I have made these reinforcers because If we weld the spring directly The spring will break even if it bends a little bit So you must weld reinforcers That’s it so let’s continue So… If you have a workshop you probably have some metal leftovers I suggest that you keep those leftovers and put them in concrete for example like this weight which I am doing now concrete will be a lot more durable and it will be heavier Because of metal leftovers so it is worth to put it in Here you can see Of course, that will not be visible We will get a lot heavier weight and it will be much stronger so it is like mesh So let’s finish this! Before the end of video I would ask you to go to description and check out these channels:

100 thoughts on “Homemade STANDING PUNCHING Bag ?

  1. No measuring required. 😀 gdje si ti bratte. Gdje zivis? Serbia? Croatia? Bosnia? Ja sam u Canada
    Oh Serbia! Bravo mistro!

  2. Ставите ово …. биће захтевније! Наравно да се користи …. Добар си! (Само не бацај торбу)

    Фабричка врећа за пробијање.

    (Само не боли)

  3. Я все понимаю. Но блять где хранить это говно на пружине ? По вложенным силами и времени лучше купить в магазине нормальную грушу

  4. Take some time nd appreciate hardwork he didn't said u to use only home equipment he is just showing off his skills to us

  5. The concept of this video is the same as the videos of the nigga that build pools in the jungle. No fucking body is gonna even try and replicate what's shown on the video, but you just relax watching a nigga craft things like it's nothing

  6. The reason why we buy fresh or build from nature is so that demons don't get into our item. That system is bound to turn you crazy and cause stress. Make it out of fresh tree, or wild animal leather stuffed with sheep wool and bear fur and moose antlers.

  7. Not bad at all 👍

    I always think it is funny when people say scotch tape. Scotch tape is not a type of tape only a brand of tape. Masking tape is known as scotch tape too. I would say clear package tape but that's just me.

  8. настоятельно рекомендую не повторят . такая груша сделает из тебя или с вашего ребенка инвалида. такого качеста грушу можно бить только ногами,* руками категорически очень опасно—-перелом,разрыв связок и смещение мелких хрящей…э

  9. Huyyyy súper facil creo que todos en la casa tenemos equipo de soldadura . El mío lo guardo bajo mi cama. Y espuma tengo detrás de la puerta además no creo que lleve más de una hora hacerlo. Que fácil

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