How much sleep do I REALLY get in med school?

How much sleep do I REALLY get in med school?

Hi guys! I’ve been getting a ton of questions on exactly
how much sleep I get so today I wanted to explain that and divide it up by all the rotations
I’ve been thru and really talk about how much sleep I’ve been getting. So if you guys don’t know I’ve been wearing
this Withings watch for a little less than two years and I’ve talked about this watch
before but the reason why I like it so much is because it looks like a regular watch but
it actually tracks your activity throughout the day and as well as your sleep at night. So I’ve sort of gathered all the data from
the past two years or so and kind of graphed everything out so that I can visually look
at how much sleep I’m getting. It’s actually very interesting. So let’s get started. The first graph is here is the entire second
year of medical school. You can see my average sleep is about 7 and
a half hours and that’s something I’ve been preaching a lot like I try to get 7 to 8 hours
of sleep. That’s my goal in life–pretty much. And you guys can see there a little bit of
standard deviation–1.6 hours for the most part my sleep can range from between 6 and
8 hours. I’d say that’s pretty good. Really, the nice thing about the first two
years of medical school is your flexibility in terms of scheduling so you get to kind
of make your own schedule, listen to the lectures on your own time, and if you’re really sleep
deprived then you get to sleep in a little bit or you can go to sleep earlier and it
doesn’t really matter. You’re not really technically required to
be at school for the most part. So moving on to Step 1 studying. If you guys don’t know, Step 1 is a board
exam for people in medical school. It’s part one of three board exams that you
have to take in order to become a licensed MD. You take Step 1 after second year medical
school, Step 2 during your 4th year, and Step 3 sometime during your residency, first year. So during Step 1 studying, you can see my
average was a little less than second year of medical school. My average is 7.1 hours but I have a narrower–smaller
standard deviation of 1.2 hours. I didn’t wanna sacrifice any sleep during
Step 1 time because sleep is really important in learning and forming memories so I wanted
to keep it as regular and as routine as possible. Moving on to third year of medical school,
when everything changes and you’re actually required to be at the hospital everyday. Psychiatry was my first rotation. It looks like I didn’t get that much sleep
during psych. I have 6.4 hours average and 1.2 standard
deviation. I think the reason why I have a little less
sleep in psychiatry even though it’s considered a less rigorous rotation is because it was
my first rotation of third year. So I was probably nervous and trying to get
up early so I can look nice for the hospital and everything. That’s probably why I have a little less sleep
than I should have for psych rotation–I think. Also it was summer time, this was during July
and August, so I was probably during stuff at night with friends, enjoying my summer. I think that’s why I had a little less sleep
at 6.4 hours. Next rotation I had was pediatrics rotation,
for that rotation, I remember my watch battery ran out and I just didn’t have time to buy
the new battery or I kept on forgetting so I don’t have any data from peds rotations–which
sucks cause in peds I thought we had a lot of variability inpatient time, office time
so I wanted to see what my sleep would look like but unfortunately, I don’t have that
data. Next rotation I had is ob-gyn. And you can see that my average sleep was
about 6.7 hours with 2.0 standard deviation. You can see beginning of the rotation, I’m
staying pretty much consistent but then towards the end, there’s a lot of ups and downs and
a lot of dips, probably because I was spending a little more time studying, some of these
may have been an error of my watch, it says two nights I got like 2 hours of sleep. That’s probably not true. But I do remember being very tired during
ob-gyn and taking some naps so I think that threw off my sleep schedule a little bit. The next rotation was Family Medicine. So for family medicine, it looks like I got
a lot of sleep, at an average of 7.1 hours with 1.5 hours of standard deviation. It looks like there is a clear pattern going
on where beginning of the rotation, I have a very consistent sleep schedule and then
towards the end it kinda dips up and down a lot. Also family medicine, if you guys remember,
is the month I did my vlogmas. So I think if I didn’t do vlogmas, I probably
would have gotten a little more sleep but because I was doing filming, editing and trying
to upload on time I think Iost a little bit of sleep there. So next is rotation is surgery, there is a
ton of ups and downs. So average hours of 6.4 and 1.9 hours of standard
deviation. You guys can see, there’s a ton of ups and
downs during surgery–that’s because I think I was waking up at like 4:45am… or trying
to get to hospital by 4:45am on most days on surgery. But there were days, like on weekends when
I didn’t have to go in and I would just sleep forever. I really wanted to make up that sleep debt
whether that’s real or not, so I think that’s why there’s so many ups and downs. I don’t see that similar pattern of sleeping
consistently beginning of the rotation and then not sleeping as much towards the end
because I think throughout I was just studying and trying to stay on top of things and waking
up early so I think that’s why it’s so erratic during this rotation. Next and finally, it’s not completely done
but it’s my internal medicine rotation. This rotation, I have the least amount of
sleep so far. I don’t quite understand why cause I go into
the hospital a little later than surgery but it looks like I’ve been getting an average
of 6.2 hours and 1.7 hours of standard deviation. It looks like there’s also a lot of ups and
downs in internal medicine. My guess for why the average is so low is
because for internal medicine. I’ve been going into the hospital 6 days a
week, whereas most of my other rotation it’s 5 days a week. So almost everything that I’ve done so far,
I’d only go in on Monday through Friday and occasionally maybe a weekend shift but for
internal medicine, I’ve been consistently going in every Saturday as well so I think
that’s why the average is a little low. There are definitely days when I have a lot
of sleep and I’ve taken couple naps in internal medicine. The way the software works for my watch is
it will add in all the naps as part of your sleep. I think that’s why I have all these upward
bumps in internal medicine. Those are naps! So that’s all the data I have so far on how
much sleep I’m getting in med school. I’ll try to do an update video in the future
when I’m down with med school and I wanna make two disclaimers before I end the video. Number 1 is that this watch measures sleep
by how much you’re moving in your sleep so it kind of calculates based on light sleep
and deep sleep. So it’s not a perfect way to measure how much
sleep you’re getting but over a long period of time it gives you a relative idea of how
much sleep you’re getting. Disclaimer number 2 is that this video is
not really meant to show you how much sleep you’d be getting in each of these rotation
or specialties, these are my personal experience, there’s a lot of personal stuff going on like
vlogmas and how much I was going out, or how much I was studying at night, so it’s not
really an objective view of how much sleep YOU will be getting in these rotation or if
you were to go into these specialties. So with that, I’m gonna end the video here. If you guys have any questions, about my watch,
or how much sleep I’m getting or any details, please let me know in the comment section
and I’ll try to answer them if I can. Thank you guys so much for watching and I
will see you guys in the next video. Byeee!

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