how to get no sleep & survive a school day

how to get no sleep & survive a school day

On the fourth day of Vlogmas Ha Music Music Fades Yeah, what why I know I’m better but…… in my bathroom So why wouldn’t you take her Along that one so comfy Yeah, I’m pretty also Yeah Three happy vlogmas, it’s 7:30. Oh, that’s now getting lighter Because I’m washing them. Do you ever wash your covers? Hey, good morning you guys so it’s a vlog and stink for but in real life. It’s I’m filming this. It’s November 28th. Uh, hello when your eyelashes first get done to think you’ll really achieve sometime So got my eyelash extensions refilled last night and my eyes are like itchy anyway so Welcome to today’s vlog. It’s a one hour delay So every other Wednesday we get an extra hour to sleep in which is really nice to start out this morning I’m going to enter inspirational quote. Hope that makes your day better I want to try this more because I think it’s really cool and I liked it a lot so I tried it So there’s not there’s kind of one on the agenda today. Not really I don’t know you guys will just see as the day goes along first. I want to talk about surviving on Little I went to bed at 1:00 last night and I woke up at I had my alarm set for 6:00 And then I snoozed it till 7:00 and it’s now almost 8:00. So the night before this Monday night. I stayed up till 2:00 and had to wake up at 6:30 And the reason I stay absolutely is Literally just to talk to my boyfriend because we both have really busy days and the only time I get to talk to each other Is at the end of the day really not Healthy like I should be going to bed at 12:00 at the latest. Like that’s still really lately I woke up at 6:30 that so in six and a half hours of sleep. Like that’s still not good What I’ve noticed about not getting sleep because I don’t really sleep that much I get like really good sleep So you can’t go like two nights in a row getting four hours of sleep can’t do that Like your body will just crash if it’s like four asleep one night and then it’s like six to seven hours of sleep another night You’re probably gonna be fine. Should you be doing that? No, you should be getting in like eight obviously, okay What time do you go to bed? Yeah, that’s like that’s so healthy. I’m I’m more talking to myself And said guys like I’m not like accusing me you guys I’m like talking about myself like I should not be Like I should not be doing this, so I’m more like telling myself I’m not like yelling at anyone out there but if you want to If you do need to get little sleep for whatever reason it’s just not good like if you have exams and stuff it’s just kind of like also the difference between having coffee and not having coffee when you’re sleep-deprived is literally it’s like Caffeine another big tip lots of water and the last tip I have is to not take naps because naps give you okay I don’t know where I’m going with this but like I would rather push through like if I’m tired during the day I’d rather push through and be productive and get everything done and then go to bed early instead of like taking a nap and then Staying up later and then you know like whatever so I think it’s like if you’re tired push through and don’t take a nap because then you can get everything done and then go to bed early and Get a ton sleep. Okay, I’m gonna take my retainer out and I’m gonna get ready Okay already and now I’m going to go upstairs get some breakfast and go to school, all right, I’m almost ready to go. Oh Oh All right, let’s go. Yes, Alexa. Turn the kitchen light off Oh Still kind of weird. All right. Oh my gosh, I should probably be wearing a jacket. It’s like So cool Oh, where’s the temperature? Oh my god. It’s so cold Okay, so I’m at school and they’re gonna pick me up in a few minutes so basically what we are doing today is we are going to Preschool and we are gonna help little kids like learning how the snowboard and just like hang out with them and talk to them So yeah, I’m pretty excited I probably won’t film any of that just because they’re little kids and they need full attention, you know, and it’ll be fun But if I do end up getting clubbed whoop-dee-do. Thank you next fight On my way home Okay so I’m back home right now only for a short period of time though through my sheets in the wash and I’m going to be Filming a winter haul on my channel soon So I’m gonna give you guys like a sneak peek of the whole I help with clothes over there in that corner so far I’m gonna do like giveaway in it, too. So this is from brandy. Melville. You have some stickers. Oh, yes I love this slack sweater partying actually, and then this yellow los angeles t-shirt so cute these are more like just casual shirts to wear with like some jeans and stuff like that cuz I don’t have too many of the Hawaii shirt, and then also just this yellow and white striped plain t-shirt And they’re not too cropped if you like a perfect amount of crops So it’s not like a stream and you can wear it with like high-waisted jeans and stuff like that But yeah, that’s when I got from Brandi all coming to on the main channel if it’s not already out Okay, so it looks like I don’t have enough time to film but I got this in one of my other vlogs there It wasn’t a vlog vlog, but Maggie and I went to Target and we got some stuff. So here are some twinkle lights I’m pretty sure I’m just gonna wrap around. It’s a little Christmas tree right here. And then also we have the bulbs Okay, I have like five minutes to do this. Jingle bells. Jingle bells jingle all the way Oh It is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh Gonna