How To Make 6 Secret Hiding Spots

How To Make 6 Secret Hiding Spots

– [Narrator] Today, we’re
gonna build six secret safes to hide all your valuables
using common household items, so whether you’re looking
to stash a house key or perhaps that wad of cash,
here are six interesting ways to keep your objects
secure in plain sight. We purchased pre-made
versions of all the safes we’re gonna make, just so we could compare homemade versions to the
store-bought variety. You’ll find a link to
those in the description, as well as a giveaway, so check that out, but kicking things off,
let’s build a book safe. Here, we have a plastic
store-bought version. It even contained a
lockbox which didn’t make that much sense to us,
because if someone found it, they could easily take it home with them and crack it open later. Also, we found the plastic
to be just a bit obvious, so let’s make our own using a real book. The first step is to go about 20 pages in and then clamp down the
remainder of the pages. If available, grab a small container to measure out the size you
wanna cut inside the box and then you can trace around
it to have a starting point. We’ll be gluing this inside
the book once we carve into it. Get yourself a sharp cutting
tool and very carefully begin slicing around the traced lines, removing five to 10 pages at a time. You don’t wanna cut too deep,
as you might run into snags. This might take a while, so
put some coffee on the pot. Once you’ve hit your desired depth, place your container inside to
make sure that it fits well. Spread some glue on the container and put it inside until it dries. This is also gonna help keep
the desired form of the pages. Now wrap the book covers with some foil so that no glue gets on the outside, as that would sorta give away the fact that the book is more than it seems. Clamp everything together and put some clear drying glue on it. I used a small bottle of spray glue but Elmer’s or any
household glue will work. Just coat the outer pages and spread it around using a brush. Once you’re done, set it all
out to dry for a few hours and then make sure to glue the back pages to the bottom cover so
it doesn’t move around. That’s about it. Just put your nifty items inside the book and file it back on the
bookshelf for easy keeping. No one will be the wiser. Can you tell the difference
between these two Pringles cans? One’s a diversion safe
and the other isn’t, but both contain real chips. This ordinary looking Pringles
can remains sealed at the top but has a secret stash
compartment at the bottom. You simply unscrew the bottom, stash whatever you want inside
and then screw it back on. We really like this diversion safe, so we decided to put our own spin on it. Get yourself a full can of Pringles chips of any flavor, really,
and flip it upside down. You can use a can opener
to slowly and carefully cut out and remove the bottom. The benefit of making
your own stash can is that you get to decide
how many chips to remove and how big you want your
secret compartment to be. To keep the remaining
chips contained in the top, we used cardboard to cut
out a cylindrical platform and then hot glued it inside. This is gonna leave enough
room for a storage container. With a little trial and
error, we discovered that a four ounce canning
jar with an aluminum foil lid holds a good amount and fits snugly inside the bottom opening to form
a slightly bottom heavy secure base in a convincing fashion. You can get your stash
out with a set of pliers or a strong magnet. Works good for storing anything small and has great potential
as a gift, novelty item, or just hiding a small
stash in plain sight. Next up on the docket is
the plastic bottle safe. While the manufactured
version was superior to anything we could build ourselves, that doesn’t mean you can’t get close with about 10 minutes of effort. Get yourself a plastic
bottle with a large label. The label is basically gonna hide the fact that there’s a hiding spot
nestled in the bottle. You first need to get a
small jar or container that’ll fit inside the
bottle once it’s cut open. Try and get as close as you can to the diameter of the bottle. That way, when you set it up
later, you can use less glue. Now empty out the bottle. If you’re using a non-clear beverage, go ahead and save that liquid for later. Take a hair dryer and set it
to high heat and low power. Blow the hot air around
the glued area of the label until it becomes tacky and
then carefully peel it off. If your bottle begins to lose its shape, then you might wanna try
switching to low heat. Once you’re done with that,
get a hobby knife and slice the bottle in the center to
the best of your abilities. Doesn’t have to be perfect, as the label will hide most of this later. Get out some hot glue and trace around the bottom of your jar. You need to move fast here
and get enough glue gooped up so that when you slide the jar inside, it’ll adhere to the sides of
the bottle, forming a seal. You can add the liquid beforehand, but I suggest cutting a small hole in the bottom afterwards,
