How I Pack for Europe (KonMari)

How I Pack for Europe (KonMari)

Hey guys! So I’m heading off to Europe for a couple
weeks with just a carry-on luggage, so today I thought it’d be fun to show you
how I pack for Europe. Let’s start with the clothes. I’m packing three dresses, two long sleeve
shirts, one light jacket, three pairs of shorts, three
tank tops, and some pajamas. I like to fold my clothes vertically, the
KonMari way obviously, so that I can see every piece from the top. It makes it really easy to pick out what to
wear. I also like to put my underwear and socks
in this pouch that I got from Japan. It’s so convenient, it makes organizing really
fun. And I store my bras and swimsuit in my cap because I think that round shape helps keep
them in place. And those are my mirrors and my combs. This is my toiletry bag. I put everything in here and I love it. Deodorant, face wash, face oil for moisturizer, body lotion, sun block, leave-in hair conditioner,
my conditioning hair mask, toothbrush and toothpaste, my Foreo for washing
my face, razor, makeup remover wipes, and nail stuff. That’s my makeup. And I decided to put my compact in my toiletries
bag. Packing some shoes. Packing my jewelry in little pouches. And chargers and converters. I actually decided to switch the pouch, so
there they are. And I believe that’s it! Yay, I’m ready to go to Europe! Oh yeah, this is what I keep in my backpack which I carry as my purse. And now I am ready to go. Bye guys! See you soon!

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  1. FAQ – I'm in Europe w/o a computer so I can't add this to the description, but here are some quick answers to your questions.

    Where I'm going in Europe: Iceland (layover), London, Nice, Rome, Milan, Berlin

    How I style: check my Instagram for my outfits! @lavendaire

    Am I vlogging? yes! And also snapchatting the trip everyday: lavendaire

    Where I got my suitcase: Shilin Night Market in Taipei (no brand)

    Where I got my backpack: Harajuku in Japan (no brand)

    Where I got my Vermeer journal: Frick Museum in NYC when Girl w a Pearl Earring was showing (Listen to my podcast: "There is Magic & Serendipity in the world" for that full story hehe)

    What isn't shown is what I wore to the plane: an additional outfit of sweats + jacket + sneakers. So in total I brought 2 shoes, not 1.

    Any other questions, leave them below. ^_^ thanks guys!!

  2. Im seriously doing something wrong. For 2 weeks I have 14 boxers, 14 pairs socks, 14 under white T's. 3 jeans, 2 shoes, 5 T's, 5 button ups. 1 slacks, 1 dress shirt. Hoodie, toiletries. And hair dryer. Too much? LoL

  3. Tried this on my last holiday trip to aussie and my luggage has nv been that neat before, during, and after. It makes you find your clothes faster without ruining the organization. Thumbs up!!

    Anyway I am thinking of purchasing the travel 6-in-1 pouch. Do you suggest to put the clothes (of course still vertically) in those pouches or straight to the luggage?

  4. my problem with this is that if u are taking carry on on the plane itself most airlines wont let u take another bag (handbag) on the plane. i got caught out on this during a trip to tenerife x only just saying so others dont get caught out xx

  5. For 3 weeks that's what u take with u 😂😂if it was me I will bring with me everything u get à New subscriber 🙂

  6. Great video! Unfortunately, the toiletry part will not work in France (departing/transferring). They are very strict and will go through and make sure it fits in a quart baggie.

  7. I LOVE this video. You get what you need, and you don't take 5 minutes talking about one very obvious thing that you are taking with you.

  8. Couple suggestions: pack scarves, socks, bathing suit into shoes. Cut down on liquid: use face cleanser cloths that you wet (Olay); use shampoo/conditioner combo; pack liquid make-up into contact lens containers. Choose a base colour and only pack clothing that goes with every other piece of clothing. Then you can go to Europe for a year with just a carry-on!!

  9. How do you pack a soft suitcase with the konmari method? Everybody that uses this method seems to have a hard shell suitcase….

  10. If the only pair of shoes I'd need for two weeks in "Europe" was a tiny pair of Keds I wouldn't need to watch a packing tips video.

  11. I love the idea of packing everything into a Carry On bag but here's my question? How does all that come under the weight limit for carry on Luggage? Like I'm pretty sure the weight limit is only like 7kg for a lot of airlines, that looks like more than 7 kg?