do six and we have a Christmas tree upstairs We can put some of these on can I do one more sparkly one because I really like these sparkly ones there That looks perfect. And I kind of want to like maybe wrap Christmas paper around this and then set it in a jar So it’s like the mason jar is like a little present I don’t really know yet, but I’ll do this when I get home. This looks so cute now I am going to grab my stuff and head back to school with jeans on Oh God What is it’s for heads in hard let’s do this losing her She’s not about it Likes a book talk too long and I’m considering not doing it for maybe what 50 points 40 40 Shut out the blog Katie’s back. Hi guys, there’s rose. This is e TV and we make really fun stuff here Hanna is like the best at making Less than a parking lots at parking lots music follow us stream us on Spotify Apple music guys roses bands my band go listen to us do it Do it and you’ll live forever what’s up guys so I’ve been home from school for a little bit and I was I have some stuff in here that I’m working on you guys wanna see I’ll tell you soon enough I’m going to Emily’s I think we’re going to go to a car wash and then I have my workout clothes in here as well Because hey Marino workout. So let’s go. Is it a vlog if you don’t see Toby what? Where’s Roxy Roxy Roxy can hear her thumping their tail? So I forgot that I have all of these Boxes during my dad’s house because in the last vlog I had pull on the bean bags I unboxed and brought to my dad’s but now Literally, look at how big these are there’s two of those and then here we have just five huge boxes So you have to unbox all these before I go Huh love it Wow Surprise little surprise Another another one and oh, okay, and that is the first box second box. Oh You guys know what these are not you’ll see soon enough a la part room is gonna be so good. I Literally have like 12 boxes right here a blanket. Oh, hello. Yes Yes Yes, and the laundry basket Wow so know what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna pack everything oh my gosh I cannot wait. I’m gonna pack everything in here So all of this came out of all of that, all right time for this is my car I laid the Oh Alright finally done after all of that rearranging I’m gonna put some music on and go to my dad Wicked Elvis stuff this this is a laundry basket and it’s full of the decorations. I’m so excited Alright sneak peek of dads room whose dad and I’m gonna do a full video on like the room but yes Sagging actually a couple of these before I go because I left these here. These are my favorite cookies ever This is the best I think I’m gonna I don’t know if I should actually I think I’m gonna bring this to Emily because she’ll be so happy I did I’m petting your cat you found out it was a her, right? Selena I’m vlogging. I’m vlogging Your dog’s name is lucky, right? Yeah. Hi lucky Spencer the double cat. What up, dog ready? It’s not that it’s not like showing you my tooth surprise. It’s just kind of stupid No, I know I All right squad going to the carwash There’s holes in the bottom of your shoes. Like they’re cute. Oh, they’re so cute. Didn’t your mom make those for you? Yeah, why would you put it in neutral right now? Cuz you’re not going to use this homies Like why are these teenage girls driving arrange would I turn this on windshield wipers? Yeah, but why is it it’s automatic So I think I should just turn it off Is that okay, okay Awesome that’s a 100 record or I don’t know if the four dots I just This homeys awesome, I feel like okay life do I turn off my windshield wipers? Pretty sure no guys guys guys. No, it’s not. No Emily. How do I turn it off? I don’t think it matters Emily oh my god. I got it. No. Those are the lights It’s bastard. Oh my god. Oh my god Did he give me an under wash? Oh cool That’s really awesome I’ll be done here. I can’t believe you turned back around here I friend Tyler works at this car wash and he turned around just to come see it I thought you would be washing the car. Oh There’s another car coming. I Cannot believe you came back. Oh I have the funniest story. Okay, the first time I ever went into a car wash alone I literally didn’t know that I was supposed to like cuz no one was working And so I pull up and I kept it in Drive my car starts going through the car wash and line You know cuz I hope that things like move super fast yeah, I was Bulai through the carwash and then I slam on my brakes and the guy comes right but I was never more embarrassed and he was like put your car in neutral drive through and come through again, and I was like Okay, and I’d arrived here. So on my car everything on my car and I Drive through a rowdy really like oh my gosh, yeah I just got up I didn’t know I just put in hitch what the car like moves by itself when it’s in Drive still, you know? It goes faster on the x2 and so I didn’t understand cuz no one was there and so I was like we are they gonna come out so all of a sudden my cars just starts going I let go of The brakes I was scared if I break it’s gonna ruin my tires. It was stupid another day your car in neutral I don’t know no one is gonna tell me so I was like that was probably the dumbest moment I’ve ever had so he found this like random Christmas tree farm thing in the middle of the parking lot and it’s so Cute, we just want to snag a few pics. It’s really cute. Oh, I don’t But you think the root face Hey guys, so I am now back at home and I have a lot of editing to do so I’m gonna end this vlog here. Thank you guys for watching and I will see you tomorrow. Bye guys. Love you It’s much it’s not thank you next

