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What’s In My Dopp Kit
[0:00:00] The Dopp kit. A simple leather toiletry bag invented in
1990 by Charles Doppelt. Now, he got his break during World War II. He supplied millions to the US Army, these
were distributed across the world. Men came back from the war and they were used
to using them. Now, the Dopp kit has two main purposes. One, to protect all your luggage and clothing
from any damaged toiletry, so no liquids or anything is going to get on your clothing. And, when you open up and you’re looking
for your toiletries you can find them in one place. In today’s video, gents, I’m talking about
what’s in my Dopp kit. [Music]
At the beginning of this video, I talked about Dopp kits being made from leather. It’s been a hundred years guys and there’s
a lot of other materials that are use now in Dopp kits. So, you of course got leather, but you’ve
also got materials like this a nice canvas. You’ve got rubber materials out there which
when you think about it makes perfect sense. You got other ones out there like ballistic
nylon. And you’ve got other ones just polyester. Now, the material on the outside to me matters
less than the lining on the inside. So, you want to open this up and you want
to make sure that it has a water-resistant or a water-proof lining. This is important because if you perhaps something
a cologne that breaks in there, you want to make sure it stays in the Dopp kit. So, what do I pack in my Dopp kit? Well, guys, I need to reveal I’ve got two
Dopp kits that I keep packed. One for when I travel by air and I need to
keep it light especially when it comes to those liquids and another one that I take
with me to the gym or if I’m traveling by ground. So, that one, I can go a little bit more heavier
with have larger containers. I’m about to reveal what’s in each. Item number one I carry in my Dopp kit is
a shaving cream that I’ve used, that I like, and that I trust. And, that’s key guys because if you’ve
got a presentation in New York, you just flew in from Chicago and you have to try a new
shaving cream because you took this with you and you had to leave it at the airport and
all of a sudden that morning when you’re shaving, you have a breakout you didn’t
expect this reaction. Guys, why would you do that to yourself? The goal of the Dopp kit is to have a predictable
basically your toiletries, toiletries that you are used to carrying. So, make sure anything you’re putting on
your face, anything you’re putting on your body, the tools that you’re using are ones
that you’ve used in the past. You want something that’s predictable, something
that you trust. Item number two. My trusted shaving tool which is going to
be a disposable or a cartridge razor. Why? Because, hey, this can go through airport
security. I can take this to the gym and if somebody
steals it, yes, I will be a little bit upset, but I’m not going to be crying. Another thing I love about this, when I’m
traveling, if I’m done using this, I can just take it, put it right back in there and
I don’t have to worry about these blades getting dented, getting bent, and then ended
up cutting myself when I’m traveling which, yes, this could happen. Now, I love myself a great straight razor,
but try getting this to airport security and if this is stolen out of your locker at the
gym, I would be pretty darn upset. Same thing with the safety razor, this is
not making it through airport security. Over here at the gym, if this is stolen, I’m
out an $80 razor. So, this isn’t something I’m going to
have in either of my Dopp kits. Now, at this point you may be wondering, Antonio,
where did you get that beautiful handle? That works perfectly with those cartridges
right there. Where did I get this stuff? Guys, the Dollar Shave Club, they’re the
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getting at $5 starter set. I could tell you the blades by themselves
are – are easily worth that $5 price and then some. I was just in Target and for three times the
price I could get something similar except I’m not going to get this awesome shave
butter which, hey, this is great shaving cream, the body cleanser. I love the smell, I love the fact they’ve
got no sulfates. And, the butt wipes, yes, they work and I
have tested them. Take advantage of the deal. I’m linking to them down in the description. Go check them out. And now, let’s get back into the Dopp kit. Next up, we’ve got deodorant. So, when I’m traveling I’m going with
a smaller deodorant. I’m not necessarily going with the travel
size, I find some of those are overpriced. But I will buy deodorant on purpose that is
smaller. I also want to go with a brand that I’ve
used in the past. Now, I’m always trying a wide variety of
different products, but whenever I am going to be packing my gym Dopp bag, I can go with
a larger deodorant. I can also at this point I think take a little
bit more chances, maybe try something I haven’t tried in the past. [0:05:02]
Next up, in both Dopp kits I’m just going to have a simple toothbrush. Now, when you’re choosing a toothbrush,
make sure to go with a soft bristle. That’s key, guys. You don’t want to go with those medium bristles,
it’s just going to do too much damage on the teeth. Remember, to brush your teeth for two minutes
and to go in circular motions. Now, at home I’ve got a really nice electric
toothbrush. With the Dopp kit because of weight issues
because of charging issues, I don’t recommend it. But at home, you need to have great tools
and I think that electric toothbrush is better than a manual toothbrush. Why? Because just by default because it vibrates
and it moves, it’s going to give you a better brushing experience. So, the next item I’ve got on my Dopp kit
is going to be a trusted body cleanser which I also double in use as shampoo. Now, I say trusted because, hey, again, you’re
putting this on your body and you don’t want to have a reaction. I know a lot of you guys use maybe the soap
