How to source $700 + Book Haul + Sourcing Backpack Dump

How to source  $700 + Book Haul + Sourcing Backpack Dump

What up snapchat, it’s time for me to get my caffeine. Saturday, hopefully I can get some hustling in today, got to get some hustling in. Got a haircut, shaved, sup. There you have a beautiful mocha for your wife and only cost you about $1 maybe $1.25 saved $3. I got you a mocha. [Rosa] Thank you. [Reezy] Major key to success, you saw what I did right there. Got to have that sausage cooking for breakfast you feel me. You got to get some protein in your life, you can’t hustle if you ain’t got protein how you going to be pro without no protein. Look who just woke up guys, tell them good morning.
[Luna] Good morning. [Reezy] Yeah that’s how we roll in the Q5, wow. What do you guys think about these sunglasses? Yay, nay? About to head into a Goodwill and market profit report afterwards, peace. What’s up guys, so before I head in to make my killing, I’m going to show you what’s in my bag. My bag there is Optical scanner, iPhone charging cable lightning cable, Mophie power brick major key, some super tangled up headphones, USB charger for the Opticon and just in case I have some spare time, you know what I mean your boy might get in some reading. Follow Gary Vee. This is a $47 book I just picked up for 90 cents, papow. This is a $40 book that I just picked up for 90 cents, blam, rank is incredible, look at that title so sexy. This is a $22 book, $1.80 there’s ears everywhere. The cart is filling up, I might have to organise it, oh no. These are going to go for $11 FBA, I’m going to get three of them for 90 cents each, chaching. They just brought a cart out and I’m freaking killed it, $20 bill. $30 bill. $30 bill. $70 bill. $100 bill with a crazy low rank. It’s murdeeeer. The Couch of willingness, $15 bill. About to cough up my money son, yeah. Phone is already dying, I told you a major key going to need that Mophie power pack. In case you guys don’t know about my boy Kimba aka the original Simba, Disney straight jacked the whole shit. Kimba the… For real though, shoutout to the original Rafiki too, you feel me. That crazy dudu I just scored so hard, I finished looking at the book so I went and looked around, I found five of these for $5 each. These are brand new with damaged boxes and they’re going to go for $30 new. The rank is number five in consumer electronics and that’s how you make a $100 in 30 seconds. Spotted another possible money maker that’s not a book, this is a Presonus firepod audio recorder interface. One sold recently on eBay for $180, they $61 so it’s profitable, it’s just does it work? You never know. So it’s not really looking that great guys. That’s not the original power adapter, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work but it’s not the original power adapter. So you know what that’s going to do to my price, drop it like $30 probably or I’ll have to acquire one which is a hassle and more cost so for the potential six… I’m going to have to pass on this thing for the potential $60 profit. We just left that Goodwill, I think I’m up about $500. I spent $100 and if you were watching I got one book that was worth a $100 paid for everything. (music in the car) Another one and you wonder why I dream about books. I can’t stress average rank enough, this book scans at 232,000 right now. The average rank is 3 million, it does sell. I’m going to buy it $30. Not much this time around, just a small stack maybe a $100 profit. Is it possible for me to not get this shirt? I don’t think so, meaning yes. Major score alert, picked this up for $85, these are like $250, it’s brand new in the damaged box. And the award for the most hilarious title of the day, goes to this one. (laughs) (singing along to Disney music)

11 thoughts on “How to source $700 + Book Haul + Sourcing Backpack Dump

  1. I'm loving the videos it appears you really enjoy the hunt.

    I just want to make one comment about your food choices 🙂 Just in case you were not aware plants have all the protein you need. No use stacking all that cheddar if you drop dead at 40 from a heart attack.

  2. what's up I was looking at your site I know some of them are a year ago I was just wondering are you still making the killing on the books cuz I'm going to start doing it with the bookscouter

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