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  1. I'm watching this in summer. Why? Because its five Am and I got sucked into netflix. Not a wink of sleep.

  2. I hate it when people are mean to black cats. The only reason why people hate on black cats is because of the color of their fur. If it was any other color you’d go out and snuggle the little kitty.

  3. My alarm for school goes off at 4:50 A.M (school starts early) and I cannot sleep because I’ve pulled all nighters all summer and now I regret it because the first day of school is tomorrow

  4. Ive stayed up all night one time and wasnt tierd at all.. I was stressed at the end of the school day though..

  5. Omg school didn't start yet and it's summer! And I'm watching vlogmas, I mean …. I don't want winter to come…

  6. This isn’t what I’m looking for, I haven’t slept ALL night tonight, I’m looking to survive my test tomorrow

  7. it’s the week before school and i’m already watching vlogmas because how excited i am for winter, anyone else doin the same?

  8. I had a panic attack now I can’t sleep so I’m staying up all night and it my first day of grade 7 tomorrow I need Jesus

    Edit it’s 1 hour till school I’m not tired I’m hyped up I had two coffees

  9. I need to get my sleep schedule fixed. Imma stay up his while ass day, then go my ass to sleep at night. You feel me??

  10. I didn't work out today and I feel terrible about it so as a 'punishment' or whatever I have to stay up all night and work out, I don't care if it's not healthy, I wanna lose some weight, okay? Don't come at me.

  11. I'm a child and. a have not sleep for a week cuz I'm stuck talking to my class on snap chat and half my class falls asleep and we are only in 6th and YouTube my dad thinks he is gonna wake me up in 5 mins for school but if I get caught I'm grounded so here goes another day

  12. This bitch has no clue what late it
    Real niggas know that we go to sleep at 3 am every night and wake up at 6:30 quit complaining god damn

  13. American highschool girls' lifestyle is so different from Asian highschool girls. Especially southeast asians. Like really! They're more free and liberated. Normaly can drive a car by then amd such. 😅

  14. Hello. My mom said if she catches me on the computer she will smash my face on the


  15. Its been 3 days when i sleep🤔 looks pretty tired damn you insomnia let me sleep im already tired when were doing p.e at school.

  16. i got 2 hours of sleep the 1st day and the next 2 days i got 4 hours of sleep.. i was extremely tired at school and couldn't focus at all

  17. You don’t wanna do this cause your body will try to make up for your loss of energy with dopamine making you sound drunk and will make you think out loud because of the increase of dopamine near the end of the day that dopamine high will stop and your body will start producing melatonin, that will make you want to go to a dark place and shut down (pass out) so please don’t follow this persons advice just go to sleep and be responsible

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