Homeless Woman Sleeping Rough in London after Domestic Violence

Homeless Woman Sleeping Rough in London after Domestic Violence

– [Mark] Lavane, we’re
out here, central London. You’re sleeping rough with your dog? – Yeah. – [Mark] Tell me about it. – Basically, I was married for 10 years. He was Algerian, I’m English,
we had very different cultural backgrounds. And basically I suffered quite
extensive domestic violence to the stage that the last
time he hospitalized me and I couldn’t take no
more, so I went home, I grabbed my dog, and I became homeless. I’ve been on the streets of
London just over a year now. – [Mark] So, we talked about
this before I started taping, you’re safe now? – Yeah. I mean, I have friends and
family that know where I am. So they know where I
am but he doesn’t know. – [Mark] You’re safe from your partner? – Yeah – [Mark] And you have a beautiful pup. – I do, this is Misty. She’s my life. She’s saves me really. She’s small enough to
put in my sleeping bag. Anyone comes near me all you see is the bottom of my
sleeping bag jumping around. So she warns me, protects me quite a lot. I mean, I don’t think I’d be as safe out here if it wasn’t… If I didn’t have Misty. – [Mark] Now, it’s gonna rain. – Yeah. – [Mark] What are you gonna do? – Hopefully I earn enough money, I mean, I sit here and
hopefully I earn enough money but it’s quite expensive. The only place I can go to is in New Cross and it’s like twenty-two pound a night. If not, then there’s a little
alley just up the road here which is where I sleep. – [Mark] Oh my gosh. – Yeah. So hopefully. – [Mark] Now, how do you survive out here? I mean, we have at the top of the road these swat that come out, and there’s a Christian organization that comes out and they help with food and clothing. I have regulars. I’ve sat in the same spot
since I’ve become homeless. So, I do have regulars that
come and bring me blankets and food, also dog food, and they also help, like, money and stuff. So I rely on, basically, the
generosity of the public. Really, that’s how I survive. – [Mark] But you said that
there’s nobody helping you to get out of homelessness. – No, I mean, we have some
mongos and stuff that come out but because I have the
dog they can’t house me. I mean, there is hostels that
do house people with dogs, but so many homeless have dogs so it’s really difficult to get a place with the dog. But she’s my life, she’s my family. And, you know, I’ve been told to get rid of the dog and have a house. But, I don’t see how that’s fair or how that should be justified, you know? Just to get a roof over my head to get rid of my dog, you know? I couldn’t do that, you know? I wouldn’t have been able to survive out here the last year without her. Then to just say well,
okay I can get rid of you then I can get somewhere else to live. It’s, it just don’t seem
right to me, you know? We’re in this together. – [Mark] It’s a huge
issue, it’s a huge issue. So, Save a mongos is
out here trying to help yet, it’s just there’s no room where the hostels are that have dogs? – No, that’s correct, yeah. – [Mark] Oh my gosh. And your dog is beautiful (laughs) – Yes, she is. – [Mark] Cause as I came walking up, she took her head out and said hello – (coughing) yeah – [Mark] What would you want housed people or normal people to know what it’s like sleeping rough or anything about rough sleepers? – I mean, it’s dangerous. I mean, you always
sleep with one eye open. You know, you never get
a decent nights sleep you know, I used to sleep at the bottom where the Tesco’s is and because we used to
sleep like this way, diagonally, I’d wake up with people jumping over me, you know,
people that are drunk running across and literally jumping, hurtling over me and thought
it was fun, you know? I mean, having people go
past you, covering their nose like, like, your not a person. It doesn’t mean that because I’m homeless that I’m not human, you know? I have feelings too, you know? There’s this stigma that
everyone who is homeless they’re either like
alcoholics or drug addicts. And, there is, there is drug addicts and alcoholics that are homeless, but there’s also people that are actually out here because they have no choice, this is, you know? It’s either this or death. You know? To have your partner grab
you around the throat and then strangle you to death, it’s not a way of life.
It’s not a way to be. – [Mark] Yeah, and even the
people that are abusing drugs or with mental, they’re real people too. – Yeah, they are and they’re just people who are trying to
