How the Grinch Stole Christmas (3/9) Movie CLIP – I Hate Christmas (2000) HD

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (3/9) Movie CLIP – I Hate Christmas (2000) HD

## [ Piano ]
For some reason,
when he came home that day,he really got
into the Christmas spirit
for the first time.[ Man, Falsetto ]
#Baby, picture you and me #
Perfect !# Hangin’ ’round
a Christmas tree #
Whoopsy.# Colored lights
and an angel up above #
Ahh !# Christmas of love #What a lovely family heirloom ![ Chorus ]
#Gather everyone
And they’re gonna come ## Have a lot of fun
at Christmas time ## Now it’s on the way
Everybody say #
Whoo-hoo-hoo !# We’re gonna have
a Christmas of love #The fires of love !# Baby, make a little wish #This will be perfect
on the top of her tree.Oh, Martha !
Oh, Christmas!# Everything you been
dreaming of ## Christmas of love #
#Love, love, love #I want you all
to look your best tomorrow. You don’t have a chance with her. You’re eight years old
and you have a beard ! [ Happy Chattering ]
[ Teacher ] Has everyone
given their gifts ?[ Young Grinch ] I haven’t.
– [ All ] What ? Merry Christmas, Martha May.
[ Students Laughing ]Why do you have
a bag on your head?Probably because
he’s embarrassed by
that hideoderous gift.[ Laughing ]
Mr. Grinch,please take the bag off.Yes, you…
take it off, hmm ?Put the book down. And your foot. –[ Young May-Who ]
Look at that hack job !
– [ Laughing Raucously ] Stupid present ! -[ Screams ]
-[ Young Grinch ] Stupid tree!I hate Christmas ! The anger.
The fury ! The muscles !
[ Pants ] – [ Growling ]
[ Screaming Continues ][ Martha May ]
It was a horrible day, when
they were so cruel to him.And…
I could hardly bear it!

100 thoughts on “How the Grinch Stole Christmas (3/9) Movie CLIP – I Hate Christmas (2000) HD

  1. The other kids Make fun of Grinch for having a hairy face
    They don’t say anything about their wacky hairstyles

  2. You know the person who plays the young grinch is a little person named josh Ryan Evan who died at 20 !!! Not a little kid!!!

  3. This movie teaches an important life lesson: If you constantly bully and humiliate someone, don't be surprised by how they turn out later.

  4. The whos made fun of Grinch for being hairy, but they never say anything about their wacky hairstyles

  5. Me: So, today I am gonna be reading this Redstone guide about pistons, on-

    That other guy: **ThE ThIRD PaGe OF thE BooK oF WHOOOOO**

  6. 2:20 Goodddddd goodddddd let the anger and hate flow through you. Release your hatred and anger.

  7. I feel bad for the Grinch because the teacher laughed at him I really don't like the teacher the laughing at him 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  8. The damn teacher cares more about the bag over his head then him being tortured by the students, I don't think Donald Trump's presidency is as big a cowpile as this scene we just watched

  9. Two things always bothered me about this scene. If Martha May liked the Grinch so much, why didn't she say or do anything when Augustus and everyone else were laughing at him? Also the teacher was laughing at him too and didn't do anything about the incident. No wonder the Grinch turned into an evil guy, because his past was so tragic and nobody had no sympathy for him!

  10. I have never cringed at a scene in a Christmas movie like this ever, with the possible exception of the Night Before, or the tongue stick scene from a Christmas Story.

  11. I always felt like I was The Kid Grinch and Charlie Brown. Because i always felt like being different in school was weird. I always thought that because of me living in the hood i would be unlucky and never having stuff Popular kids had or having the beautiful girl. I hated being a nerd and i hated being me. I hated it so much to the point where i wanted a knife just to kill myself. 😞😞

  12. Say what you want about this movie, but at least they give the Grinch a reason to be the way he is, with him being an orphan and outlasted by the other children. The original felt like it went out of it's way to make the Grinch look like the most evil, one dimensional villain ever that just suddenly turns good out of no where. At least in this movie their is some hope he can be good.

  13. I felt so bad for him. All he wanted was to give her a gift and people had to ruin it and make fun of him for the way he looked. I would stood up for him honestly.

  14. For all the shity people out there and all the bully’s this is why people feel put down and change because there’s shity people out there

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