Hermès watches: how the perfect leather watch strap is made

Hermès watches: how the perfect leather watch strap is made

Maria Doulton:Today I am at Hermes but not
in Paris but Switzerland because here Hermes makes all its watchstraps. This is, in fact, the only product that Hermes
makes that isn’t produced in France, so it’s quite unique for them to be making something
out of the country. But what’s very interesting is how Hermes approach watches and one of
the most important parts for them is the strap. Being a leather maker, they in fact started
life as saddle makers. The straps are absolutely key to how their watches are different. So
we’re going to go into the workshop and have a look at how their straps are made. I’m with Luc Perramond who’s the CEO of La
Montre Hermes. We’ve just seen the leather strap workshops, and no one else has one of
those. What does this tell us about how Hermes makes watches? Luc Perramond:It’s really quite unique. We
are very proud to make our own leather straps in our own workshops here in Biel. We are
using all this knowhow from our leather expertise in Paris and applying it to our watch business.
So it makes the product even more beautiful using the best possible skills, using the
best craftsmanship in terms of finish, in terms of expertise, to realise the highest
quality leather straps for our watches. Maria Doulton:In fact, the girls in the workshop
here come from making the bags – the Kelly bags, the Birkin – in Paris. They are specially
trained leather workers and they put all their skill into a much smaller object, which is
a watchstrap. Luc Perramond:We like to think that we make
timeless products. Emile Hermes once said that a luxury product like Hermes is a product
you can repair, a product you can give to the next generation that will last. So we
are obsessed with quality.

9 thoughts on “Hermès watches: how the perfect leather watch strap is made

  1. Didn't exactly show how they are made. But for 1000 Euros I can see why they can have glass elevators. Some things are just way out there on price.

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  3. They sure know how to make a strap! When I first started out making leather watch straps, I must have watched this video 500 times or more! I tried to organise a tour last time I was in Paris but they are difficult to get on. I must try the swiss branch when I'm there next.

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