suppress their feelings or trying to not deal with it. – [Pedestrian] Why don’t you go to Social Security to get your money? – Because they don’t. – [Pedestrian] They should
do. They should help you. – Yeah, they don’t though. They don’t. – [Pedestrian] You can’t just sit there in the cold. It’s freezing. – I’ve been out here for
a year, the last year. – [Pedestrian] Really! – Yeah Sorry. – [Mark] No, it’s all right. – [Pedestrian] Pardon? – [Mark] I’m video taping. – [Pedestrian] (laughs) Thank you. – [Pedestrian] So, how about the dog, has he got any food? – Yeah, she’s got food. Thank you, have a good day. – [Pedestrian] So ,sorry. – [Mark] So, she was more concerned about the dog than you. – Oh you get that regular. I mean, a lot of people are more
concerned about the dog. I mean, there’s people that assume I just have her to make money. I mean, don’t get me
wrong, she helps, you know? There’s a lot of people that do care about Misty more than they do me. And they do help and give more generously for having a dog. But
you know, I mean…pfft – [Mark] I have never
met a homeless person that didn’t put their dog first. – Yeah. – [Mark] Their dogs eat before they do. – Precisely. – [Mark] Their dogs get
the blanket before they do. – (laughing) even when the
rain comes the umbrella goes over her before it does me – [Mark] The dog is treated
better than housed people treat. – Yeah, yeah. – [Mark] But she was up here, this woman was basically complaining about the dog outside,
forgetting your a human! – Yeah – [Mark] And I love pets,
we’re talking about your dog, You have a beautiful dog! – Yeah – [Mark] How does that make you feel? – It hurts, it hurts
as I said, but, I mean, we’re seen not normal people. We are seen as a different
species almost, you know? As I said, there’s a great big stigma about people and homelessness. – [Mark] Yeah – You know, not many people
will actually come down and find out what it’s
truly like and the way it is for people that are homeless. I mean, I’ve had people
come past me and tell me how wrong I am to have my
dog out on the streets. I mean, but when I became homeless, cause I’ve had her since
she was six weeks old. When I became homeless,
I actually re-homed Misty because of her being so small and it was Christmas time when I came out and I was really concerned for her myself, but I re-homed her and after four days I got a phone call to say that I had to go back and get her cause she just wouldn’t settle. She wouldn’t eat, she
wouldn’t stop pinning. So we’ve never been separated since. – [Mark] Well, a housed dog
is usually put in a cage or a room while people
are at work. Your pup. – Yeah, she’s with me 2/47. – [Mark] Right, is being loved and cuddled and not ignored eight, nine hours a day. People just have uh, oh my god. – Their own views and as I said, there’s just different stigma,
you know, automatically. I mean my friend who sat here,
he was here fifteen years and he was found through his dog. I mean he was actually
identified through his dog. And he was sat here, as
I said, for fifteen years he was homeless. Fifteen years. And they wouldn’t have known who he was. It was because of his dog
having a tag around his neck, and that is how they realized who it was. It’s crazy. It’s really crazy. – [Mark] Anything else you’d like to add? – Not really. It’s just
I wish people would stop the stigma and actually come down and meet people and get to know people cause everyone’s got
a story and everyone’s got a different story and if
they realize people are not just drunks or alcoholics, you know? It takes a lot of guts to sit out here and stay out here and to live
on the streets, you know? – [Mark] It’s not by choice. I mean… – No. I mean there is people by choice, but again, most people are driven to it and then it becomes a way of life. You know, you get used to it? – [Mark] Well, I think the
people that say they want to be out here, have given up. – Precisely. – [Mark] And they, the
try to get, yo know, support from different
services and after a while, they just adapt. – Well, it’s like prisoners,
I mean when they’ve spent all their time in prison, they
become institutionalized, it’s the same as… – [Mark] Right, exactly! I’ve never thought of it like that. If you had three wishes
what would they be? – One, to be able to have
a home for me and my dog. To be able to get a job
and to have a stable life. – [Mark] Great. Well, thank you very much for talking to me. – Thank you.

