Homemade Junk Food Dupes | FOOD HACKS FOR KIDS

Homemade Junk Food Dupes | FOOD HACKS FOR KIDS

– Hey guys it’s me Whitley,
do you love junk food but your parents
refuse to buy it. Don’t worry I’ve
got you covered, here’s how to hack
your favorite junk food so you never have to
beg your parents again. These are my no beg
junk food hacks. I dream of slushies
but every time I ask my mom for
one she says no. That’s why I came up with
this no store slushie hack heres how to make
my smooth slushie. To make this hack you’ll
need three cups of juice any flavor you want,
pour your juice into an ice cube
tray, and freeze it. Combine your ice cubes and
your juice in a blender. Blend it up, now all you have
to do is pour it into a cup. Brain freeze! Some people have a
chip on their shoulder but I have chips on my mind.
I just can’t stop thinking about Doritos. Here’s how
to make my DIY Doritos. For this hack you’ll
need vegetable oil and four corn tortilla’s,
for the cheese powder you’ll need three quarters
of a cup of cheddar cheese powder, one and a half
teaspoons of sea salt, one teaspoon of garlic
powder, one teaspoon of onion powder, one teaspoon
of chili powder, three quarters of a
teaspoon of paprika and three quarters of a
teaspoon of black pepper. First cut your tortilla’s
into four parts. Now it’s time to make
your spicy cheese powder. Combine your cheddar cheese
powder with your salt, your garlic powder
and onion powder, your chili powder and your
paprika and your black pepper. Now mix it together
with the whisk. Set your mixture aside, ask a grown up to help you fry
up the tortilla’s in the oil once they’re out of the
oil put them on paper towel now it’s the fun part, dip
them in the cheese powder. With chips like this
who needs the store. Nothing gets in my noodle like
a pop tart toaster strudel… good thing I know how to
make pop tarts at home! Heres how to make my
fun don’t stop tarts. To make this hack you’ll
need two pre-made pie crusts, a half cup of jam,
any flavor you want, one tablespoon of
corn starch, one egg, icing and of course sprinkles. Line a baking sheet
with parchment paper and set it aside. Mix your jam with
your corn starch. Crack an egg in a small
bowl and mix it up, once it’s mixed set it aside, roll your pie crust out
on a floured surface. Measure three by five inch
squares and cut them out. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Once you’ve cut out your
squares put them on a tray, put one scoop of jam into
the middle of your rectangle using a finger put the egg
on the edge of your rectangle the egg acts like a
glue when you cook it. Now it’s time to put
the pop tart together. Use your fingers to seal
the two rectangles together. Using a toothpick
poke four holes in the pop tart this
is to help it cook. Put it in the
freezer for 2 hours. After it comes out of the
freezer bake it for 25 minutes. Once it’s cooled it’s
time to ice them. Decorate the pop tart with
sprinkles however you want. Pop tarttastic! Mmm just like the real thing. Mmm I make pretty
great junk food.

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