How to Fall Asleep FAST! 20 Life Hacks for Sleep Everyone Should Know!!

How to Fall Asleep FAST! 20 Life Hacks for Sleep Everyone Should Know!!

*Music* *Music* *Music* *Music* *Music* *Music* *Music* *Music* *Music* *Music* *Music* *Music* *Music* Hey guys, it’s Wengie welcome back to my channel or if you’re new around here. You’re in for [a] treat and going be crazy I hug For the next little while you’re gonna be watching me do one of my favorite things in the whole wide world and that is sleep. And although I love sleeping so much. Like literally I would just sleep for the whole day if i could I haven’t had the chance to do that for a while but that would be like my dream. Despite [that] I actually have a lot of trouble falling asleep sometimes just anxious or stressed and when there’s a lot going on in my life waste thinking about the things I shouldn’t be thinking about It night freaking myself out and just really impossible to get a good night’s sleep So if you’ve ever experienced this video is going to help you guys so today. I’m going to going through 20 and life hacks to help you relax well let’s sleep and while I was filming this video It was hilarious because my cat had no trouble falling asleep hold up if you guys aren’t part of the family It’s here already. I encourage you guys to join. It is so simple just click the subscribe button on screen right now I’m doing a special giveaway for my fam Be giving away three Macbook air so easy to enter just do two things one is me subscribe to this amazing family right here The next is to be part of my blog squad what means to subscribe to my blog channel? It’s a place where I can get super intimate with you guys and update you on my life And what’s happening and also during this video keep an eye [out] for Mr.. Flom P food you know? What would be so cool guys if we can get this video for? 150,000 thumbs or I can because you guys are the most awesomest, so without further ado. Let’s get straight to the video. Let’s go Having some white noise around really helps you sleep, but not the sudden annoying ones such as far Labor’s a wildlife these kind of noises are disruptive for this pressure Sensors and Joel you out of your relaxed fate the best way to counter this is to turn on some white noise Yourself and this is a calming music track or the TV at low volume and you can actually pop your headphones on the headphones Ensure that the outside noise won’t disrupt you and it kind of acts like Earplugs my favorite noises are probably raindrop sounds rainy days are one of the most relaxing Kind of times and really makes me want to crawl into bed and sleep you please write So I found out that there is a magic sleep button in the middle of our foreheads There’s a pressure point between our eyes that’s called the third eye Appropriately of course and it’s set to relieve anxiety fear and depression and also help with Insomnia This is the same spot as well If you want to put essential oils to help you sleep one of the oils that’s known to make you fall asleep easier is Jasmine oil This might sound a little bit strange But you can try blinking really quickly for 60 seconds tired eyes will help you sleep pasta. Which is true now I’m not sure if there’s any evidence behind this one, but I tried it anyways during the [daytime] was pretty uncomfortable But blinking in the dock was absolutely fine and my eyes actually did feel kind of tired Afterwards let me know if it works for you and for me Did you know there’s a theoretical perfect temperature to fall asleep? Studies have shown that setting your room temperature to 65 degrees Fahrenheit or 18 degrees Celsius helps you sleep fastest That’s kind of cold, but this is because your body’s core temperature actually drops as you go to sleep [so] setting a cooler room temperature will help your body cool down faster. We don’t have a thermostat you can try sticking your feet [out] from underneath the blankets or your arm or whatever this is what I normally do or buy a Dinner with a little warmth rating or direct a fan towards you keep in [mind] This is an average and everybody’s perfect temperature is slightly different, so find one. That’s right for you I have a feeling my perfect temperature is actually pretty high because I like being Super warm when [I] [say] from So you can try this meditation technique? All you need to do is work your way down your body Focusing and consciously relaxing each muscle in your body if you’re having trouble doing this you can actually tense the muscles First and then relax it when you finish your whole body should be relaxed, and you should just float off into sleep justice, but now a spoonful of honey before bed has been shown to drastically improve your night’s sleep and an even [better] way to have this is to combine it with some warm soy milk or milk and Vanilla which will help you fall asleep faster This is definitely [a] case where the old wives tale actually has some truth to it milk and soy milk have an ingredient called Tryptophan which is a natural calming agent that relaxes your body without Medication that is why I always feel sleepy after a cup [of] milk only use your bed for a place to sleep and Another certain activity but try not to do anything else in bed like watch movies or eat food or other exciting attention-Grabbing Activities also only wear your PJs before it’s time to sleep and this helps condition your brain to [know] that when your PJs Are you going to bed? It’s time for your body to wind down and get into sleep mode this was going to be my favorite one because Apparently hiding our cat helps you get to sleep For this