How waterproof is the Peak Design 30L Backpack? Test in the Shower! (experiment)

How waterproof is the Peak Design 30L Backpack? Test in the Shower! (experiment)

ok so what I’m going to do just now is something really again very different lots of people have been asking about the everyday backpack this is the 30 litre by Peak Design and they’ve been asking how waterproof it is so what I’m going to do today unlike other videos where I knew what was going to happen i was able to pack my bags and use the loadouts i suppose if you’d like to call them that which I knew would work what I’m going to do today is I’m going to put some kitchen towel like toilet tissue suppose and into the 30 Litre bag and then i’m going to put my30L bag into the shower going to leave it there for a minute and see what happens so you can see what the waterproofness is like in terms of the bag the bag is made of 500D Kodra 500 Denier Kodra which is impregnated by being soaked in DWR so durable water repellent coating and then it is sandwiched on both sites with two layers polyurethane the recommendation from Peak Design is that you don’t need a separate rain cover so let’s see how we get on i’m just going to work way here what I might do is speed this up a little when it comes to showing in the video I’m going to do here i’m going to make sure this paper that I’ve got inside is pulled up and that the sides are turned in right in order to demonstrate how long the bag has been in what i’m going to do is to a timer on my Apple watch ok we’ll start the stopwatch now I can’t see the time ok so what I’ve done is I’ve just come straight down stairs after having the bag in the shower as you can see as it is wet all the way to the straps the watch is wet and the watch didn’t really give me an accurate reading what I’m going to do here is I’m just going to wipe over the Zips because what i want to see is whether or not there’s water inside as opposed to when you open it there’s water go in so there’s some nice beading there which is good going to open this top first so let’s have a look so here we’ve got looking quite good ok let’s go inside ok so i can we are looking good there too open the side I think i just pulled aside from the side i have a look at the site pocket okay that’s dry as well just great and lastly coming round to this side was going coming in here that’s dry as well it so you can see obviously that the table has become wet from where the bag was and you can see here the beading and certainly see it very well from the side and give a different view of that there you go you can probably see that beading quite well there give it a shake and off it comes so there you go a minute in the shower and it’s held up really very well

16 thoughts on “How waterproof is the Peak Design 30L Backpack? Test in the Shower! (experiment)

  1. You conducted a decent test. I own this pack and found that it shouldn't be overloaded due to the top cover not fully protecting the contents inside. I found out the hard way and was caught in a torrential downpour and nearly everything in my pack was soaked with rain water. I won't be over-packing this pack again keeping the mag-latch on a maximum of second rung down on the ladder. Maybe in the future of possibly testing this pack for waterproofness really move the water around on the pack then check for leaks.

  2. Bummer about the pack getting soaked when overpacked; that's been one of my concerns about the flap part that doesn't necessarily seal fully closed in those situations. With that being said, I'm very impressed with this test and the pack's overall water resistance in the video.

    One request I'd like to make is if you could do another video of the pack with regular everyday items. More specifically, can the top shelf hold a 6 pack of beer and not fall down or crush the items below it on the second shelf? I know it's a strange request, but I thought I'd ask. Thanks in advance!!

  3. Another good video Adam, appreciate all these videos you're putting out. You're on a good path to answering all of those "I wonder…" questions I had about the bag.

  4. thank you for doing actual real world tests. This and your office packing video have made my purchasing decision much easier. You're the only person I've seen so far who did these kinds of videos.

  5. I think Im going to do mine with beer. I feel I get myself into situations where flying beer may also be an issue.

  6. I hate to sound bitchy, but some laundry bleach mixed with water will get rid of you shower mold. Just spray it on once a month.

  7. How about spread the water from the side of the top flap at an angle instead spread directly on top? Because there's no top zipper, what if you overpack the backpack and and the top flap more curved?

  8. hey man, I got the black model 10L Sling! About the water resistant I’m not sure but when I pour water on top of it, the water will still stay on top and require me to wipe them away by myself and there’s water mark on the fabric and take like less than 30s to visibly gone away.

    Here’s some video I took to show how water resistant is my 10L Sling is:

  9. Having quite a downpour in Sweden right now and wanted to do some studies on the train, with my laptop carried in my Peak Design 20L. THIS video erased my doubts. NIce disclaimer in the beginning, although you made it as 'scientific' you could in layman terms.
    Thank you Adam! 🙏

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