How to Get Your Boyfriend to Buy You a Designer Handbag

Dear…you saw the picture I sent you? So
nice right, the bag! Yeah, it will go with that new dress I bought!
The pair of shoes that I just bought! My glasses!
My contact lenses! My Ezy Link card! I want to make YOU look good…so I have make sure I look good as well…
Dear…do I make you happy? Do you love me?
My friends all have it! And all their boyfriends bought it for them!
Susan’s boyfriend bought it for her! Susan’s steady bought it for her!
Susan’s sugar daddy… Susan’s husband…
Susan’s lover… Susan’s gigolo…
Haiyoh…even Susan’s “it’s complicated”… I can’t watch movie these days…
I can’t go out and have dinner… Oh I can’t afford a taxi to go to your house…
I’m saving up for the bag… No, I can’t take the MRT…eh, the prices
have increased, you know! No, I can’t take the bus…
Cannot walk…eh I haven’t even eaten, you know! Because I’ve been saving up to buy the bag… It’s perfect! I can use it for work!
The beach! For picnics!
I can use this bag to ‘chope’ seats at Amoy St! The hawker centre is always so crowded!
Ah when we go travelling! It’s perfect! Better to use a Chanel than to use tissue
paper! Look at Blake Lively…so gorgeous carrying
that bag… Li Bing Bing
Zoe Tay Michelle Chong
Jade Seah So happening
Joanne Peh Tin Pei Ling
Qiu Qiu So hot!
Xiaxue So good
Jade Seah So classy! Don’t you want me to look as classy
as Miley Cyrus?!

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