashionphile dust bags now. Alright, so here is the shoe. Oh my gosh, now I got these, I’m usually a 6 1/2, I got these in a 36 because they were available and I don’t know if it’s going to be too small. We’re going to see. Moment of truth, oh god. I don’t know yet. I’m trying it on and I just don’t know. I think they’ll work, but
they’re a little tight. I don’t want to show you
my foot because it doesn’t have a perfect pedicure on right now but I think they’re going to work. I’ll leave them down below,
whatever these are called, they’re like the chain slide
and I have been wanting a pair of slides, but I didn’t, and these are brand new. These have never been worn, nothing, nothing has ever touched them. So these are very nice. Perfect for summer. They have cute little C tags on them and I think they’re from last year, I want to say they’re from last year. But anyway, that is that. Good, alright, I think that’s actually going to work out really well. It’s just, it wasn’t,
the length of the shoe is perfect, it’s just
where I slide my foot in, even though I have very small feet, it’s a little tight, but
I think that’s the part that’s going to kind
of loosen up over time. That part that goes over,
you know, your forefoot. So anyway, that’s that. One down, two to go and we’re
already doin’ really well! This one is from Louis Vuitton. Oh my god, this was kind of an impulse because it was such a good price. Look at this thing! You might be like,
Kristina, is that a wallet? What is that? What is, what exactly is that? And then you open it up
and it is this beautiful, vintage, wow, look at
how old this dust bag is. You guys, I remember when they came with dust bags like this, holy moly. This is a vintage, like, waist bag? Whatever you want to call it? It’s like a belt bag,
basically it’s a belt bag. It says made in France size extra small. Which I hope that’s going to work. [squeals] Couple of holes to spare. Okay, so basically it’s a belt bag! More importantly, I can
wear this, a lot of us anesthesiologists wear
these little waist things that are just really small. Let’s see if my phone
fits in it, actually. Hold please. So it kind of warps the bag a little bit, but you get the drift. Really handy when traveling,
and you want to put your passport in here, maybe your wallet, your phone will be in
your hand or somewhere in your bag or whatever,
and since we are planning on some travel this summer, I do think it will come in handy. It was a stupendous
price, so I really can’t you know, be too fussed about it, but it’s hard to find one
that is this good a price and in the right size,
because apparently these belt bags back then
came in different sizes. So you can see here, it says extra small. So, yeah, that was just
a total whim and that’s also kind of a win, I’m
excited about that one. I think I’m going to
title this one Three Top Luxury Design Houses Under $1000, luxury design finds, I don’t know. This is from Hermes. I know you’re thinking, “Kristina, Hermes “under $1000 a handbag under $1000 from Hermes? “What is she talking about?” This may not be the
biggest and best reveal because well that’s going
to need some love for sure. But let’s try it like
this, this is what it’s really going to look like. [Baby] Hi! Hi! Alright so this is one extra little piece and it’s not in the best shape but I think I could probably even
just wash this, we’ll see. So this, oh it’s so soft and buttery, oh my goodness, so beautiful. I have had my eye on a
Herbag for a while now because I don’t know,
because, just because. It is beautiful, it is
affordable, it is well made, and you can customize them and
they’re just super awesome. I don’t know if this, does it not come with the straps? Where’s the straps? There’s no straps, seriously? Okay, so I remember now,
look how beautiful this is? Comes with a lock and
everything, so pretty, the hardware is in beautiful condition. So this actually does
not come with a strap, which probably reflects the price. And then you can actually
switch out the black for this kind of natural looking canvas, and I actually prefer the black, so I probably won’t use that at all. But it does make a nice little insert to pop it in and store it that way. The actual quality of
the bag is stupendous. I am going to try and connect with my, look here’s the little
cheval with the keys, it’s so cute, oh my gosh,
and they’re so shiny, I love it. I’m going to connect with
my Hermes sales associate and see if I can order a strap and even make this into a backpack. We’re going to see if
that works because this would be perfect for our travel. Again, a lot of these things are summer or travel theme oriented
because we’re going to be doing some traveling
and I’ll be traveling with a toddler and I want my hands free. So I’ve got the belt
bag, I’ve got the kind of handy dandy little cute Hermes handbag that’s under $1000 dollars. I could even try sourcing one on Ebay, but I think I’d just rather go with my Hermes sales associate
and see what he says. So yeah, that’s it! I’ve very happy, overall I’m super happy. I am over the moon, I
think my favorite so far is the Chanel, that’s got to be it, right? Comment down below with what your favorite of these three finds under $1000 was. Let me know down below. The least expensive item was the Louis Vuitton belt bag. So yeah, that was the least expensive. And then the most
expensive was the Chanel, but of course that was my favorite. So yeah, comment down
below with what you thought and what your favorite
of these three finds under $1000 dollars was. Thank you so much for watching, and I’ll catch you in my next video! -[clapping]


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