How to Make a Backpack for Kids : How to Sew Using D Rings

This is Vicki Walker for Expert Village. Today
we are working on a backpack for a little girl we have assemble the front and back pieces.
We have the top edges turned under 4 casing. We have applied the ricrac to the bottom for
trim. We have put together loops on the D rings that we would be inserting to the seams
near the bottom. That is where the cord would go through when we do the things later similar
to this. One of the options that we could of used was grommets rather then using the
D rings. Grommets take a special tool which I don’t happen to have so we decided to use
the D rings instead and they work just fine. Another thing that we could have done instead
was to make the loops just let the loops stick outside. The cord could just go through a
loop and the fabric. But we have chosen for this demonstration today to use these. So
what we would do is to pin them in just over 5 inch over the side cause we would be using
a 5/8 seam. So we would pin those and they would be ready when we seam all the way the
outside edge in just a moment. So that is how we prepare the D rings to go into the

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