Hey guys! Second video here on the channel about fashion with a, for years considered as the second largest luxury brand in the world: Hermès. The brand is French, but was founded by Thierry Hermes, who was German. The brand logo has Hermès Pariswritten, so we have no doubt that the brand is French. Thierry moved to France with his family to Pont Audemer, north of Paris, 27 years old. nd I’m very happy with this information, that he was 27 when founded the brand, because I am 28 years old and I still hope to do something big. Arriving in France, even having been born in the city of silkand velvet, the German city of Krefeld, he learned and started working with the leather before going to other materials and other luxury products. Thierry was successful with the nobles, winning several prizes selling products for horses and carriages. And in that beginning the brand still did not call Hermès, but Caléche. Three years later, he had his first child with his wife Petronille, Charles-Emile Hermès. Charles-Emile Hermès accompanied his father’s work until he died at age 77, assuming the brand. Once he assumed the brand, he changed the store address to the one is until today. Twenty years later, Charles and his two sons created a new bag model called Haut a Courroies, which was to carry the saddles of horses. Two years after that, Charles left the brand for his two children. I think they showed work. And then his two sons, Adolphe and Emile-Maurice, changed the name Caléche to Hermès Frères, which means Hermès Brothers. The brothers made a trip to the United States and realized that with the increase in car use people were traveling more, and then they started to innovate in formats and models of bags with zippers. Hermès started producing Russian pro-saddles and until then no one had ever worn the zipper in France. They then won the right and exclusivity in the Russian Tsar’s zipper wear. and became the first brand in France to use this device. They also created the first zippered leather jacket, which they made especially for Edward, the Prince of Wales. This zipper thing was so important and became so famous in France that the zipper became known there as fermeture Hermès, which is Hermès’ clasp. In 1919, sales of leather, articles and riding products fell sharply. Then Adolphe leaves Hermes, who is left with Emile-Maurice. The first handbags of the brand appear when the wife of Emile-Maurice claims that does not find any model of her liking. I did not find her name, but … We like you a lot! This first bag was a smaller version from that Haut to Courroies, who had been bred to carry saddles. Seven years after being very fond of the women of Paris, Hermès decides to launch a haute couture line of swimsuits. In 1940 a very important fact happened. The stock of the beige packaging that Hermès used until then ended, Because of World War II. Only the orange option remains, which is a trademark of the brand until today. One phrase became very famous after that: “The best gifts come in an orange box”. They really took advantage of a problem and became a great icon. Ten years after this orange packaging event, the brand has changed again a bit its visual identity, creating a new logo inspired by an art by a French painter named Alfred de Dreux. The following year Emile-Maurice dies and takes on the company Robert Dumas Hermès and Jeans Rene Hermès. And soon in its beginning taking the mark, Robert introduces travel suitcases, beach towels, perfumes and ties. Almost 30 years later, Jean Louis Dumas, son of Thierry Hermès’s great-great-grandson, the founder of the company, takes the brand and expands the store. Jean manages the brand for 25 years, until the administrator Patrick Thomas arrives and once again enlarge the size of the store. In 2012 the brand goes into the hands of Axel Dumas, the sixth generation of the family of Thierry Hermès. And Axel continues nowadays. Among the main creations of the brand are the handkerchiefs with equestrian motifs and the Grace Kelly trapeze format purse, which was used to cover the belly, disguising the pregnancy. And it became a success. Another successful bag was Birkin. That was inspired by the British actress Jane Birkin, who casually sat next to Jean Louis Dumas on a plane flight and complained to him that the beautiful bags they were not big enough to carry everything that was needed. In the following years the brand launched products of all categories imaginable. Even a helicopter. I left a link from the blog post here below the video with a timeline of all the products and creations of the brand, as well as story and everything I’m talking about here in the video. And to conclude, talk about the Hermès’ arrival in Brazil, which was in 2009 at Shopping Cidade Jardim. And the brand wore silk produced in Brazil. I found this very important. And also, the brand wears Rodrigo Pessoa, who is a Brazilian knight. The brand is responsible for wearing it in all its tests and training. And also, since 2013, the brand is sold on the site Etiqueta Única, which is authorized to sell authenticated parts. That’s it, I hope you enjoyed it. I listened to your suggestions in the last video I posted, which was the first I tried to put more images here in the video, which I found. So continue to leave suggestions and we are improving this content. I hope you’re enjoying it. I did not find materials summarized and really good, with all the information about the brands, and that’s why I decided to start doing it. content on the channel. Leave a comment, sign up and leave your like. Bisou bisous, XOXO.


  1. Voce vai fazer sucesso se estampar seu rostinho no logo de qualquer coisa. Nao que seja seu único atributo mas como dizem "A primeira impressão é a que fica". Liiiinda.

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