How to Pick Bicycle Parts & Accessories : Bicycle Racks & Bags Tips

How to Pick Bicycle Parts & Accessories : Bicycle Racks & Bags Tips

A good accessory for a bike that is getting
used for general use is a rear rack. Without it, it becomes a lot more difficult carrying
stuff. Riding with a backpack isn’t the greatest thing in the world so th4ere are a lot of
features that a rear rack can afford you that if you install it on your bike, you can carry
a lot of stuff. This is kind of an older traditional rack and it has the spring loaded widget to
hold stuff down. You can get other features such as these kind of straps that will also
fit on most racks and allow you to hold down various goods if needed. A great bag to go
on the rack is what is referred to as a grocery bag pan here. There are several manufacturers
of out there. They fold flat when not in use and then when you go to the grocery store,
you can actually take the whole bag with you, do your shopping with it and go home. They
clip on to the bike when it is time to go back home very easily and there you go. Another
kind of rear bag that is out there is the old saddle bag or pan air bag fully enclosed.
You can actually get various sizes and volumes of these if you plan on doing some camping.
It will hold quite a bit. This is a little bit more of a basic design which is connected
in the middle with load straps to hold stuff down if you want. Installing racks and bags
on your bike, you do have to make sure that there is enough clearance between the pedals
and the bag; ie. this part of the frame is long enough to allow you to pedal without
your heel hitting the bag. Racks and panniers aren’t the best item to install on a lot of
todays road bikes as they are designed for performance and not touring or utility. Touring
bikes have a long enough rear triangle to allow for installation of pannier bags and
racks, so do some cross bikes and a lot of Hybrids. Those are better candidates for rear
racks than a lot of road bikes that are sold today.

13 thoughts on “How to Pick Bicycle Parts & Accessories : Bicycle Racks & Bags Tips

  1. Hello my name is Cliff i have a three wheel trike what will be a good spot to put my two back lights on my trike? should i put it on my basket or some were else?

  2. those bags are made by Jandd . exellent company/products . i have some large pannier bags and have owned for 10 years and have beat the crap out of them! never a tear or failure

  3. @Gromitdog1
    If you mean longer wheelbase for stability by "comfort", then probably yes. Also, it doesn't hurt to have increased fender and pannier clearance with those long chainstays.

  4. @farmohio22
    Jandd bags look very solid. Can't say I used them (grocery bags) a lot, but now they are one of the things that remind me how I used to ride a bike during my student exchange trip to US (I am from Ukraine). I used to take a look at them back at home and can't help wondering how well they are built. Now that I finally got a bike, I'm looking forward to see many years of service from those (-:

  5. I have a spring loaded bike rack, but I can't seem to find a purpose for it. I do need some straps though and I'm about to get a second foldable basket. It adds more to style of my bike. And I need more room for storage.

  6. Might I add, everyone should do your bicycling before evenings (Early mornings to 4pm) Those are hours that criminals are sleeping.

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