How to Tell If Santa Came While You Were Sleeping

How to Tell If Santa Came While You Were Sleeping

How to Tell if Santa Came while You Were Sleeping. Aside from the pile of gifts under the tree,
how can you really tell if Santa came while you were asleep? Here are some traps you can set and clues
to look for. You will need Snack Comb Camera Observation
and grass (optional). Step 1. Leave a snack for Santa that your parents
don’t like. That way, if it’s eaten, you’ll know it wasn’t
just your mom and dad messing with you. Put out grass for the reindeer. Most folks leave carrots, but reindeer prefer
grass; that’s why those carrots are usually only half-eaten. Step 2. Put a comb and mirror alongside Santa’s snack. Santa likes to look good, and won’t be able
to resist giving his ‘stache and beard a quick grooming — the white hairs left behind will
prove that he came while you were sleeping. Step 3. Take a few pictures of your living room before
you go to bed. A big guy like Santa can’t go bustling around
with a sack on his back without knocking into a few things. The next morning, you’ll be able to compare
scenes to see if anything’s been disturbed. Step 4. Check the presents for black streaks. Santa slides down a lot of chimneys on Christmas
Eve; it would be impossible for none of that soot to transfer to the gifts. Step 5. Feel the floor for damp spots — evidence
of North Pole snow clinging to Santa’s boots. Step 6. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t find any
solid proof that Santa came while you were sleeping. As someone who’s been secretly delivering
presents for thousands of years, Santa’s gotten pretty darn good at covering his tracks. Did you know The reindeer names “Donner” and
“Blitzen” come from the words “thunder” and “lightning” in German.

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  1. How parents can trick u with these:
    1 Your parents can throw it away.
    2 they can put the grass in trash or yard
    3 your parents can leave their gray hairs there or use strings
    They can buy a pack of the charcoal art supplies,use crayon, marker, or dry erase marker.
    4 parents can move it around or wind
    5 your parents can leave water there on purpose or accident.
    What can prove if santa is real:
    Drink soda or something with a lot of sugar
    Make up an excuse to sleep with parents and keep an eye slightly open.
    If they get up and go somewhere and come out with a present or an item wake up and say u were thirsty and there was no water OR the water wasnt warm/cold enough if u see the wrapping paper on the present and the tag that u saw in the night its probably ur parents :/

  2. One time I was talking with my siblings and we all said to the elf hey what if the elf left while we went to do something and every time we left it went somewhere else

  3. Fake= bible age 900 Santa age 1747
    I was a cop there was suicide i traced prints from fingers and feet and searched THE house for it i checked the xmas bag then my moms and dads finger prints Were on it
    Edit: Search it. Your mom is Lying she Said. Sorry to confess but… santa is fake

  4. Santa is real because 1.his handwriting is different than my moms 2. When I was seven I heard bells when I was taking a bath 3. My mom doesn’t like cookies and milk 4. My mom would probably get me one thing 5. He’s just real okay

  5. Last Christmas I left out a comb and mirror and next morning there was white hair😱😄I also asked him for a Bell from his sleigh and he dropped a bell in our fire place😄😁😁

  6. Santa is a mystery! You will never know and all you can do is believe! Seriously, you can't say something when it's a mystery lol

  7. Actually, it's better to know the truth instead of living in a lie. Santa does not exist. I asked for a 600 pound item. And no item…

  8. 1.get a stocking for Santa to put your gifts in 2.lock your door for no one can get in side 3.go to bed 4.check if it works

  9. So this year is the year we’re I find out me and my friend on Christmas Eve are going to practice our plan we have we also have Emergency’s just in case. But we will get on our spot on FaceTime and mute and then we go in our hiding at 11:45. We will wait til he comes we will find out take a pic and it will be over. Wish me luck!

  10. I have proof Santas real! One night I was sleeping with my parents the 3 of us now keep in mind only us were there! When I fell asleep about past 12:00 maybe at about 2:00 am I heard some footsteps in the living room but my parents were still sleeping in bed I never wrote a letter to Santa also keep that in mind I wanted an Xbox One S the next day, MY XBOX WAS THERE!!!!

  11. The comb didn’t work, when I received the gifts 2 years ago, Santa wrote the letter that it was nice of me to leave a comb for him but he said he didn’t need it.

  12. Step 1. On Xmas Morning, Travel to the Past with your Godly Anime powers
    Step 2. Travel to Xmas eve night
    Step 3. We got 'em, boys

  13. Never say you dont believe in Santa. Because noone really knows if he is or not. Noone has proof, because your mom and dad give you presents too, not JUST Santa. Seeing is not believing.

  14. Even if it’s Santa, he’s still breaking and entering. Meaning, I can still call law enforcement on him…

  15. I’m watching on Christmas Eve 2018 also at the beginning it started on Christmas or Christmas Eve did he wait another year but I’m Muslim

  16. Tonight was the night Santa was supposed to come I stayed up because I had always believed so much in Santa I’m twelve in a few days I wanted to see Santa and I stayed up all night heard nothing got up at 11 and looked at the empty stockings I later got up at 1 and slowly got up and did so quite I looked in the reflection of the glass and saw my mom holding an empty box and messing with our stockings and now in the morning I will talk with then and will most likely will not ever believe in Santa agin

  17. While we’re here, I want to share my views on Christmas. To me, it’s about gifts, not family. Receiving, not giving.

  18. When I was a kid, my mom couldnt eat eggs or she would be sick. One time I left out eggnog, and none of it was gone. Wow.

  19. Step 1: Get ADT
    Step 2: Wait for the “Intruder Alert” notification
    Step 3: Oh wait there’s no such thing as Santa Claus

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