How to Warm Up Fast in the Morning after Camping in the Cold

How to Warm Up Fast in the Morning after Camping in the Cold

How to Warm Up Fast in the Morning after Camping
in the Cold. Camping in cold weather doesn’t have to mean
being cold all day. Prepare the night before to get your body
toasty fast in the morning. You will need Foam pad Sleeping bag Tent Water
bottle Hat and scarf. Step 1. Set up your sleeping area early so it can
absorb heat during the day. You should bring a foam pad to sleep on, a
sleeping bag designed for temperatures colder than you expect, and a tent that has proper
ventilation to prevent condensation building up inside. Choose synthetic fibers for both your clothes
and sleeping bag. Cotton traps moisture and is difficult to
dry once it has gotten wet. Step 2. Drink extra water and consume extra calories
during winter backpacking. Food and water are necessary for your body
to generate heat. Step 3. Do a few jumping jacks or run in place before
getting into your sleeping bag. This will heat up your body, which in turn
heats up the sleeping bag. Heat the bag; the bag heats you. Go to the bathroom before you go to bed. Your body needs to use up energy to keep that
extra fluid warm, so get rid of it! Step 4. Put a warm, tightly sealed water bottle inside
your sleeping bag at your feet to help hold in heat. Never sleep with your face inside the bag,
as that will trap moisture. Instead, wear a hat and scarf to keep warm. Put tomorrow’s clothes in between your bag
and your sleeping pad, and bring your boot insoles or socks into the sleeping bag, to
warm them before morning. Step 5. Layer up your clothes in the morning. Your body temperature is at its lowest right
when you wake up, so you will need these layers until you become more active. Step 6. Eat a full but short meal in the morning. This could include oatmeal, hot chocolate,
or anything that is warm. Eat quickly so you don’t lose body heat sitting
still. Step 7. Get moving! The longer your body sits without activity,
the longer it has to lose heat. So get out and get active. Did you know As of 2010, the coldest temperature
ever recorded in the United States was minus 80 degrees Fahrenheit in Prospect Creek, Alaska,
on January 23, 1971.

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  1. if you get swet…. then if the tempreture is really low your sleeping bag will get fucked up from crystalized swet…

  2. how to get warm step 1 don't be a idiot and camp in the summer step 2 make fire step 3 don't camp and play battlefield at home

  3. 1) bring a blow torch with you
    2) gather some wood the night before or bring some with you
    In the morning use the blow torch. Light up the wood and youre ready to keep warm and start breakfast 😉

  4. that guy was sitting down too much, look at the way his feet are turned outwards, a sign that a tendon behind your knee is becoming too short.

  5. @xXDjDeMoXx And if they came up with this idea in April? Dude, what's your effing problem? On Earth there are are still plenty of areas where it's fucking cold in April!

  6. Camping in the winter is amazing. Only ignorant people think it is terrible. Remember there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad equipment.

  7. I used to take a water bottle, piss in it, then put it in my sleeping bag to keep warm. there aren't many things warmer than piss!

  8. Butter will increase your body temp. Eskimos eat whole sticks of butter to stay warm when they venture out into the arctic. Put a pad of butter into your morning coffee and your body temperature will increase.

  9. Step 9, use ur eyebrows as an additional blanket. Step 10, brush ur eyebrows over….. Oh come on bro, shave ur brows Good Lord!!!

  10. Heh…First things first: I am not going outside. Second things second: I am not going outside in the cold. and Third things third: Why waste money on a tent?

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