Homeless Woman Was Arrested for Sleeping in Her Car so Now She Sleeps on the Ground Next to Her Car

Homeless Woman Was Arrested for Sleeping in Her Car so Now She Sleeps on the Ground Next to Her Car

100 thoughts on “Homeless Woman Was Arrested for Sleeping in Her Car so Now She Sleeps on the Ground Next to Her Car

  1. They gave her a ticket for seeking refuge in a church? Please speak to the church, they should not press charges, omg, what is the world coming to? What kind of a church is it that doesn't allow refuge?

  2. My girl makes a lot of money hookin and dancing. Just saying. She makes enuff to support me and still has money left over.

  3. I believe those of us who don't live in California with okay jobs that don't pay a lot would be living in our cars🚗😒

  4. its a shame., she seems like a good fit for teacher position. she doesnt do drugs and not a alcoholic should be giving a chance.

  5. So sad. How I wish I could help you out. You seem like a good woman who shouldn't be homeless. I can't wait until God's day because homelessness will be done away with. Put your faith in God Sandy. I will for sure be praying for you. Good luck,and,stay safe.

  6. The law needs to change. People complain about the homeless sleeping on the street, yet they have laws that they can't sleep in their cars?? Isn't it better for everyone if they sleep in their cars? The homeless are warmer, and if you're female, it's safer. And the people complaining don't have to step over them on the streets. The LAW NEEDS TO CHANGE!!

  7. California is a fucked up state. Punishing a woman for sleeping in her car and making her sleep on the sidewalk is crazy. She seems a nice person. Where are the liberal do gooders from the liberal California who should help her.

  8. I don't think it is illegal to sleep in one's car anywhere in the United States. You cannot park on private property over night anywhere without permission. The action taken against her is part of this country's ongoing war against the poor. It's really sick and is indicative of our mankind is devolving.

  9. How sad. Our govt. can't help it's own people but gives away billions of dollars to other countries. It's scary . This can happen to anyone anywhere. Not just bums or drug addicts.

  10. Stop the self doubt that "no one will hire anyone my age." Its simply not true and not a valid reason not to look for work.

  11. What a bunch of creeps running Berkeley to make a vulnerable gal sleep outside her own car. Those fat snooty council people are supposed to have such a progressive educated city there in wealthy radical Berkeley, but there is no heart. How can those fat cats sleep at night?


  13. In the jail the people have foot and a bed😉and the homles don't have nothing only trust that they have it come good one day

  14. Well it’s 2019 now seems I’m the first in a while, the law is still bs and Sandy’s still smiling hopefully 👌 GL girl

  15. why should we help you? because you have tit's a vagina and a brown butthole? noooo thank you… this is a man's country. ran by MEN!!!! so MEN come first

  16. Something is not right here. I have seen older people working at McDonald’s. Go to china town in any where you see older people working for cash all over.

  17. Why would the cops harass this poor lady. Omg I live in Oakley California and I'd let this sweet lady stay with me

  18. The system either wants people in Jail,Homeless,or Dead.
    The system is built to perpetuate the viscous cycle of homelessness.

    Its a fucked up world we live in.

  19. Government is making the poor poor they can't survive on their social security to keep a roof over their head and they're not allowed to sleep in their car or on the street how pathetic

  20. What does rich elites liberals do about that ? They never talk about that problem on television !?! WTF is going on in western usa ffs?

  21. We are over run in our boarder by illegals and dems care more for them than homeless Americans. What have they done for Americans???? This sad

  22. As real homeless people would not be attractive enough, to be interviewed. They will not seek the real homeless people.. as it would not be good for ratings.

  23. So they charge someone who can't afford a home $400 for sleeping in their car? What sense does this make???? This poor sweet lady!

  24. This lady does not appear "old" to me. I would say mid to late 40's. You can get a job what ever age you are if you have the skills and can handle it. I don't know how many have seen the movie "Monster" where in one scene "Ailene" tried to get a job as an executive secretary with no experience. You can only get a job you are qualified for but if you have the goods they will hire you…maybe not at the money you want…but you can get it.

  25. Would not sleep on the ground if I have a car!!! Hide somewhere they can't see you. You should press charges against the city

  26. The same white supremist system the Europeans created that oppressed blacks, Hispanics, and Latinos is now oppressing the very people (white folk) who once benefited from it. The Most High is bringing judgement upon America, the Nation Of Edom/Esau, and these wicked nations, and things are only going to get worse. 🙌🏾

  27. San Francisco spends 81,000 per homeless and it costs 80,999 dollars for the civil servant to walk a block to give the dollar out. The public sector eats the poor.

  28. ###.. Life is hard enough .But. One of the worst things anyone can do to them self. Is say I'm to old , I'm to fat, I can't do it. No one should let anyone tell. Them what there Limitations are in life. Some ones opinion of you does not have to become your reality. That simple.

  29. oh my goodness….what kind of a law is this?? The law would rather you sleep outside on pavement and risk your life rather than you being in the safety of your car?? Disgusting law. Heartless, ruthless.

  30. You can sleep on the sidewalk but not in your vehicle ?? Fucking America.. shit, tell govt services your about to start splitting wigs open to snatch cash in order to survive.. say whatever you need to so you can get paid.

  31. Okay I realize that its like 9 yrs later, but why can't this lady feel safe??? Why the F—-K would an asshole give her a ticket when she has no damn money, resources or anything and she is a damn citizen of these United States??? Just PISSES ME OFF🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  32. They would prefer her to sleep on the sidewalk vs her car? Wow. Where's the common sense in that. Why would that church not help her instead of calling police on her? Heartbreaking.

  33. That’s so sad. I don’t think she looks that old. She looks great for her age. I hope she’s in a better place

  34. CA so fuked up overran by Illegal immigrants who have all the affordable apartments and jobs and here you have a good woman who gets a ticket for being homeless and sleeping in her car , good old liberalism will do it all the time .

  35. Sheriff & Police need to have the same policy they have with ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS

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  37. imposing fines on the homeless is a depth-of-stupidity judgement. Complete lack of common sense, compassion and empathy. Am watching this video in 2019 and I hope things turns out ok for Sandy. Pain for me to see this kind, pleasant lady in dire straits.

  38. Right to Revolution, Right to Overthrow the tyrannical California Feudal Regime, Right to freedom of movement. Join the California Exodus, And don’t pay the ticket.

  39. This shit is a by-product of an immoral country producing billionaires. I am homeless and you got to keep your eye on cops and tweekers.

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