HOSTELS in your 20s and what you need to know about

HOSTELS in your 20s and what you need to know about

– So I just got a message
on Instagram the other day and they said, “how do
I keep my stuff safe if I’m in a hostel?” And I was like, before I
get too old to do a video about what you need for a
hostel, I better make this. – Hey guys, my name is Shayla and I make these videos every Wednesday. I have been traveling full time since 2015 and this Wednesday I’m in Washington. We’re going to be in Washington
until the rest of the year so you’re going to hear that a lot. If you like this video,
please give it a like and if you want to see more
travel tips please subscribe. Hopefully they’re informational and entertaining (clicks tongue) but I can’t guarantee either one of those. I just got a message on
Instagram the other day and they said, “how do
I keep my stuff safe if I’m in a hostel?” And I was like, before I get too old to do a video about what
you need for a hostel, I better make this. What is a hostel? A hostel is like a big giant
room that’s like a dorm. So sometimes there’s four beds and you pay a little bit more for that. Sometimes there’s 15 beds and you pay a little bit less for that. Sometimes there’s all girl ones, sometimes there’s coed ones. $7 a night. It varies but basically, it’s just, you all share a room that you sleep in and then you share the kitchen
and you share the bathrooms. As I’m getting older, I’m
staying in the four bed one that has its own little
bathroom and it’s more private and not, like, 15 people
sleeping in a room. But when I was younger I loved that. I’ll probably do it again ’cause I think they’re so much fun. Even if it’s the same price as a hotel, I would much rather stay in a hostel because you get to meet people and there’s, everyone’s, it’s
like freshman year of college. Oh, what’s your name? Where you from? When you’re in a hotel, you’re like in your hotel
room and you’re like, well don’t know how I’m
going to make a friend. People always ask, “are hostels safe?” Have you watched that movie? I feel like the US is the
only country that’s like, mm, hostels are dangerous. All over the rest of the
world everyone does hostels. I’ve done everything from
$60 hostels in Austria to $5 hostels in Nicaragua,
I wouldn’t recommend those. It worked for us ’cause
it was cheap at the time. This was a bar and they turned
a side room into a bedroom by putting a bed in it and a fan but the fan just blew all the smoke from the bar into the room. But I mean, it was fine when we did it. And I remember when I was in Santorini, I stayed in a hostel. I have a whole video about
Santorini on a budget. I just like, when down
to the cafe and was like, oh what’s your name? Are you going hiking today? Cool. And all of sudden we had this quad squad. Let’s all get ATVs and
ATV around the island. So that’s all we did, so
we had this quad squad, we called oursel, I called us. Zooming around the island. So we took the ATVs from the hostel all the way to Fira, Fira. – Yeah, there ya go.
(Shayla laughs) – Pretty awesome. Now we’re off to the next town. Off to the next town! It was a freaking blast. There’s just experiences that I’ve had in hostels that are so good. You can also be super
antisocial and not do anything. It’s really up to you. A huge question that
people have been asking is how do you get service? There’s a couple different options. Just Google pocket WiFi for the country that you’re going in. I’ve worked with iVideo. There’s Skyroam and they’re
a little bit more expensive but seem pretty reliable. Go to your cellphone provider and see if they have any
sort of pocket WiFi things. Their international deals
are not usually good deals. Honestly, what I do now is
I just get to the place, in the airport there’s a SIM card place that sells you SIM cards. They usually have traveler deals that are for the month or whatever. I just buy one of those and just do data. Use an app, WhatsApp, to
like call and text home. Make sure your family has it. That’s what I’d recommend. The hostels. I’ve put together some
of my tips for hostels and then I also looked up
a few other people’s tips for what they had for hostels,
in case I missed anything. I’ll tell you my tips and I’ll tell you what they recommended and why you might need those things. I’m going to tell them to you because some people think you need them. So, you can just do whatever you want. What would I recommend? How do you keep your stuff safe? You have your camera,
you have your computer, you have other expensive things. Every hostel gives you a locker. Does every hostel give you a lock? No, they don’t. Do I bring a lock to every hostel I go to? No, ’cause I forget. Most of them will rent
you one or they’re like, oh down the street you
can buy a lock for $10. Do I have a collection of locks at home ’cause I have to buy one every single time I stay in a hostel? Yes. Do I know where any of those are? (laughs) No. I usually just put my