they provide at the gym or the soap at the hotels. The issue here is at some hotels and at most
gyms, do you think they’re spending a lot of money providing you the best soaps which,
you know, not going to have any reactions. No, they’re using the cheap stuff and uses,
yeah, materials that get you clean, but they also dry out the skin. So, find a cleanser that you use and you trust. And for me because my hair is relatively short
and I’m going to use a product in it, I simply just use this in my hair as well. Speaking of hair, let’s talk about hair
products. So, when I’m traveling by air or I’m going
to the gym, I pretty much use the same containers. Most of them I find are just going to be a
couple of ounces well below, you know, security issues especially if you’re using like a
fiber which appears pretty solid they don’t even count it towards your liquids. But, let’s say you’re into gels or let’s
say you’ve got a big container of gel and you’re like, man, I can’t really travel
with this. This is a quick tip I want to show you guys. So, I save some of the containers when I’m
traveling at hotels that they keep, you know, the shampoo and the conditioner in and I bring
them back. This one in particular I was able to peel
off the labels and I just simply put some hair gel into it and I just put this in with
the other things in my Dopp kit whenever I’m traveling through air security. Next up, we’ve got toothpaste. So, if I’m traveling by air and that Dopp
kit I’m going with the travel size. If I’m just going to the gym, I can have
a regular size toothpaste in there. But, let’s say you go to your hotel and
you forgot your toothpaste, you can simply ask your hotel do you have any toothpaste,
oftentimes they’ll send you up some of these at no cost. They may charge you for something like this,
but I’ve even gotten this for free. And I actually stack up on them, so I always
have these when I’m traveling. Next up, I’ve got hair brushes, but I actually
have different size hair brushes in each of the Dopp kits. Guys, every ounce counts, so when I’m traveling
by air, now, all I’m taking is a carryon I want to travel light, take my small brush. It works just fine. Whenever I’m going to the gym, I’ve got
my slightly bigger brush. Next up, gents, let’s talk fragrance. So, I have so I have fragrance in both of
my Dopp kits, but I’m not going to take a container like this. This is 125 ml of an expensive fragrance in
a glass bottle. Gentlemen, that’s an accident waiting to happen. Instead, what you want to do if you really
like a fragrance and it’s in a larger bottle, then simply decant and that’s where you take
you get a travel container and you put the fragrance that you like in there. What you want to do is reduce the risk that
you’re going to be crying whenever you open up your luggage and it’s smashed and it’s
broken and all of your clothing smells a little bit too much like that fragrance. Next up, which I’ve got in both of my Dopp
kits aftershave, a post shave balm or I’m going to be also sometimes going with a moisturizer
that has a little bit of sunblock depending on where I’m going in the world and if I’m
going to be outside. Now, let me explain the difference. So, an aftershave a post shave balm like this
right here, this is going to be used immediately after you shave like it sounds, but it’s slightly
different from a moisturizing cream. In it this may have glycerin, it’s going to
have maybe a little bit of alcohol, it’s got a little bit of an antiseptic basically to
prevent small cuts on your face that you can’t even see from being infected. It’s also going to soothe a lot of the razor
burns. Now, a moisturizer slightly different especially
if it’s got a sunblock. And this is something you can apply after
usually give your face about 15 to 20 minutes to take in the — the aftershave and then
you can apply this and this is going to be an outer protection. It will go in and moisturize to a bit. But, the big thing is sunblock and that’s
what you’re looking for especially if you’re going to be outside for prolonged periods. Nothing is going to age you faster than the
sun and so make sure to protect yourself. All right, gents that’s what’s in my Dopp
kit. But, if I’m traveling more than two weeks,
all of a sudden my weekly routine has been messed up and I need to take a couple more
items with me. So, if I’m traveling for more than two weeks,
I’m going to take my nose hair trimmer which is also my ear hair trimmer and has an attachment,
so it can take care of longer hairs on my eyebrow. Very useful tool. In addition, I’ve got to take care of my nails. I cut them once a week. I can go about ten days without cutting them
before I think they start to look a little bit funky and I’ve got the right tools for
that. So, you want to use scissors on your nail. You can use clippers maybe on hard to reach
areas, but I find clippers are not as good as a great pair of scissors. You also want to have a file available, so
you can take care of things with the file and any type of hang nails. And, and with your toenails you want to have
specialty tools for those, so I take this with me when I travel for more than two weeks. [0:10:10]
All right, gents now it’s your turn. Let me know in the comments what you thought
of today’s video. Is there something in your Dopp kit which
is not in mine? I can tell you guys, I forgot floss. Yes, I do use floss. I have floss, but for some reason it was not
here when I had everything laid out on the table. And, guys go check out the Dollar Shave Club,
a great company. Everything I’m showing here, you’re going
to get in that starter set that they’ve got for you. I’m linking to it down in the description,
an amazing company a great quality product at a good price. So, go check them out guys. Take care. I’ll see you in the next video. Bye. [Music]
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