8 thoughts on “Holiday Steals And Deals: Statement Sweatshirts, Alpaca Throws, More | TODAY

  1. Stop wearing Words On Shirts! Youve Turned Yourselves Into Signs! Where is your dignity?
    WE Have forgotten How To Communicate Kindly With Each Other
    And Do NOT Buy Christmas Presents! Everything Is Made In China!
    Give Heartfelt Gifts Of Your Time and Homemade Goods
    What Is It That YOU Do well? Tell A Story? Set A Cozy Fireplace? Make A Delicious Dish? Draw? Carve Fruit? Sew Anything? … Do That O:) 33 thumbs O:) Thank you
    * Here Is An Idea:
    Get A Plain Piece Of Cardboard
    Attach It To A Stick
    Wrap It Up With A Pen
    And A Button Down Shirt/Blouse
    Made Locally

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