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  2. God bless this lovely woman and her beautiful dog. I ask in the name of Jesus for this woman and her precious dog to be safe always and helped into housing.

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  8. I was on the streets for 3 years until March of this year. 2 and a half of those years was with my dog that I rescued from abuse while I was out there. People often told me I shouldn't have her because "I couldn't provide for myself, how could I care for my dog?" Even though I always made sure that she never went without her needs and she always came first. I did the same things as this lady, I took advantage of the resources around me and I panhandled to make money to care for my dog and I as well. Many people only stopped by because they were asking about my dog having food or something, many people made fun of and yelled at me too. Every day I was made to feel less than human. My dog is my entire world, she gave me a purpose and a reason to continue on every day when I had nothing. She kept me safe from predators. She saved me as much as I saved her. Now by the grace of God we both live indoors in time for the winter and she is as loved as she ever has been. I hope this woman and her dog find housing together soon as well. No one deserves to live on the streets being judged and belittled. I truly feel for her. ♡


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  13. I am homeless 25/5/2018
    And i am living france nantes but i stay away drug that is why i survive 1 year 3 month i living street every night but i never ever beg no matter i living street
    I wish my self breath future
    Young homeless stay away drug that is my advice i am 26 years old

  14. I have a request: When you interview someone can you encourage them to create a goFundMe and exchange contact info to post in their video??

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  25. Let's marry a Guy from Algeria. Who would have though that things would go wrong. Islam, don't marry a Moslim, Women off the western world. You don't want to be treated like cattle.

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  28. These are NOT stories about housing. These are stories of our DIVORCE LAWS. I am also a retired veteran who because of these ridiculous domestic violence laws went from a 3000sqft home to being homeless in winter with ZERO evidence. I had no ID, no wallet, no shoes, and no medicine, which after a week on the streets led to a nervous breakdown – all because of a false abuse charge because my ex wife was having an affair. She moved the new guy into my house that I paid every mortgage payment on only a few weeks after I was tossed out. This also happens to homeless women whose exes abused the court system to make them look unstable. Relationships have little meaning these days. This lady is not getting the help she needs because narcissistic ex’s like mine are wasting the courts time with people like me, instead of allowing courts and cops to focus on actual DV victims.

  29. You married an Algerian? That is why you are homeless. Haven't native indigenous English learned after seeing London turn into Londonstan?????

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  33. I can't watch this any more ,
    I cry most the night , the flash backs
    of my own time being abused , with
    no hope , help , home . OMG . This needs
    to stop , this beautiful woman needs
    help , a year !!!! Fukk
    This girl ( saint )
    TRUE NORTH is a non profit organization
    that I'm starting to help , ALL , with everything
    I can , I'm one strong now but soon WiTH a bit
    of planning and unifecation TRUE NORTH
    will be many , subscribe / talk to me ( it's time)

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    It's society and government that doesn't want dogs in shelters jobs housing restaurants,busses trains or metros
    And the ones that do can't take Al the people
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    And i chose my dog and me on the streets and since than people were more worried about the dog and wanted the dog for themselves or called the police to take it away
    And left me outside with no companien and it really hurts that no-one seem to understand that we are together and to think let's help her and her dog and get her a home
    But they also seem to enjoy seeing me miserable without my best friend
    But anyway I hope people wil try to help her get a place for her and her dog where she can be safe and start again.

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  39. London Healing Rooms,
    654 High Road,
    E10 6RN
    UK. Can someone give this precious lady this information.She needs spiritual and physical healing in Jesus name.

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