whole backpack in there and shut it and lock it and I’ve never had a problem with it. It works really well. If you want to charge those things, first you need the adapter. So if it’s a different country and it’s a different plug, you need that. But then an extension cord that gets it from the wall to your bed
or the wall to the top bunk or like, the wall into
your lockable locker. Which kind of is a red flag
that there’s something in there so maybe don’t do that. It does not take up that much space. That is a huge little hack for ya. For the bathroom, bring your
shampoo and conditioner. Go to the travel section in Target and just buy the little
bottles of your shampoo or you can just go buy
those little bottles and take your shampoo, put ’em in there. Whatever you want, but put
them in a Ziplock baggie in case they explode in your bag. A towel. Do I remember my towel usually? No. Do they rent one to you? Yes. Do you want to pay for that? No. So, bring a towel. Don’t bring your bath towel. Go to REI or somewhere, I’ll
put a link below for this. Buy a microfiber towel that’s quick dry. Because you just hang it over your bed and it dries quickly and it’s really thin so it’s like, not my
favorite thing to dry with. And it takes up like zero
space in your suitcase. (sighs) If you don’t want to get weird foot things from
public showers (rolls tongue) bring a pair of flip-flops. I always have my Birkenstocks and my Birkenstocks, they’re like $100. And I was like, oh my god $100. Okay, I’m just going to,
I’m just going to buy these. It’ll be fine. I love them. And they dry surprisingly fast. I wear them in the lake. I wear them in hostel showers when I don’t want to touch
the nasty, slimy floor. And I just set them up like
this and they just dry. So if you want to invest in
some Birkenstocks, do it. If you don’t, then just buy some cheap old flip-flops from Walmart. But pack those so you don’t
have to step on the dirty floor. Be respectful. (gasps) Apparently some people
get real lucky in hostels. I’m not like a big hooker-upper but that’s like a thing, people
do that a lot in hostels. If you are that person, I
would hate you in a hostel. I’ve never experienced
anyone hooking up in a hostel but get yourself some
condoms, safe sex please. I don’t even know what I
would do if that happened. I wouldn’t tell on them but I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t
like it very much. If you’re not that person and you don’t want to
listen to that person, bring yourself some earbuds
and a nice face mask. Or like your earbuds (clicks tongue) so you can listen to some
music or an audiobook or whatever else grandmas do these days. I looked up all these recommendations for what to bring to hostels. I wanted to tell you
what other people said and tell you that I don’t
really agree with it. One of them was a sleeping bag liner. This is a good idea because then you can be in
your own sleeping bag liner and you’re not going to have bedbugs. You can check, you curl up
the edge of the mattress and you look under there
for little black bugs. Those are bedbugs, don’t stay there. Like go ask for a refund
and go somewhere else. But you can get a sleeping bag liner, that will help with that. I’ve never done that, I’ve
never had a problem with it but if you did have a problem with it that would be a bummer. They recommended laundry detergent. (exhales) Yeah, I’ve done laundry in hostels and you usually have to go
find little laundry pods. Sometimes they sell them to you. I would say just do that. I don’t want to carry
around laundry detergent or laundry pods, so that’s your call. Cooking tools. I don’t know, I don’t really think so. Almost every hostel has
some sort of kitchen area where you get to cook
and do stuff like that. You can bring cooking tools
but usually they’re provided. You just have to go buy
the food and cook it. And the last one that someone recommended that I was like, eh. Mesh laundry bag. In the van, 100%. Do I need to carry it around? No. Like I just roll it up together or like put it in a
plastic baggie or something and like, put it somewhere else. Those are just my
recommendations for like, eh, things that you might need if
you’re worried about bedbugs or if you don’t want to go
looking for laundry detergent. Otherwise, I found that you
don’t really, it’s fine. If you guys have any more
questions just let me know. If you have any more
suggestions for things that you think people
should bring to hostels, put them below. If you like this video,
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be in the bonus footage. And I will see you guys
all next Wednesday. (kiss) – [Man] Look at this guy, or girl. – [Shayla] Oh, this is going
to make a really sad story. – Wah, wah, wah. They gave me eggs this morning
so I mean, can I ask to. This is like a MTV Cribs.
– Yeah. That’s it, thanks for coming to our crib. – (laughs) What the–
– Is that good? – [Man] Do that again. – That’s it, thanks
for coming to our crib. – Let me try.
– Okay. Hope you guys enjoyed the dogs and the chickens and the goats. It almost hit me in the face. Hey, you need to stop
swearing in my video. – Baseball.
– You’re so cool.