lucky enough to have a pet it has to be sure that petting your furry little friend before sleep is a great way To de-stress and calm your body for our peaceful sleep and apparently a cats purr is Really one of the best stress relieving sounds ever it also takes you away from doing other potentially stimulating activities And you can try a soft toy if you don’t have a child you like sleeping on your side try sleeping on your left side apparently sleeping on the right can lead to acid reflux and Gastrointestinal problems because of the way your stomach is orientated which can interfere with a good night’s sleep also If he have enjoyed pregnant sleeping on the right can interview blood flow to your heart which sounds pretty bad and dangerous the left side it is Try eating some tart cherries before bed these fruits are one of the few natural sources of Melatonin Which can help you regulate your circadian? Rhythm and get you on [a] regular consistent sleep schedule can also get melatonin in a tablet But I much prefer eating cherries being in a pitch-black dark room also helps you produce military There’s actually a specific breathing pattern that is meant to induce the sleepiness which I thought sounded too good to be true Basically you need to breathe for four seconds hold it for seven then breathe out over eight seconds You need to do this four times, and you should feel more relaxed dig that reason why this works is a little bit unclear But it seems to be related to a meditation breathing technique that focuses on relaxation and breathing Exercises in General are really awesome to get into Take a hot bath or shower before you sleep I know some people shower at night and others in the morning But if you’re undecided this is a good reason to bathe at night the reason this helps you sleep faster Is that your body temperature? rises during your bath And then the rapid temperature drop off do you get out is similar to the temperature drop that occurs before you sleep? Which makes you feel sleepy at Roulette? Put away all your electronics at least 30 minutes before sleeping numerous studies have shown that blue light from electronic devices disrupts your ability to relax and sleep But some people like myself actually do one down on their phone or iPad sometimes so what then there’s actually an app called Twilight that removes all emitted blue light from your screens which for me is totally [game-changing], and you can actually set it So this automatically turns on at a certain time of night Try having a bowl of oatmeal not only does it help you sleep, but it also helps with weight loss and lowering cholesterol Oats Contain both Magnesium and calcium which are two minerals important for restful nights Magnesium has a calming effect on the body and is also an important building block for Melatonin at a deficiency of Magnesium can be one of the causes of Insomnia do the cognitive shuffle you need to imagine random objects a one after another lacks a unicorn cat toaster or Just random stuff This works because often the [reason] we can’t sleep is that our brains are still thinking about all the problems of the day Which I do every single night and not letting itself went down this activity signals to the brain that there are no more important things to think about for the day because the objects are so random and Unconnected that the brain feels like it can officially sign off for the night the other way to do This is use a word like unicorn and imagine as many objects starting with each letter as possible If you’re having trouble sleeping put your legs up against your head foot Or wool this actually comes from a yoga pose? And not surprisingly cold legs up the wall Very very clever with their names a harvard study actually showed that people who practice Yoga for eight weeks slept far better than people who didn’t but also found that if we didn’t have enough time to practice yoga Just this single pose would be enough to help pose release stress, but also take strain off your lower back muscles And it’s pretty easy to do One of the best ways to fall asleep is to get a massage with some aromatherapy I actually have fallen asleep pretty much every time I go and get a massage this definitely works Getting your bae to help you with this is ideal but if not You can still apply a few drops of essential Oils onto your pillow for a relaxing effect and the other thing I love to use is this I massager as well which Really pops me to sleep straight away. I literally drift off before the 10 minute session is When you can’t sleep and you want to toss and turn? Try not to it won’t help I’ve done it enough times to know that tossing and turning only makes you even more restless Just continue to be as still as you can and eventually the sensation of restlessness will pass. Maybe you matter with some other hacen fullest Most people set an alarm to wake up But you should also try setting alarm to tell you when to sleep Or at least tell you when you should start getting ready for sleep I am super bad at this and I always go to bed way too late Science has shown that Sleeping at the same time every day of to regulate your circadian rhythm which helps your body know when it’s time to go to sleep So I’d so much fun filming this video because I just got to lie in bed And we have like seven days to go before the next video so if you guys can’t wait join me on my Snapchat Instagram Twitter and my social medias cuz I update that during the week with bunch of random things that happen Miss you guys So much, and I’ll see you guys soon bye, love you

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