Hiking in Utah! Highlights of Backpacking Across Utah — Let’s Go!

Hiking in Utah! Highlights of Backpacking Across Utah — Let’s Go!

I ‘m at the Utah Nevada state line and I’m ready to start out of my 50-day journey across the state of Utah. Let’s Go! Come on, let’s go. Day 1 — here we go. Headed toward the Henry Mountains
and then on to Moab. Let’s go. Let’s keep it going. OK — let’s go. Whoa! The narrows keep going. It would probably be a little easier if I wasn’t filming, but what fun would that be? Cold. Day 17 Let’s keep it going. We gotta go. Before the rain starts. Oooh, here we go. Gotta keep moving. Here we go. Working my way to the Maze. Let’s Go. How’s that? Hi. How you doin’? Oh hey — there’s Mr. Shadow. Strike Valley Overlook. Walking on high cliffs above the Dirty Devil River. Coyote Gulch I’ve made it down to the Escalante River. Climbing the ‘Stripped Monster’. Made it to Grosvenor Arch. Hop Valley in Zion National Park. We are approaching the Maze. I’m at the feature known as Hamburger Rocks. I’m in the heart of the Fins. Still walking across the Kaiparowits. High up in the La Sal Mountains. upper end of Upper Muley Twist. lower end of Lower Muley Twist. Still making my way around No Mans Mesa. Happy Canyon Narrows. Cyclone Canyon We’ve conquered Death Hollow. Pitchett Arch The edge of 50-Mile Mountain. Dirty Devil River! Woo — Dark Canyon. Let’s finish it up. Let’s go. Let’s keep it going. Let’s go. let’s go Day 2. Let’s Go. Day 6 Let’s go. Day 39. Final day. Let’s take it home. Just a little bit more. Let’s go! Almost to the top. All the way across Utah. 49 days. Looking back… Yep — welcome to Utah.

16 thoughts on “Hiking in Utah! Highlights of Backpacking Across Utah — Let’s Go!

  1. I watched a lot of your videos, and very inspired to hike Utah. I'm very new at backpacking and looking to plan a 4 to 5 day loop. any suggestions were to get information of trails?

  2. I haven't seen your videos – I like LONG form YT vids like yours – what's a favorite of yours for a new viewer? Capture and great storms in your vids?

  3. You have inspired me to one day hike across Utah. I have done thru-hikes before including an extended version of the JMT similar to your own, but this project will undoubtedly require extensive planning and the learning of new skills such as navigating canyon country and cacheing resupplies. It would be outstanding if you would make your beta available (for purchase even). I look forward to watching your new adventures in the meantime. Lastly, it would be great to see you go on a backpacking adventures with kindred spirits such as Joey Coconato (MyOwnFrontier on YouTube) — You should definitely reach out to him if that interests you! If you don't know of him, he puts out great backpacking videos on YouTube.

  4. Love your hiking videos. Wish I could do what you are doing. Obviously you gotta know what you are doing to hike for weeks at a time across a desolate terrain. Also, the video work got to be a lot of work since you are doing it yourself.

  5. Don't remember exactly when I found your videos, but they have had a profoundly positive influence on me. I live in Canada and when the cold fall winds blow, I now head to Utah and hike and I've had many members of my family follow me down. Your videos got me moving to the point where I am considering some of the long hikes. I can't really thank you enough. Stay safe and keep 'em coming. Thank you.

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