10 thoughts on “How to Clean Suede

  1. What a waste. What made me laugh was when you put the words over what you were demonstrating. Plain useless and stupid!

  2. all you need is sone rough sand paper, i genlly sand paper the area, it works well . i did my jacket and shoes. other cleanesr stain or inbed the stain deeper. the sand paper gets it ouz and keeps the rough appearance of the suede. TRY IT…its easy and fast. i even removed a blood stain from a light brown suede jacket

  3. thanks for the tips Gandolf!!! don't you think if people had "suede cleaning solution" they would read the instruction?!!!

  4. i can't find video on how to clean my suede sofa from dog pee. My sofa is 100% suede (NOT microfiber), there are 100 videos on microfiber.

  5. This sucks and js want clicks. It doesn't show a realistic approach bt a if there's a small stain on a whole jacket type of dabbing. To tiny for a huge jacket. Who has time for small patches

  6. Are you kidding me? I had a old real suede fur coat with lamb wool lining. I used some cut-up sections to line my dog's sleeping box. When the suede started to smell to doggy-like, I decided to throw in it the washer with a bit of liquid laundry detergent, followed by complete machine drying. The thing came out beautifully: perfectly clean, nice fresh smell and even more softer to the touch. So I decided to take it up a notch. The exact same washing procedure was applied to an old (and dirty) Territory Ahead real suede coat with flannel lining. Boy was the washing water dirty so I rinsed the coat twice. And again the results were awesome: the coat is now like new. Spend $75 on dry-cleaning the thing with absolutely no guaranty on the results? No way!

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