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hi I’m Sophie and welcome to my world
you know I get an awful lot of requests for things that you would like me to
make and one of the things that has caused quite an uproar is this little
teddy bear right here you know he has a little sleeping mask and he has a pillow
and he has a blanket but many of you including Kylie have asked me for a
sleeping bag and so teddy guess what you’re going camping I’m going to show
you how to make a sleeping bag for teddy so to make Teddy’s sleeping bag we’re
gonna need some duct tape fabric and I’m gonna show you how to make that the
right size in just a second you’re gonna need some extra duct tape and you’re
gonna need a pair of scissors that’s really all that you need now if you want
to if you’ve got like newspaper or like long sheets of like any kind of paper or
wrapping paper or whatever any kind of paper that you want to use instead of
the duct tape making the duct tape fabric really big you can do that the
main thing here is to figure out the size for teddy and I’ve already made my
fabric here but the way I determined the size was I laid little teddy down with
his little neck right about there and then I squished his little legs down
right and then I gave him a flip over like that and when I gave him a flip
over I scooch them forward about 4 inches because I want to make sure that
there’s plenty of room here so I started with him here flipped him over scooched
him forward about 4 inches see that okay now to get the width
that’s how long you want to make it so to get the width what I did is just
basically laid Teddy down and put his arms by his side there and you figure to
add about an inch on either side and the reason that you add an inch on
either side is because teddy is rather chubby and you’re going to want the bag
to be able to expand so lay your doll or toy down make sure that you go from the
widest part of their body and then give it an extra inch on either side so
basically you want to do 2 times the length of your your stuffed animal and then whatever the width is plus one inch on either side and now what we’re basically
gonna do is just make a sack now I want to make a little fancy edge here so what
I’m gonna do I’m going to take pretty tape here I’ve got this zebra I’m gonna
measure right across the top and I’m only gonna seal these ends with a
strip of one-inch tape so I’m gonna take this in the middle
rip it straight down and I’m gonna take that good edge that clean edge that’s
gonna go on the outside and I’m gonna put half of it on my duct tape fabric
here see here half of its hanging off this is the sticky side I’m just gonna
fold this sticky side over like that and then I’m gonna do the same thing on the
other side again the nice clean side that goes up and now I’m just gonna
close this by folding it in half and I’m gonna seal the sides one side and two
sides with again tape now I’m gonna make this a little teeny bit longer
not much and I’m gonna rip this in half again like that so now this part I’m
gonna line up my edges and I’m going to lay this edge right at the edge of the
sleeping bag there just fold it down flip it over and flip this over and see this little bit of extra don’t
worry about that because that’s just gonna get trimmed off and then if
there’s any little extras up here you can just fold those over I’m gonna do
the same thing over here on this side you gonna use the clean clean edge place
it right against the side here again remember I’m only putting half of the
tape on to the duct tape fabric here so half here half sticky hanging over so
that I can fold it over like that seal the ends and then I’m just gonna take my
scissors and snip right across the bottom there get rid of that little
extra and snip right across the bottom get rid of that extra and now I have a
little pouch for teddy now I’m gonna check inside to see if there’s much of
an edge if I see that there’s a lot of an edge like a sticky edge if you see
that there’s a sticky edge then what you can do is take another piece of tape
about that length again you don’t need much you can rip this in half in fact
you can actually if you wanted to rip it in half again but do it in half here and
then you just do this inside here it’s a little hard to show the camera so I’m
gonna do it in little pieces but if you’re not doing it on camera you should
be able to do this in one big piece see how I’m just laying that
inside there and that’s to cover any stickiness and that’s so that Teddy
doesn’t stick to his sack see that and you would just do that all the way down
on that side and all the way down on this side and now I just want to make
sure that this fits for Teddy so Teddy come on over and whoop there he goes he
fits beautifully oh and he can even tuck his little arms and if he wants to that
oh and of course I had to make Teddy a matching eye shade there we go Oh Teddy doesn’t like his
arms inside hmm sleepy teddy and there you have it teddy is ready for
the great outdoors but you know he is a bit of a spoiled bear and so he still
has his matching sleeping eye mask this bear for more ideas on sleepwear for
teddy come and check us out at

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