HUGE COLLEGE DORM HAUL 2018 // Urban Outfitters, Target, & More!

HUGE COLLEGE DORM HAUL 2018 // Urban Outfitters, Target, & More!

Hello everybody! My name is Rebecca, if you’re new here, welcome
to my channel. Today, I will be doing a college dorm room
haul. I am going to be a freshman at Central Michigan
University. I have been waiting to do a video like this
for quite a while. I have not gotten everything yet, however,
I have gotten the majority of things. So, I’m not going to go in any particular
order, of like bedding, storage, desk, I’m just going to go in by what store I bought
it from. Before I forget, my roommate and I are not
really coordinating our colors. My roommate is doing neutral with pastel tones,
and I was originally going to do neutrals with cool tones, however, I have switched
that to more of like a black and white, with some yellow, and just livening up the room
a little bit more. So, the first thing I bought was this yellow
tapestry, from Urban Outfitters. I will put what it looks like right here:. I actually found this on Pinterest, and the
minute I saw it, I fell in love with it. Next, from Urban Outfitters, I got this duvet
cover. This duvet cover is so insanely pretty, it’s
part of their Artists collection, the deny series, I think? I don’t know how to pronounce the artist’s
name so I will put it somewhere on the screen now. But, this artist- I actually found on Redbubble
as well so I will leave her Redbubble link down below. Um, this is a piece called “Orange Mania”,
and it came in a duvet cover, and it’s like watercolor oranges and vines basically. Going along with the black and white theme,
I got two sheet sets. The Lola floral sheet set: I got this one
in a full because the twin xl size was back ordered. This one was probably my favorite sheet set
I got. It is the “Chinatown Market” roses sheet set,
and this one is in a twin xl. The sheets sets from Urban Outfitters come
with one pillowcase, however, I am going to have more than one pillow, so I got the extra
pillowcases. This is not bedding, however, also from Urban
Outfitters, I got this laundry hamper. The final thing I got from Urban Outfitters
was this mug. Now, it looks like a normal mug, however,
it is heart shaped. So next from Amazon, I only got a few things. Uh, the first thing is this lamp. So, this is the “dimmable touch eye protection
LED desk lamp”. And I have actually had this lamp before. The one I was going to bring with me to my
dorm had water damage to it, so I had to get a new one. I love everything about this lamp, highly
recommend this lamp. I got this on Prime Day, so it was a pretty
good deal. It is my duvet cover, it is the “Down alternative
microfiber comforter”. So the next thing from Amazon, I already know
I’m going to use a lot of, it is this sugar-free coconut syrup, and it’s for your coffee. The other nice thing about this bottle is,
I know there were a lot of them (bottles) that were glass bottles, however this one
is plastic, so even if I dropped it, it’s not going to break, which is awesome, because
I am very clumsy and I drop a lot of things. The final thing I got from Amazon is the 750
mL bottle syrup pump, from the same brand as the coconut syrup. So next from Target, I bought two things of
these string lights. These are the very basic Christmas string
lights. I also got a thing of mini LED lights, these
are the LED string lights in brass, I think? So next I went to Home Depot. I didn’t get that many things from Home Depot,
but I did actually get all of my coffee cart items from there, surprisingly enough! The first thing: this is the Victor Allen’s
Coffee variety pack. It has blackberry cobbler, peanut butter cup,
salted caramel and chocolate hazelnut, so I’m very excited to try those. To go along with the K-cups, you need a Keurig,
so I got the Keurig Hot K425 Plus. To go along with the Keurig, I also got a
bamboo carousel, which is not here yet, however, I will insert a picture here:. I also got the three-tier utility cart. They’re pretty standard now, for dorm rooms. You can get them off Ikea, Michael’s, Target,
Walmart, and I just happened to get mine at Home Depot. Finally, from Home Depot, I got this white
rug. It’s actually a bath mat, but it was only
$12.98. So next I went to Meijer. If you don’t know what Meijer is, it’s basically
like a Midwestern Target, kind of thing. So the first thing I picked up was this stackable
organizer. It is 31 inches. Now, I actually got this tip from Kristee
Vetter, I’ll leave a link to her channel down below, but her parents, when she went into
her freshman year, got her this as a shoe rack, but she stacked it on top of her desk,
which is exactly what I’m going to do. I got this laundry bag, it is just a breathable
mesh, gray laundry bag. This is in no particular order, so the next
thing that I bought was an acrylic organizer. I have seen these everywhere, and I’ve been
trying to pick one up, however, I can never find one that’s cheap enough. So it has these two drawers here, and then
it has two holders up top for your makeup brushes. Then I picked up this body pillow cover. It is just black, and it is faux fur. To go along with the body pillow cover, I
got a body pillow. So I’ve only picked up one throw pillow so
far, and I’m going to pick up probably at least one more, however keeping in the black
and white theme, I picked up this white, faux fur pillow. Going into more of the bathroom and toiletry
things, I picked up this new two-pack of Real Techniques beauty blenders. Six new scrunchies. Some more cotton rounds. A face mask. A new wide-toothed comb. This green tea cleansing water, which is more
of like a toner. Some more shampoo and conditioner, this is
the Ogx brand coconut milk shampoo, and the Ogx brand sake essence conditioner. I also picked up the Philosophy Purity makeup
cleansing wipes. Plus lotion tissues, because you never know
when you’re going to get sick. A first aid kit. My dorm room also has its own bathroom. Between the four of us, we all share a bathroom. So for that, I got a shower curtain. And for myself, I got this dachshund shower
wrap. Even though we have our own private bathroom,
I still got this shower caddy, so that all of my bathroom items are all in one place. Also to clean the bathroom and the dorm itself,
I got this Myers apple cider scent multi-surface everyday cleaner. Finally, from Dollar Tree, and other various
places, I got my dishware. So I got this container for when I eat, and
it also has a silverware holder, as well as this sunflower bowl, which is microwave safe. And these two plates, as well as this square
bowl. The final item for this dorm haul is the Brita
filter. So this is the red Brita filter, in their
Soho color collection, and it also comes with a filter already in it, which is really nice. So that is everything that I bought so far
for my freshman year dorm room, for college. If you enjoyed, go ahead and click the Like
button down below and subscribe for more college videos coming up very soon. I hope you enjoyed, and have a wonderful rest
of your day or night, wherever you are. Bye, everyone!

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