filling it from there, and then plug in the hole with hot glue. Follow the same steps
for the lid of the jar in the upper portion of the bottle. You wanna ensure a good seal. You can even run the tip of your glue gun around the plastic so that
it melts around the lid. Again, the label’s gonna hide this anyway. Make sure that you fill
your top portion with liquid while testing for any leaks. If it works, then you’re ready. Take your label and carefully wrap it around the bottle while
making sure to cover up all the handiwork that you just did. Your label should still
have some adhesive on it, but if not, just add a little
glue and it holds in place. Take your time and try to make it look as natural as possible,
and you’re all set. Now you can remove the top and
place items inside the jar. When you’re satisfied,
just seal it back up and pop it in the fridge or somewhere else no one will expect to find hidden items. This discreet sprinkler
won’t water your plants or cool you down on a hot day, but it’s perfect to
stash cash or spare keys. It’s especially convenient
in emergency situations. When up and close out of the ground, you can tell this
sprinkler head isn’t real, but it’s made from the mold of a real one with the exact same durable material. When you unscrew the top,
you’ll notice a convenient clip that attaches the top and
can hold several keys. It doesn’t take much to
install it in the ground. It looks realistic enough and no one would ever suspect it as a hiding
spot, but let’s make our own. We purchased a real sprinkler head and unscrewed the top to
remove everything inside. You’ll notice that the top centerpiece conveniently pops right off. Place some superglue on the outside and then attach a string around it. Now carefully place it back on the cap and allow it to set while you tie a spare car key or house key
to the end of the string. This design will serve the same purpose as the other sprinkler
head, only now we can attach the pipe adapter as a dummy stake to make it look even more legit. Simply install it in an inconspicuous area to create a virtually
unnoticeable hiding spot for various items that could
one day provide emergency cash or save you from being locked
out of your home or car. Both of these sprinkler heads will blend into your yard easily and provide similar secret compartments
at comparable costs. The main difference is that when using a real sprinkler head, you
have the ability to add threaded attachments for added
believability and security. Another great item to hide things in is your standard, run of the mill wall clock. Now we’re giving five of
these pre-made versions away so make sure you’re subscribed and click the entry link
in the description box. If you wanna make your own,
the only requirement is that your clock will need
some space in the back. I got a cheap picture frame
at a dollar store and figured the backing would be perfect
as a false back panel. By measuring out the back
of the clock, I was able to quickly cut the cardboard
backing down to size. You could also cut up an old
cardboard box and paint it to match your clock,
whatever works for you. Before placing the panel on the back, I wanted to add some small shelves inside to separate any items
I might store inside. This was done by simply
cutting more cardboard away and hot gluing it to
the base of the clock. Next, we’ll just need to
attach the false panel while giving it the
ability to open and close. I found a hinge in my junk
drawer and it’ll work perfectly. Stuff like this can be picked up for about 50 cents at any hardware store. Just attach the hinge to the clock and the panel with hot glue. Let it dry and you’re ready to stow away your secrets behind time itself. Just place the clock against a
wall or corner so no one will suspect anything’s out of
the norm, and just like that, you have yourself a timeless ticking safe. We got a hold of this thermometer because it doubles as a place
to hide your spare keys. It’s a good product, in theory anyway. It’s easy to install and very utilitarian, but it’s cheaply made and the false plate takes
some getting used to. It does hold multiple keys, but because of that, it’s big and bulky. It’s more convenient for apartment living than a sprinkler head or a fake rock, but it can be achieved with basically any outdoor thermometer
and very little tape. We kept our version simple
with a small thermometer that attaches to glass with suction cups and just taped a house key to the back. The only downside of this
style is that it only fits one key and may take some extra tape to disguise it from the other side. Either way, both thermometers are fully functional and can double as a place to hide your spare keys
for under six bucks. Well, we hope you enjoyed our little trip into hiding things all over your house. Thanks for watching. You can find a link to
all the devices we used in the description box,
along with a giveaway link. Be sure to subscribe for
more videos like this and hit that thumbs up button
to let us know you enjoyed it. We’ll see you next time.

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