How I went From VAN DWELLING to LIVEABOARD SAILBOAT Sailing Around the World

How I went From VAN DWELLING to LIVEABOARD SAILBOAT Sailing Around the World

I bought this 1979 Morgan 382, sailing
boat at the age of 23, I’m 24 now with only seven days of sailing experience on
January 18 2016 I boarded a plane in Kansas City and flew to South America
with just over a thousand dollars to my name in a backpack full of camera gear
how did I go from living out of a -backpack to owning a boat that’s a good
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Chromebook so tell me about this experience December 2015 was one of
those “life is really hard” months yes, I’m familiar with those I’ve had those
myself moving forward I felt as if I only had two options the first option
was to continue down the road that I had digressed into I tried to look at the
long-term consequences and see where the path would lead what did you see at the
end of it it seemed that it went down a dark road of depression and inevitably
ended in suicide did you have any other options? the other option was to stop
bitching and moaning get outside and do new things for me it’s a tough love
honesty and courage to get myself out of a depressive state but by far the most
important thing was to actually be doing things but everybody is different if you
feel like you need help definitely talk to somebody and find a goal to strive
towards but what worked for me was the call to adventure I travel had two plane
ticket to South America using credit card rewards I embraced the Vagabond in
Paraguay Argentina Chile again in Argentina back over to Chile in the
north to Peru shooting photos of hostels along the way couchsurfing in the
occasional roadside campsite were the methods that I use to keep my cost down
the whole time creating videos and walking into debt, credit card debt I got which is actually a place that I lived
previously for about three months I bought a ticket in left South America
from Lima Peru to New York City I got to the city and I paid for a shared room in
a three-bedroom apartment in bed-stuy Brooklyn yeah I’m living with quite a
few people and one of them almost got like sexually assaulted this morning
while there were still other of us in the apartment we had the other stop did
for $750 on credit I then realized that the opportunity it disappeared I was low I am negative money’s no direction but I
had a strong will the sacred stubbornness the American spirit and the
refusal to give up AMBITION I went to Massachusetts and I worked on a fishing
boat squid fishing in one week I made $1,800 I borrowed some money from my
mother and then I purchased for $2,000 my van Glady I then converted said van for 3,000
credits do you hear that? it’s the call to go west
manifest destiny back when I was in Maine I filmed Capt’n Mike’s tiny house cabin in the forest in Maine and that spawned alternative living spaces which
I relentlessly filmed while I explored which I relentlessly filmed while I explored the United States of America and eventually down to Baja Mexico in October of 2016 I worked as a migrant
worker and I earned about $3,000 which floated me into 2017 and on January 2nd
of 2017 I posted this video which made January 2017 the first month
in my life that I had made more on my own than I had spent I was officially a
working artist with less than one day sailing experience I decided that in the
summer of 2018 I was gonna sail the Mediterranean so I took to Reddit to ask
for any help that I could possibly get towards realizing this vision because I
had zero idea what to do I received some helpful links, a
realistic cynical comment, and some dude that was trying to sell me his boat from
halfway across the planet that I kind of dismissed as like totally a scam. I went
down to Mexico and I got scuba certified and I gained probably about six hours of
sailing experience. Still confused as to how I was gonna be able to afford a
sailboat in the Mediterranean. I just booked a four hundred square foot suite
on a 14-day transatlantic cruise from Miami Florida to Barcelona Spain. That ship was leaving on April 22nd whether I was on it or not. Quick aside about transatlantic cruise ships, also known as repositioning cruises, is, counter to popular belief, they are actually like a super
affordable option to get yourself across the planet especially whenever you
consider the amount of days that is included as far as goes as lodging and
food. Anyway, I created a crew call. I’m looking for two team members to come aboard the ship. I flew down to Florida and I took a five day sailing course with Reef Runner Sailing. Tara and Jackson were chosen and they
met me down in Miami Florida on just about three weeks notice without a boat secured we boarded the ship that was going to take us across the Atlantic
Ocean to Barcelona over the next 14 days. We bonded rapidly as we took
advantage of our days on the water and actually about a week before we arrived
in Barcelona we secured a boat and we actually secured the boat from the
Reddit post that I posted back in February for $10,000 which is a third of
the original proposed price. On arrival in Barcelona on May 6 2018 we
disembarked the cruise ship and we boarded our new home, this sailing vessel. We paid Andre, sorted some paperwork, we sailed, repaired the boat, and renamed the boat. And then, voila.
Floating Orb Productions, Inc. was the official owner of this 1979 Morgan 382
sailing vessel named Arianrhod. And that’s how I went from living out of a
backpack to owning a boat and sailing the Mediterranean!

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