83 thoughts on “HOSTELS in your 20s and what you need to know about

  1. oh wow Ive never caught you this early. This is good. This is what I was asking about when I emailed you. Great video as i'm sure most have never stayed in a hostel. How easy is it to get a refund though if you do find bedbugs? and how hard is it to find another one or are they everywhere? Of course I winced really hard when you were talking about 15+ people coed hostel rooms. I mean you had trouble with guys coming up to your tent on the Appalachian trail. You didn't have a ton of guys trying to cop a feel in those places?

    Tons of good info and a great ending @8:32 lol

  2. Hostels are great to meet new friends. Charging could be an issue, with everybody’s electronic devices. Sex is not against the law, the last time I checked. Plastic bags for you shower flip flops. Good video, as always !

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  7. I'm in my sixties. I've stayed in hostels in the 1970s, 80s, 90s and 2000s. Shortly my wife and I will be traveling in Portugal renting a VW camper. The only change is I'm less likely to stay in a hostel in Cambodia but will definitely stay in one in New Zealand.

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  10. Torch! (Flashlight for my American friends). You know one of those mini keychain torches 🔦 I keep it with me if I hit the town at night and get in late and keep it under my pillow in case I need to get up early for a hike/early flight etc. Just a hostel traveller common courtesy thing 🙂 no one likes a ballbreaker who turns on the room light at 3am and wakes everyone else up! Highly recommend kids 😉

  11. Omg I was like 17 on my first solo trip and not only was my across bunk buddy getting lucky… they kept turning on and off the lights and while I had earphones in, i could hear their turtle-like moans… I was horrified .

  12. Hey! Try bamboo towels! They are super thin and as quick drying as micro fiber towel but with a much nicer feel to them. Never looking back to micro fiber towels 🙂
    Oh and also: you can get plastic birkenstock shoes. They are really comfy and I got mine off amazon for 24€. Pretty sure US amazon must carry them as well. 🙂

  13. That's a good tip list right there. 👍🏻 Hostels sound like a perfect idea for an extrovert. You're literally with people all the time… unless they leave to go do stuff.

  14. You should check out Project Fi, it's Google's phone network. They have coverage in 170 countries and you don't pay extra for any of them!

  15. I live for hostels!! But yeah, sometimes I see people being overly worried or bringing very unnecessary things, most places sell the same stuff as they do at home if you happen to miss/forget something.

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  21. I've got to agree with the sleeping bag liner. They pack up so small and take up zero space, I use mine not so much because I'm scared of bed bugs but for an extra layer of warmth if a hostel only gives you a sheet. I usually only use the sheet anyway because sometimes the heavier blankets or quilts they give you don't get washed as often (if at all!). It's also nice to snuggle up in on long train or plane rides.

  22. I volunteered at a hostel for 3 weeks in Budapest, and what I learned was that most people don't want to take your things because that means they have to carry it and deal with it the rest of their trip. Also learned that hostel pillows can be pretty nasty… so a light pillow case is good too.

  23. Oh my goodness girl please do not get your birks wet. That deteriorates the leather and cork and they will not last ad long as they should. I suggest a pair of chacos, they are 100% water proof and dry 10x faster.

  24. Oh man am I late to this party!.. Though no longer in my 20s, I remember spending a week at a YMCA Hostel on a tiny german village in the southern part of South America. It was my first hostel experience, and so the most important thing I learned, was to be open minded. Seems silly, but it's important, because while my first few days were miserable, towards the end it was incredible fun. Went from expecting privacy and getting none of it, to relating to others, meeting people from around the world. Especially now in this non-personal over-polymerated world, I hope everyone gets a chance to live (even for a couple of days) in a semi social environment like that. And it's the salt of foreign traveling. Gives you a side of the location only locals get to see.
    (PS: I do love me some nice hoteling too).

