How to Travel without Check-In Luggage – Scoot

The following infomercial is a paid for presentation. Put your hands together
for the Super-Seller himself… … Sky Scooter! Hey there, I’m Sky Scooter, and I’m here to tell you about my latest invention that’s flying off the shelves! It’s the super sticky, ultra grippy’,
Velcro suit 2000. That’s right.
Velcro… In a Suit. And with its super human strength,
it can grab on to absolutely anything. It’s the ultimate frequent flyer accessory, for both men… …and women Available in all sizes,
and a range of stylish designs. There you have it,
it’s changing lives all over the world. But don’t take his word for it… Try it for yourself! Before the Velcro Suit 2000, I had to hold all my duty free swag
like a sucker. Well not anymore! Own the suit for just
69 easy payments of $14.95. But wait… Forget the Velcro suit,
here’s something even better! It’s called the supersized extra cabin bag
from Scoot. That’s 10 kilos for all your regular stuff… With an extra 7 kilos
available for purchase. Wow! For all your carry-on needs
there’s one obvious choice. If you want to learn more flying tips and tricks, just click on these videos!

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