  12. Hi, very useful video, but needed a clarification, doesn't the transparent pouch for the liquids need to be 20*20cm?

  13. Im literally leaving to Europe this week for a month! When i saw the title, i was like “No Way” 😂 Cause i was looking at “How to pack efficiently” and saw this. I thought that was cool

  14. This was lovely to watch :). But you will be forced to put all those toiletries in a bag the size of your hand and close it in front of security lol. I would prob say bring rain jacket for
    London lol. Pair of slip on plimsoles can work for every day . I over pack all the time :(.

  15. For my hongkong 3 weeks trip I packed 2 dresses (one on me), pair of shoes(second is on me), flip flop and swimsuit, 3 pairs of underware, one sketchbook, one journal with 1 fountain pen and a pen, a watercolor, a convertible bag, a purse, a raincoat (from pu, collaptable), hygiene items, one pencil for eyes, one for lips, one blush with a brush, one mascara, and a denim jacket, and one hat is on me. And one soap and several cream samples, and a deodorant. Several pills from headache and food poisoning. And a cotton dress to wear to bed. I still feel like I have too much. I have it all in my rucksag. The foldable bag I will use for my baggage if I buy something there.

  16. Hello Ailee, I would like to know where you bought the pouches where you keep your chargers, clothes etc.

  17. Lavendaire…as a konmari konvert I often share this clip to 'educate' others…so can I be cheeky and ask if you could pin the dimensions including wheels and handle, and fully packed weight, of your case in the Top Comments section. Weight AND Dimensions are being monitored more often than not here in Australia.

    FYI: this clip was a life changer for how my husband packs his cabin bag…Thank you…

  18. You should say at the end of the video: "bye guys, see you in Europe " 🙂 just kidding
    pls come to also Africa, i am from Morocco.

  19. someone may have already asked this but i am interested to know what brand of luggage was in your video ?

  20. What size is your carry on? I'm trying to find one that fits the Icelandair requirements but they're depth is so small compared to US airlines

  21. It’s the first time I’m going to Germany,Switzerland,Paris,& Vienna but i have no idea what to take w/me 😅

  22. So you reuse your clothes over and over again? Do you wash them? Do you wash your underwear a bunch of times? I can't imagine bringing only that much stuff for a couple of weeks.

  23. Thank you for your cool video. But I'm afraid your toiletries bag is a little huge. Is it allowed to take it on airplane board?

  24. so simple and the best packing video 💜
    This is the first time I see your channel … and I loved you so much ❤❤

  25. Idk why it got named after konmarie, i have seen this method years ago and thats how i do most of my clothes in dresser

  26. When it is summer in Europe and hot, you needed more shirts as you sweat the whole day. If you will visit Churches, short is not advisable. I travelled like a minimalist in Italy last week. I ended up buying extra shirts and a dress because it was terribly warm.

  27. This was a really great video. Very stylish yet practical and totally do-able. I'd only suggest that the cap holding your bras be placed at the top closer to the handle so they are less likely to be crushed or lose shape.

  28. THANK YOU for showing how to pack a shaving razor as a carry on! No one else does it! Don't they need to shave their legs and armpits? ha tytytyty

  29. Just watched this, in the uk your make up (mascara, lipstick, gels, foundation)would need to go in the 1 litre clear bag – AND you would on,y be allowed one bag. Your clear bag also looks too big (Manchester airport would have a fit,) BUT I love your packing and folding!

  30. I am going to Europe in june for 2 weeks and im struggling figuring out how ima fit it all. My carry on is ome sided so.

  31. that plastic toiletry bag would be considered too big for some airports. I was asked to put everything in a plastic bag offered by an airport.

  32. I was this close to getting a packing cube set after watching a bunch of these packing videos but after watching this, I'm just going to fold my stuff konmarie style. We're hitting 6 different overnight destinations, and that's a lot of unpacking/repacking, and the last thing I want to do is dig though a compressed packing cube and then have to shove everything back in when we check out. Super easy to pick out outfits too!

  33. Don't they make you throw away lotions and perfumes when they check your carry ons??? Does anyone know how to get away with that?

  34. Portuguese subtitles are available! Click "CC" and check the video settings. Thank you to the contributor listed in the description 💕

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