  25. I totally agree with the sleeping bag liner. Usually the people I meet don't know that. It's the small things that make a big difference. I recently started my travel few months ago and sleeping in hostel beds usually make me itch. It got frustrating and super exhausting because I barely get enough sleep then my best friend gave me the Brave Era travel sheet she found in Amazon. And wow! It has changed my life entirely in terms of getting enough rest in every bed I sleep on. Plus, I treated it with an insect repellent and bed bugs are away.

    Just wanted to share. By the way, I love your tips. your video is hilarious too. Happy travels!

  26. Amazing video! I Love hostel life but honestly at times it can be so draining. The sound of people agressively unzipping things in the middle of the night has become like music to my ears.

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  28. About the sleeping bag liner: I do take one with me when I stay in hostels and I do use it sometimes when the bedding doesn't look or smell as clean as I would like it. HOWEVER they don't protect you from bedbugs. I've been bitten by bedbugs twice in my life and the first time was in a really gross hostel where I slept in my sleeping bag liner. The bugs just crawl right in there and bite you. And the risk of the bed bugs joining you in your travels is even higher because then you not only have to worry that they might've crawled into your backpack, they could also get on board in the sleeping bag liner. So the sleeping bag liners are nice for comfort, but if you want one because you're scared of bedbugs: don't pack it.

  29. In Prague I woke up with the top bunk rockin'. So awkward… so very very awkward. Funny I had forgotten all about that until now

  30. Hostels in your 20s? 90% of people in hostels are in their 20s
    Also, they are awesome. I've just turned 30 and I'm getting sad my hostel days are coming to an end

  31. i’m 18 nearly 19 and whenever i go to hostels usually i’m the youngest and everyone is shocked i’m travelling alone, everyone else seems to be in their 20s. makes me scared that in a year or 2 i’ll be considered old in a hostel!! 😕

  32. I just hosteled all over Iberia for a month, and I'm in my 50s. It's not just for folks in their 20s.

    Also, most hostels dont allow sleeping bag liners any more, because they found that's how bedbugs get from one hostel to the next. I had zero bugs in a month.

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  36. Also bring lots of plastic bags. Just in case shit doesn't dry in time or you forget just throw it in the bag.

  37. This video really helped me. I'm going to Alaska this summer and actually just got in touch with a hostel where I'll be. I'm arriving a little before summer actually starts, so they asked me if I would be willing to help set up in exchange for free accommodations. Definitely not something that could happen with everyone, but since they wont be open yet that really helps with keeping my stuff safe

  38. Definitely would go for hostels if I am in EUROPE! Honestly, the best thing about solo traveling is going back to sleep and not sleeping alone after exploring alone the whole day.

  39. Hostels are not that bad. And the cheapness makes up for all the hassle. Seriously, i would rather spend five nights somewhere cool in a hostel instead one night in a semi-nice hotel (or 14 days in hostel compare in 1 night in fancy hotel).

    and I actually experienced cool hostels where you I shared traveltips with my fellowtravellers. In Rome I was in girls' room and I got tipped off to a cool market place (and then passed the tip along), in St. Petersbourgh I experienced cool drunken parties and gotten tip for political history museum…

  40. Hi Shayla, Great video. However, we just wanted to let you know you are never too old to stay in hostels. Our oldest guest was an 83-year-old woman from Australia who set out to travel the world solo after her husband died. 🙁 But she was friggin awesome!. One night she came to the common room and cleared her voice to get everyone's attention. She then said, "Excuse me, it's 930 and it's time for my nightcap. I'm going to the pub. I would like an escort, preferably male. The whole common room escorted her to the pub. About a half an hour later a young tall Swedish man escorted her back to the hostel and then went back to join the gang. Never too old to be young at heart.

  41. Laundry detergent sheets are compact and they're great to travel with when you don't want to carry around laundry detergent or pods

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